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Re: Key Foods - Jersey & 3rd
Home away from home
Home away from home


blanquiita wrote:
Just an FYI to those of you who shop at Key Foods-- check your receipt carefully! I bought five items the other day and didn't realize til I got home that two of the items had scanned higher than the sale price.

I brought my receipt in the next day. At first they kind of gave me a hard time, saying I should have brought the actual items back (really, on produce?). I've never had to do that at A&P or Shoprite. I brought the cashier over to the items and showed her the signs. She scanned the items and they came up the wrong prices. The owner/mgr was called and didn't want to refund my money at first because I hadn't brought back the items but I pressed the issue.

I think the store is a vast improvement over C-Town but I was a little put off by the customer service. I'll still shop there but I'll check the receipt before I leave the store.

If you are watching your money, you must check your receipt very carefully. The scanner makes all sorts of mistakes, -- normally always in the stores's favor!
They've been pretty good about making it right by me, but
since i go in almost every day, they know me pretty well
by now.

Posted on: 2012/7/20 16:37

Re: lousy garbage collection
Home away from home
Home away from home

More garbage left behind on my block this a.m.
Looks like it's properly prepared.
Are we just gonna have to get used to this?

Today they took all mine and left behind someone
else's. Is there like only room for so much on the truck?

Posted on: 2012/7/13 16:43

Re: City To Conduct First Property Revaluation Since 1988
Home away from home
Home away from home


caj11 wrote:
The inspector left a note at my door while I was out on vacation last week saying he had come to see my place but I was not home and I should call him. It also said "2nd notice" (I never got a first notice). I have made repeated calls during this week and gotten no response. I have called the appraisal company's office in Jersey City, and all they do is take a message from me. Very frustrating! I don't want to have the value of my place unfairly raised just because I was on vacation when the inspector came (out of the blue without any advance notice) and I couldn't be there, and didn't know he was coming. It is not fair at all. Has anyone been successful at getting in touch with anyone at the company, and/or the inspector(s)? Alternatively, has their councilperson been able to do anything about it?

I had the same thing happen.
I called the number on the door tag and got a child's
answering machine message saying Daddy was not home
and would return my call.
Nothing happened, after me calling there twice.
So, i called the company's office at 30 Montgomery.
Person who answered said she would give a message to
the guy who is supposed to visit me.
That was four weeks ago, and nothing since.
The company rep did say that there is plenty of
time for revisits, as the deadline is still more than
a year away.
Company rep did not seem concerned at all.
Just like last time, the reval is probably gonna be a great
big mess. Last time, at least, we had fun protest
marches and meetings and mini-tax-revolts. Don't
know how the people will react this time, since it's
a very different population. Newcomers may just
lay down and take it up the bum; but last time
the old-timers got good and furious and it was a lot
of name-calling and crazy antics.
The City did get its tax increase after all , but we did
not make it easy for them.
Hope the same holds true now.

Posted on: 2012/7/12 17:49

Re: lousy garbage collection
Home away from home
Home away from home

On my block, the garbage bags and recycle stuff are
presented properly. I watch folks putting their stuff
out for collection, and by and large, there should be no
argument about taking it away.

Once again, on this website, we play "blame the victim."
It is so tiresome to read these posts from people
who daydream they are living in Mayberry.
The notion of having to tip to get service is nonsense.
Your taxes pay for services from the city.
Hold the city accountable when the services are not
provided; do not succumb to the lowered
expectations that jersey city has always encouraged
her people to be satisfied with.

If you are getting good services, then we are happy for
you; but if you are not, you must get your complaint out
there and heard. Complacency is what the entrenched politicians
count on.

Posted on: 2012/7/9 16:57

lousy garbage collection
Home away from home
Home away from home

Has anyone notice a decline in garbage pickups?
On Third Street in Harsimus Cove, there has been
a marked problem with trash left behind and recycling
ignored and the street littered with spillover from the
truck and huge plastic trash bins rolling down the
sidewalk and gutters.
I have called JCIA time after time, but you might
just as well speak to cinderblock.
I let Councilman Fulop know what is going on, but
I don't expect he's got the answer to the problem.
I would ask that if you are having trouble with trash service
that you let JCIA
know about it, as well as anyone at city hall who
you think might be able to help.
I hate to think of all these even higher taxes we're gonna
be paying after the reval resulting in the same tired,
inefficient, substandard set of services that Jersey City
has traditionally provided her people.

Posted on: 2012/7/7 17:32

Re: Outrageously Noisy Neighbors on Third Street
Home away from home
Home away from home

You should keep after this problem.
Take it as a major concern to the next neighborhood
association meeting. Get a conversation going on the subject; don't just mention it peripherally.
Then, take it to the monthly police meeting.
Get your stats down on paper -- how many times you called,
what response if any you got, how you contacted the owner,
etc, etc. Let the cops at the meeting know that you want
something done.
This has been a fairly quiet block the last few years; we do
not want to start a precedent of tolerance for bad acting.
Lots of new and very temporary people are moving in here and
they have little sense of this place and its history and
sooner than later they are out of here, so putting up with
their non-neighborly behavior does not pay off in the long
run. The hope that sooner or later they will become
domesticated is a false hope; they are here to party and
then move on when the lease comes due.
Don't stand still for anti-social behavior.

Posted on: 2012/6/26 16:25

Re: Do you feel safe riding the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Light rail seems ok during business hours weekdays, but i have heard too many scary stories about late nite and weekend
rides to take the risk.
Other folks feel that it is safe, but you can't convince me of that, especially the mall area at nite, and then down by bayonne.

Posted on: 2012/6/10 16:11

Re: Anyone successfully rid themselves of these pesky little ants?
Home away from home
Home away from home


JerseyCityFrankie wrote:
My two cents. Actually four cents: 1) they are seasonal. Grit your teeth and wait them out and they will be gone soon enough. 2) My Mom, who lives in Buffalo and is too into new age/ alternative stuff claims that sprinkling cloves throughout her shelves and in out of the way parts of the house keeps ants away.

Sprinkling cloves about the place is good, but it only works against dragons and vampires === and who would want to get rid of them??

Posted on: 2012/5/24 19:06

Re: Anyone successfully rid themselves of these pesky little ants?
Home away from home
Home away from home

i get those tiny ants a lot, and what works pretty well at
discouraging them is getting sprayed with a strong solution
of ammonia and water. just get a spray bottle, load it up and have a shot
at them.

Posted on: 2012/5/21 17:18

Re: Raccoon alert - paulus hook - 4/2/12
Home away from home
Home away from home

there was a big, big raccoon on my back porch on
Third Street a week or so ago, just at twilight.
The cats and the coon were staring each other down.
The coon slowly, and with fine dignity, lumbered off
into the next yard.
No big deal.
No reason to call our for SWAT!
The sneak-thieves around here are more dangerous
than the wildlife.

Posted on: 2012/4/3 16:16

Re: Another Store gets faded out on Newark... gentrification still at work.
Home away from home
Home away from home

The camera store people were wonderful.
I recall that years and years ago, they were so
willing to help with community building stuff
and were always good for a monetary donation
to neighborhood association programs, even
when their own income was not so great.

They were generous and considerate folks,
rare in shopkeepers these days, and we
had better hope for more of their kind.
They were the backbone of the rebuilding
of Newark Ave, which when i came here had
about three open shops -- the rest boarded
up and/or abandoned.

Posted on: 2012/3/23 17:03

Re: Hippies marching down Kennedy in the heights
Home away from home
Home away from home

probably on their way to some "art" event downtown.
we get all kinds.
what billyburg and long island city don't want,
they throw over to us.
dumping grounds for art school drop-outs.

Posted on: 2012/3/8 18:35

Re: Did the NYPD Conduct A Widespread Surveillance of Jersey City Muslims?
Home away from home
Home away from home

I hope so.

Posted on: 2012/3/1 17:53

Re: Why is there always broken glass all over sidewalks?
Home away from home
Home away from home

It's because this is jersey city.

That's how we roll here.

Posted on: 2011/5/31 16:26

Re: Water Quality in Jersey City?
Home away from home
Home away from home

i try to not look at the water that comes out of my faucets,
but by accident the other day, i caught a glance at
glassful of freshly drawn kitchen sink water in a clear
glass -- and it was dark gray.

godawful looking. smelled like an old lake.

i use brita for everything, even the cat's bowl.

we pay a huge amount for water and sewer here,
far more than in any boroughs across the river.
what's up with that?
should tunisia and egypt be teaching us a lesson?

Posted on: 2011/2/9 17:04

Re: HELP: Looking for a 1 bedroom apt in Downtown Jersey City for less than $700 per month
Home away from home
Home away from home

are you kidding?

not gonna happen.

Posted on: 2011/1/23 19:58

Re: Ferris High School students are trashing Downtown JC
Home away from home
Home away from home

they should be kept on the school campus, fenced in
by barbed wire.
whatever little lunch business they might bring down here,
i'm sure the shopkeepers don't want it.

Posted on: 2011/1/15 19:01

Re: Planning Board approves 790-unit 40-story building for Newport
Home away from home
Home away from home

Sounds/looks good on paper ==

but in real time: are they gonna pay any taxes?

Posted on: 2010/12/15 17:42

Re: Restrictions for commercial/residential buildings.
Home away from home
Home away from home

This is a very tricky situation, and you had better get solid advice from someone who knows how things work here.

Most attorneys won't bother to check with the zoning and get a
reliable report. And the "zoning" here is so weird
(in that we have lots of laws and restrictions on the books
but it seems like nobody pays any attention and just
goes ahead and does whatever) that you might well
end up with some awful business underneath you that
the zoning people have allowed, even if the zoning
laws forbid such an enterprise.
Developers are now doing pretty much what they
want, regardless of the rules == and the city seems
to be supporting them, when neighbors question
their development plans.

Do not buy anything in Jersey City until you have
done a ton of homework. After you own it, it is
too late to find out all the troubles. Once a
feeding place goes in under you, nobody is gonna
want to buy your lovely apartment. Keep that in

Posted on: 2010/12/9 18:53

Re: Councilman Steven Fulop ordinance to eliminate part-time commissioners' health benefits - defeated
Home away from home
Home away from home


Vigilante wrote:
Obviously Fulop's point went right over their heads. They fell back on the old tactic of banging on things and screaming. Back in the 70's in East Orange we called this "getting all loud and sh*t". It's frightening to think that these guys would be responsible for someone elses life. The post-9-11-01 era has been a boon for these guys. Now they are all "heroes" and "first responders" and thus milk it to no end. While I can respect the jobs they do (or are supposed to do) where I live the cops are rarely responsive in a positive manner. They appear simply to be biding their time till they can start getting a pension.

Oh, god: you are sooo on target.
I personally am thoroughly sick of this 9/11
pandering. But that's just me.
Fulop reasons but these goons can only bellow.
It's apples and oranges around here.
The disparity in quality of mentation is just
too obvious.
Some of these "leaders" make one wonder
whether they hold even junior high degrees.

Posted on: 2010/11/13 18:41

Re: City council dismisses Healy-backed ordinances for part-time commissioners' health benefits
Home away from home
Home away from home

Webmaster wrote:
Councilman Fulop sooo outclasses these union goons and thugs. Those hooting and hollering bull seals make us ashamed, for their sakes. Times for these dumbells to go.

Posted on: 2010/11/12 17:31

Re: New Building on Erie/7th
Home away from home
Home away from home

Whatever it is gonna be, it is completely inappropriate
to the historic district, and like most of the
building projects that are going on now, it has
slipped past all the requirements of the historic
district guidelines for building within a district.
I have a similar monster project behind me on
Erie St. that is almost totally illegal, yet it
somehow (we know how, now, don't we)
got approved and is moving forward.
They have apparently run out of funding
for a while, so it is sitting fallow ... but I
am sure someone will pick up the project
and carry it thru to completion.

Another example is the disgusting building
that got put on 4th St. between Erie and Manila.
What a shocking mess.

There is a huge building planned for the
parking lot space at PS2. We need to
keep an eye on that one: the plans that
were shown the city agencies and that got
approved may not be the structure that
actually gets built. That's a big game here:
show the city some pretty drawings, get
them approved, and then go ahead and
build a cheap heap that looks like Soviet
era hospital architecture.

The various neighborhood associations seem
to be asleep on these issues. Years ago,
the various nabes were very concerned
about new construction, but times have
seemingly changed. Nowadays, citizens
must protest all this unnecessary and
unsuitable building on his/her own.
But just one voice means less than zero to the
city. Too bad for we folks who take
pride in having brought the downtown
back from the assured ruin that the city had
planned for it back in the seventies.
Today, developers come and do
whatever they want, and don't pay any
taxes to boot. How do you like them apples,
all of you soon-to-be-reval-ed taxpayers?

Posted on: 2010/11/11 2:35

Re: Fulop wants to stop lifetime health benefits for select group of city employees
Home away from home
Home away from home

As usual, Mr. Fulop is correct.

Too many hungry mouths suckling at the
municipal teat. Eventually the milk dries
up and the sucklers get weaned. Not in
JC, evidently. This is a free-loader's
paradise if you can get hooked into
the system.

Tax payers should be getting tired
of this by now. My house tax has
gone up 3 grand in the past two years.
What for?

Posted on: 2010/10/24 15:31

Re: Storm Sewer Odors
Home away from home
Home away from home


Snapple wrote:
Why is that every other city I've been to has relatively odor-free storm sewers on the streets. The ones in JC smell like raw sewage. What's the deal with that?

It is impossible to stand on a corner here and wait for
the traffic to allow you to cross.
Better to be hit by a car than die of strangulation from
the noxious miasma from the corner storm drain/sewers.
How folks live in corner houses, i don't know.
All the downtown smells like a nasty outhouse.
Some "goldcoast"!

Posted on: 2010/9/24 17:14

Re: Is it safe to walk on John F Kennedy blvd at night?
Home away from home
Home away from home


sweetykari wrote:
Hi All,

I am planning to take a place at the intersection of John F Kennedy blvd and Fairmount Avenue. How safe is Fairmount Avenue, and JFK Blvd? I heard that JFK is pretty safe if you walk from 6 am to 11 pm. Is that true?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Absolutely not.

Posted on: 2010/9/24 17:09

It is illegal to poison animals
Home away from home
Home away from home

In New Jersey, it is illegal to kill/abuse animals,
other than rats and mice. There is a huge
fine and often jail time involved with this crime.
I have put flyers in the nabe, alerting folks
to what is going on.

I live on Third Street, near Erie.
My little manx cat, less than a year old , was killed
this week by poison. It was a horrible thing to witness.

The vet told me she has seen a strong uptick
in pet poisonings of late. She suspects that
there are people putting poison out to kill
the opossums and raccoons that everyone is
so exercised about. Unfortunately, the poisons
are killing other peoples' pets as well. Apparently,
there are new poisons that smell especially
good, so animals of all sorts are attracted
to them, not just vermin. In the old days,
rat poison smelled and tasted awful --and
it was hard to fool the smart rats and mice.
No so now.

If you want to get rid of backyard foragers,
keep your yards and porches free of food.
Raccoons can be trapped and taken off.
Opossums are totally harmless; just keep
your doors closed so they don't wander in.
If there is no food around, you will not
have scavengers.

Even using poison to kill raccoons and
opossums is a disgusting thing to do.
Do we all know what death by poison
looks like? I watched my little cat
vomiting bloody foam and convulsing
and then going into a coma; by the
time we got him to the vet, it was
all over. In the space of three days,
he went from being this vibrant
little animal to being a tiny sick
lump groaning in agony and
coughing up his guts.
What kind of sociopath would
cause this, i ask myself.
I would like to give the poisoner
a dose of his own medicine.

Pleases, please: if you know of or
suspect that someone is putting poison

Posted on: 2010/9/19 1:36

Re: Iron work
Home away from home
Home away from home

I have had very good work done by
Hudson Roll-up Gates. Their place is up in
the Heights.
Ask for Cezar.

Posted on: 2010/9/4 18:33

Re: Embankment- Update Thread
Home away from home
Home away from home


Vigilante wrote:
How many more people, rats and bedbugs can we stuff into downtown Jersey City? Enough with the development of high-rises!! The infrastructure cannot support more and more buildings packed with people. The PATH trains are stuffed to the gills as well. We need more greenspace. Enough with our Mayor and city council bending over for every developer with an envelope full of money!!

Enuf said!

Posted on: 2010/9/3 14:46

Re: C-Town Being Sold
Home away from home
Home away from home

Most of you lovelies who are chock full of opinions on what
should become of CTown should realize that the
building and lot lie smack dab in the middle of a
city, state and federal historic district, and thus
the property is
restricted to some very tight redevelopment controls.

The folks who live here and take historic district
status seriously will be on the lookout for what
is planned on that site.

So many ridiculous and redundant rehabs
and condo conversions and new constructions
have gone on here in the past few years,
skirting the proper channels via who knows
what nefarious means, that adding the CTown
Condos to the list is just not gonna happen.
Leave well enuf alone.
If CTown does not meet your elite shopping
standards, then go somewhere else.
The new Trader Joe on 23rd St, would love
to have your business. Put your money
where your mouths are, big spenders.

Posted on: 2010/9/2 17:36

Re: Downtown/3rd Street: Man seen with flat screen TVs and laptop, arrested on theft charges
Home away from home
Home away from home

May or may not be connected == but we managed to get
the police to arrest and take away a young "homeless"
guy who's been squatting in a tenement lobby for a few
weeks now. This is on Third, between Erie and Jersey.
There is a ten unit bldg that has only two occupants,
the rest of the apts have been empty for three or more
years, awaiting rehab. The guy has been camped out
on the stoop and in the lobby, menacing folks
and checking out cars and other houses and monitoring
peoples' coming and going. Very spooky.

After the third visit by the police in response
to folks calling and complaining about this guy-
who seems like he considers the empty house his
home, the officers patted him down and
found a "weapon" and also discovered that there are
a bunch of outstanding warrants on him.
So they cuffed him and took him off.

We are free of him for a while , it looks like.
But who knows .

It looks like we are being forced to get
suspicious again, the way we were
years ago, when we saw folks hanging
around that we knew did not live here.
The police have been pretty good on response
time, so it behooves us to call when we see
something that does not look right.

Posted on: 2010/8/25 16:34

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