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Re: N.J. city shuts down burlesque show, citing obscenity laws

correlation is not causation. and a burlesque show is not a strip club.

Posted on: 4/5 14:02

Re: Teacher Protests Disturbing Neighborhood

I find this topic curious - My neighbors are calling the cops on these teachers?

I also live in the neighborhood and I hear these protests every morning too. I find it infuriating that the teachers are getting the brunt end - especially considering the trauma we expect them to anticipate and handle (read: shootings - which seem to be imminent), and that the solutions hasn't become let's find a way to inhibit this from happening (read: sensible gun laws). Instead the topic that I've heard thrown around quite a bit this last week is the idea that we should ARM these teachers (and what, expect them to act as security/body guards to children??).

We can't seem to give them a fair contract, and we can't seem to fund basic necessities in the classroom. :-|

These teachers SHOULD be protesting, and so should the students(!), they should be lighting the street on fire every day they have to deal with this. What we as a culture expect from teachers (and honestly, what we NEED from them) is absolutely absurd for what we offer them.

Paying the taxes that covers these teachers salary isn't just about funding your own children in the school system, whether or not they go to catholic school - it's about investing in the future of this community and this country. I don't even have kids, but I get that. Slashing education and/or nickle and diming teachers benefits literally no one, not today and certainly not 25 years from today. Please give these teachers what they need so they can continue helping us.

I'm not sick of hearing them protest, I'm sick of the fact that they need to protest.

Posted on: 2/22 10:39

Re: Cat Groomer Recommendation?

Yes I'd like to know the same thing! I have a long haired orange cat and he is very fussy, I hate taking him to the vet unless absolutely necessary because he gets so nervous I worry he'll give himself a heart attack. I can't justify going through that for a groomer, I'd like to find someone to come to my house and groom him here. I can get him to let me brush him and he'll let me, but beyond that I don't know what I can do. It's almost shedding season, if anyone has any recommendations, I'd also love to hear it!

Posted on: 2/22 10:15




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