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Re: any IT/tech shops to recover laptop hard disk?
Home away from home
Home away from home

jclxz is correct. There is a world of difference between software and hardare failures when it comes to recovering data from hard drives.

Software issues include mistaken deletion, formats, operating system issues and other causes that make the data inaccessible, but probably leave it intact on the drive for recovery. But, precautions muct be taken to make sure that the drive clusters that the data were on are not overwritten. Trying to boot, install recovery software or other operations can make it worse. The best method is the one jclxz stated, to mount the drive in another system using a drive cable, and run recovery software.

Hardware issues are another matter entirely. Trying to spin up a drive that has failed can cause the data to be entirely irrecoverable, except by very expensive methods involving clean rooms and specialized equipment, software and methodologies. This can be worth it, but only if the data is valuable enough to pay thousands to do so.

If you have the data recovered, great. Now do yourself a favor and either go buy a stack of DVDs and make periodic backups, or, get a USB hard drive to attach to the laptop, and make periodic backups. If you decide on the latter, try to keep all your data in one directory, with subdirectories by type. For example, keep everything in the My Documents folder, but create subfolders for tax files, business documents, etc. This sill simplify backing up. Microsoft makes a free program available called Synctoy that lets you do one-click backups once you set up a relationship between the folder with your data, and the backup folder in the external drive. or, you can just drag and drop it over in My Computer, and additionally append the date to the name of the backed up folder on the portable drive after it copies so you can keep several generations of files in case you need to roll back.

When you aren't actively backing up the data, keep the external enclosure disconnected and put away in a safe place. As an addiotnal precaution, important files like taxes should be burned to DVD and kept offsite, like a safety deposit box, or a relative's.

Posted on: 2008/2/10 16:00

Re: They love the '70s -- Longtime residents set record straight about 1970s-era Jersey City
Home away from home
Home away from home

Well, if Hoboken can be seen as a model, then yes, some transients will put down roots as parts of town gentrify to the point that they are comfortable raising children. Just walk down Washington Street in Hoboken in the daytime and look at all the strollers. This is also seen in the decrease in the number of pure bars and the increase in lounges and restaurants.

I think that Hamilton Park is probably goign to get there first, since it's fairly high density, but low rise, with places to aggregate. The area surrounding Journal Square has good potential as well. As the new high rises are built, the area around the Square will clean up as some bargain hunters fan out a few blocks. The preponderance of two story buildings makes for more personal contact among neighbors. But it'll take years, and more responsible property owners and residents. In my neck of the woods, the ability of a few menacing panhandlers to negatively impact the neighborhood is disheartening. It's hard to rectify when some property owners let them camp out on their building fronts. I can chase them off my property, but can't do anything about my neighbors except make noise complaints.

As for the concept of the "block", I remember it well. I've lived within the same two block radius for most of my life, and I remember well the days spent playing street games, neighborhood basketball and handball, and looking out for each other and the younger kids. It was a point of pride for the older kids on the block to show us how to throw a football, or the finer points of stoopball. But as kids get olderm they move on, and video games have replaced the street. When I was 12, I knew that if I stepped outside in the afternoon, my friends would be there. At least a few of us are still in the area, and we get together on the deck, cook out, and talk about the times we had.

Posted on: 2007/12/31 15:19

Re: Journal Square: Attacked, robbed for his beer then attacked again next day by same four men
Home away from home
Home away from home

Unfortunately, I have a great view of thier festivities, considerign i live on the corner of Summit and Newkirk. You are right about the witching hour. I don't get where these guys came from. i've lived in this neightborhood ofr years, and except fotr occasional issues, it's been good. These guys though, are something else. Really aggressive panhandlers. That, and they congregate right by my garage, so I can't get to my car without getting into a conversation.

Posted on: 2007/12/30 17:02

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