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Re: Chris Christie 'Suspiciously Connected' To Revenge Traffic Jam
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2/13 17:32

Re: ZACT mobile network (does this sound legal to you)?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2/12 11:06

Re: Post your Pimp Sightings Here
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Resized Image
Resized Image
The Pimp & Teddy

It takes a trained eye to see they are not the same guy!

Posted on: 2/11 19:05

Re: Forum @ City Hall To Stop The TTP, 1/30
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Industry powers with access to TPP plans lavish money on Congress

Published time: January 18, 2014

Operatives of top global corporations, which spend great amounts of cash to lobby Congress, are also part of a small group in the US outside the Obama administration that can access working plans on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

According to data analyzed by government transparency advocate MapLight, current members of Congress received around US$24 million in the last ten years from organizations represented on an exclusive industry board, created and staffed by Congress. This board has inside access - such as not even granted to members of Congress, much less the public - to the highly-secretive negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which promises to give powerful industry players more clout over global trade rights.

The United States is currently in negotiations with 11 other Pacific Rim nations on the lucrative trade pact known as theTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which aims to liberalize trade among the signees. Among the contentious issues in the TPP is that the agreement stipulates new powers for multinationals that would allow them to challenge country laws in privately run international courts. Washington has endorsed such powers in previous trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but conditions in the TPP could grant multinational more powers to challenge a wider range of laws. Under NAFTA several companies including Dow Chemicals and Exxon Mobil have sought to overrule regulations on fracking, oil drilling, and drug patents.

“The United States, as in previous rounds, has shown no flexibility on its proposal, being one of the most significant barriers to closing the chapter,” said a memo from one of the participating countries obtained by the Huffington Post.

Ultimately, the pact would give corporate entities much more influence over commerce, elevating “individual foreign firms to equal status with sovereign nations,” consumer rights advocate Public Citizen says on its website.

Thus far in the multi-year negotiations of TPP, a small cadre of people have had open access to the working documents involved in the various sections of the trade pact. On the contrary, members of the US Congress, for example, must visit the offices of the United States Trade Representative to review the provisions. They are not allowed to bring anyone with them, nor can they make copies of any documents pertaining to the working agreement.

Yet aside from those in the Obama administration, only members of the United States Trade Representative’s advisory system, including the 18-member Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Rights (ITAC-15), can freely access TPP negotiation documents on intellectual property.

Members of the ITAC-15 include representatives from companies like GE, Cisco Systems, Yahoo, Verizon, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson, and entities such as the Recording Industry Association of America, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, and the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

The ITAC-15 does not include public advocacy organizations, academics or any non-industry experts.

The industry trade advisory system was created and staffed by members of Congress. In fact, the ITAC-15 is made up of several top political spenders that have offered millions of dollars to influential Congress members in recent years, data organized by MapLight shows.

MapLight found that - from Jan. 1, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2012 - the 18 organizations that have representatives on the ITAC-15 gave almost $24 million to current members of Congress in that time period via political action committees, among other avenues that are legally required to be disclosed.

AT&T has given over $8 million to current members of Congress, more than any other ITAC-15 entities.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner has been given $433,350 from ITAC-15 organizations, more than any other individual in Congress.

Congressional Democrats have gotten $11.4 million from the organizations, while Republicans have received $12.6 million.

A handful of Congress members sponsoring legislation that would give the Obama administration more power over the congressional process of approving TPP - barring amendments to the pact, for example - have received a total of $758,295 from the ITAC-15 groups. These members include: Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus ($140,601), Senate Finance Ranking Member Orrin Hatch ($178,850), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp ($216,250), House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade Chairman Devin Nunes ($86,000), and House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions ($136,594).

Meanwhile, a new report released this week showed that US corporations spent $185 million in 2012 alone via nonprofit groups that are not legally required to divulge either their sources of funding or how they spend that money.

“Ranking among the biggest donors are energy giant Exelon Corp., health insurer WellPoint Inc. and technology titan Microsoft Corp.,” the Center for Public Integrity said in its findings.

“The millions of dollars in corporate expenditures highlighted by the Center for Public Integrity’s research flowed to more than 1,000 politically active nonprofits, from major trade associations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to pro-business alliances such as the Fix the Debt Coalition.”

Posted on: 1/18 2:21

Re: Forum @ City Hall To Stop The TTP, 1/30
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 1/17 4:00

Re: Jersey City to choose new ambulance provider?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Someone please provide a link where I can see the rates I will be charged with the old or new ambulance provider.
According to this NY Times article it is typically $1000 - $2000 for a ride to the hospital. This is ridiculous, I will remember to call a cab or limo instead of 911 when I need a doctor.

I don't have insurance and demand to know the prices in advance. How can I be in favor of any of the private ambulance providers without seeing how much they charge? ... -ambulance-bill.html?_r=0

Posted on: 1/3 23:49

Re: So Sires and Menendez support attacking Syria
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Just can't stay away

Posted on: 12/20 11:44

Re: HUGE GAS PIPELINE COMING - through Jersey City
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Activists Rally Against ‘Hydro Fracking’ Outside Of Chelsea Piers ... No=default&clipId=9434184

Public Opinion On The Issue Remains Cautious
October 19, 2013 7:05 PM
CBS News

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A method of pulling natural gas from deep underground has faced increased scrutiny in New York State.

Governor Cuomo may have been feeling some of the heat on Saturday when hundreds of environmental activists gathered near Chelsea Piers, CBS 2?s Steve Langford reported.

The group chanted “Hey, hey, Cuomo, Hydro fracking has got to go.” The chant was a reference to hydraulic fracturing a natural gas extraction method often referred to as fracking.

“We want him to make a decision that really protects the residents of the city and protects the farms and the water resources of the state,” Wenonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch said.

The riverfront setting was no coincidence, Governor Cuomo was scheduled to host a lunch at a restaurant inside of Chelsea Piers. Protestors even mobilized a pair of boats to face the waterfront venue.

Whether the message made it to the governor is another matter. He was not at the event on Saturday. Lunch organizers were told two weeks ago that the governor would not be able to attend.

The state has launched a health study on the potential impact of fracking .

“Any decision on hydraulic fracturing will be based on the science and the facts,” the Governor’s Office told CBS 2.

Protestors appeared unsatisfied.

“It doesn’t matter that the fracking isn’t happening because the infrastructure is happening,” Sane Energy Project’s Clare Donohue said.

On November 1, a pipeline under the Hudson River near Gansevoort Street will begin carrying fracked natural gas into Manhattan from Pennsylvania.

Despite objections from protestors Spectra Energy claims the project is safe.

“The New York, New Jersey expansion project was built to meet and, or exceed all federal safety regulations and requirements,” Spectra said.

Public opinion about fracking remains cautious.

“I think it does a lot of damage but I don’t really know if we have many other options at this point,” Kristin Leighton said.

Supporters of fracking say the practice would mean an economic boom to several upstate counties and help end American dependence on foreign oil.

Pending a decision by the governor the protestors have no plans to stop. ... outside-of-chelsea-piers/

Posted on: 2013/10/19 23:27

Re: New Jersey's Insane Ban on Self-Service Gasoline
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

New Breed of Credit Card Thieves Target Gas Pumps

Aug. 28, 2013
ABC News

A new breed of credit card thieves is stealing unsuspecting customers' credit card information at gas pumps by installing "skimmer" devices that steal a purchaser's data as quickly as one swipe of a credit card. ... =20100210&singlePage=true ... ave-gas-stations-20160263

Posted on: 2013/9/18 15:32

Re: HUGE GAS PIPELINE COMING - through Jersey City
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/8/13 2:26

Re: Menendez calls for 'pause' to assess U.S.-Russian relations
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Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/8/13 2:15

Menendez calls for 'pause' to assess U.S.-Russian relations
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Menendez calls for 'pause' to assess U.S.-Russian relations

By Steve Strunsky/The Star-Ledger
on August 11, 2013 at 6:37 PM

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it could be time to “pause” and re-examine American relations with Russia, in light of Russian positions on NSA leaker Edward Snowden, on Syria, nuclear arms, gay and lesbian rights and even the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

Asked this morning on ABC’s “This Week” how the United States could get Russian relations back on track, the New Jersey Democrat suggested that, after being rebuffed on a number of issues by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Obama Administration shouldn’t necessarily be in a rush to do that.

“We seem to be more invested in this effort to create a relationship with Russia that can be productive for both countries more than Putin is,” Menendez told the show's host, George Stephanopolous. “And so it seems to me that, as we’ve tried to restart this relationship several times, that now is a moment of pause, and [we] think about how we’re going to move forward with Russia.”

Menendez and his House Counterpart, Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, were on the show following an appearance by the lawyer and the father of Edward Snowden, whose release of classified records involving mass eavesdropping on ordinary Americans' telephone and email communications has prompted accusations of treason as well as efforts to rein in domestic data trawling by the National Security Agency.

Royce echoed Menendez' position.

“This former KGB agent still has a sense of hostility toward the West and to the United States,” Royce said of Putin.

"It seems to me that, as we’ve tried to restart this relationship several times, that now is a moment of pause.”

President Obama cancelled a planned face-to-face meeting with the Russian president after his decision to grant Snowden sanctuary in Russia for one year, allowing him to avoid criminal prosecution in the United States on espionage charges.

Ron Snowden, the former NSA contractor's father, said members of Congress had "poisoned" his son's chances of getting a fair trial by labeling him a traitor. But Menendez and Royce both disagreed.

“In my view , Ed Snowden is a fugitive who deserves to be in an American courtroom and not in asylum in Russia,” said Menendez, asserting that Snowden could have taken his concerns directly to Congress. “The reality is, I don’t think he needed to undermine America’s national security to do whatever he thought his conscience led him to do,”

But "This Week" played a clip from CSPAN of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) refuting the criticism by Menendez and Royce of both Snowden and then Putin.

"in fact, he was being loyal to the rest of us by letting the American people know that their government was getting out of hand," Rohrabacher who chairs a Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Russia, said of Snowden. "Accepting him for asylum, I think, was not as hostile an act as it’s being portrayed.” ... us-russian_relations.html

Posted on: 2013/8/12 19:46

Stevens Institute students build $300K solar-powered house for California competition
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Stevens Institute students build $300K solar-powered house for California competition

By Lisa Hagen/The Star-Ledger
on August 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Resized Image

Ecohabit: Stevens' entry to the 2013 Solar DecathlonSteven Institute of Technology students are building a solar-powered house, called Ecohabit, in Hoboken. The house will be taken apart and shipped to California for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013 competition. Reena Rose Sibayan/The Jersey Journal

HOBOKEN — A sleek, modern $300,000 house is rising in a parking lot overlooking the Hoboken waterfront with the New York City skyline as a backdrop.

The one-of-a-kind modular house has Western red cedar rain screens, solar shingles, the latest innovations in heating and a unique green wall and roof covered with living plants.

But don’t expect a for-sale sign to go up anytime soon. Later this month, the new house will be disassembled and shipped nearly 2,439 miles to Irvine, Calif. Then it will be rebuilt by students from Stevens Institute of Technology, who are entering the house in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

More than 60 Stevens students and faculty members spent two years designing and building the house, which they have dubbed Ecohabit. Their mission was to create an energy-efficient and attractive home on an affordable budget.
“The team’s goal is to integrate technology into the house,” said senior chemical engineering major Dan Munt, referring to all of the student-designed features in the house.

The federal government’s Solar Decathlon, which is held every two years, challenges college students to design and construct energy-efficient, solar-powered houses. Stevens is among 20 colleges chosen to compete in this year’s challenge. The 20 furnished houses will be shipped to California and reassembled in Orange County Great Park, where they will be judged and displayed for 10 days.

The decathlon consists of 10 different contests. Teams will be judged on their houses’ energy efficiency, architecture and affordability. They will also be judged on the structure’s comfort level, as the participants host a dinner party and movie night in the houses. The winners get bragging rights and the real-world experience of designing an award-winning house while still in school.

Stevens is not the only team from New Jersey building a solar house. New Jersey Institute of Technology students in Newark have entered their own solar home in a separate solar decathlon competition in China. Partnered with students from Harbin Institute of Technology in China, the NJIT team has been working this summer to finish their entry, called Nexus House.

In Hoboken, Stevens students are constructing their entry in two sections — a wet and dry module — so it can be easily transported and reassembled in California. The wet module, covered in concrete panels, controls the plumbing while the dry module, lined with Western red cedar rain screenings, sports the team’s alternative to solar panels.

Stevens team designs, builds solar home for a brighter futureFor the past two years, a group of 60 students and faculty from Stevens Institute of Technology have been planning, designing and building a house to compete in a solar decathlon. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the competition will be held in Irvine, California in October where 20 teams from around the world will compete to have the most affordable, energy efficient and attractive home. Stevens' house, Ecohabit, will implement several unique features and student-invented systems including DOW Powerhouse solar shingles, Bio PCM insulation and dehumidifier that uses a liquid desiccant system. (Video by Lisa Hagen/The Star-Ledger)

Stevens students said they are the only team incorporating solar shingles in their house. Courtney Gnash, a sophomore majoring in music and technology, described the shingles as “solar panels in disguise.” Similar to asphalt shingles, the solar shingles snap together through a conduit.

“They’re very discreet, streamlined, and they’re more aesthetically pleasing than solar panels and less bulky,” Gnash said, noting the shingles are hurricane resistant.

Around the exterior, Stevens students are also installing green fixtures and gardens as additional energy sources. Claire Griffin, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, said the team integrated plants into Ecohabit to have “more interaction with nature.”

Students also designed a “smart detection system” that will monitor energy consumption and savings in every room. The size of a fire alarm, the system will learn a resident’s daily lifestyle patterns and can be accessed through a phone application.

The house also includes insulation that will act as a “thermal buffer” for the house, storing heat to either keep in the structure or release to the outside depending on the weather. Ecohabit also only has ramps so the house is wheelchair-accessible, a requirement for the competition.

Once construction is finished, the house’s interior will be furnished with modular furniture, which can be rearranged to suit any lifestyle.

Two years ago, Stevens partnered with Parsons The New School for Design in New York to build a solar house for the competition held in Washington, D.C. Their entry won the contest for the most affordable house. This time around, Stevens students worked alone and spent a bit more money, with a projected budget of $300,000. Sponsors and donated materials helped cover the cost.

Ryan Seiffert, who recently graduated with a degree in business and technology, said it was a “good experience” to work on the project with other Stevens students outside his major.

“It’s been interesting to work with everyone, a little difficult at times,” Seiffert explained. “Sixty students is a lot of people to try to coordinate together, but I think we did a good job with it.”

Star-Ledger staff writer Kelly Heyboer contributed to this report. ... etition.html#incart_river

Posted on: 2013/8/11 23:55

Re: Steve Fulop joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/6/24 23:35

Re: Steven Fulop for Mayor - MAY 14, 2013 JERSEY CITY ELECTION
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I am going out to vote for Steve Fulop. Its about time we get a Mayor with integrity in Jersey City. 10 years of Healy mis-mangement is enough; we need change and need it TODAY.

I think that Steve Fulop will be the best Mayor in at least the past 50 years of Jersey City political history. The stigma of corruption will go away with Steve as Mayor.

In a nutshell Fulop has written plans to improve the quality of life in Jersey City while Healy says "If it aint broke dont fix it" LOL

Posted on: 2013/5/14 12:29

Re: Constant barking dogs
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away ... AN_ARTIIIDO.html#TOPTITLE

§ 90-19. - Noisy dogs.

No dog shall be allowed to unnecessarily disturb the peace or rest of persons residing in the neighborhood wherein it is kept or harbored or otherwise become a nuisance.

§ 90-21. - Enforcement. [Amended 6-14-1995 by Ord. No. 95-050]

The Division of Health or any person or persons authorized by it or any person authorized by this Code shall be charged with enforcing the provisions of this article.

Any person, firm or corporation who or which shall violate any other provision of this article shall be punishable as provided in Chapter 1, General Provisions, § 1-25

§ 1-25. - General penalty. [Amended 3-27-02 by Ord. No. 02-035]

Notwithstanding any other section of this Code or any other ordinance, the maximum penalty for violating any provision of this Code shall be, in the discretion of the Court, a fine of up to $1,250.00 and/or imprisonment for a period of up to ninety (90) days and/or a period of community service not exceeding ninety (90) days. Each day a violation of any provision of this Code or any ordinance shall continue shall constitute a separate offense. This section shall not affect any mandatory minimum penalty established by any section of the Code or ordinance.
In addition to the penalties hereinabove provided, any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of any of the provisions of this Code or any ordinance shall be deemed to be a public nuisance and may be abated by the city as provided by law, and each day that such condition continues shall be regarded as a new and separate offense.

Posted on: 2013/5/11 21:56

Re: Bagel Store/Deli on Corner of Grove/Newark
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Resized Image

Posted on: 2013/4/30 1:33

Re: Abatements and Budgets - JC Reporter
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Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/4/15 0:25

Re: HUGE GAS PIPELINE COMING - through Jersey City
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/4/4 13:36

Re: In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill - fluoride will be added to Jersey City water
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies

... a new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirming fluoride as a toxic substance that actually destroys teeth, particularly those of developing young children and babies. ... babies.html#ixzz2OQoy5pvd

Posted on: 2013/3/24 1:22

Re: In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill - fluoride will be added to Jersey City water
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/3/10 21:51

Re: Jersey City election 2013: Mayor Bloomberg endorses Mayor Healy
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Bloomberg is a greedy bastard who is friends with Steve Rattner who should be in jail but instead is managing billions of Bloombergs personal fortune.

CNN Money - Fortune
The rehabilitation of Steve Rattner
By Dan Primack February 19, 2013: 3:54 PM ET

Steve Rattner gets by with a lot of help from his friends.
FORTUNE -- Well, it's official: Steve Rattner's reputation has been rehabilitated, just two years after settling with federal and state authorities over allegedly participating in a kickback scheme to get public pension fund investments for his private equity firm.

From Andrew Ross Sorkin at The New York Times:
As Mr. Rattner sat across from me in Midtown Manhattan two weeks ago, his re-emergence as power magnate was well under way. He is the overseer of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's fortune of billions of dollars — you could call Mr. Rattner a money manager but that doesn't capture the scope of it. He has appeared as a pundit about the economy on television (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," ABC's "This Week" and "Fox News Sunday," among others) and in newspapers (The Financial Times, Politico and The New York Times). And to take the story full circle, the Obama administration, which had eased Mr. Rattner out of his role [as car czar], appears to have re-embraced him, even using him to campaign for the president last fall.

As someone who extensively covered the private equity corruption scandal in which Rattner was implicated, Sorkin's story left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not because I begrudge Rattner the chance to rebuild his professional life, but because he did so through the enabling embrace of powerful pals who pretend that he did nothing wrong in the first place.

The most egregious example is Michael Bloomberg, a public official who has casually dismissed the allegations against Rattner as little more than media inventions. Even when both the SEC and then-New York AG Andrew Cuomo brought charges against Rattner, Bloomberg continued to turn a blind eye. And then, as if to prove his loyalty was to his friends rather than to the people he represents, Bloomberg let Rattner's new firm manage his vast personal fortune.

And then there was what Bloomberg told Sorkin:
"Steve is a good friend. You stick by your friends. And I don't worry about what people say... I never heard anyone say they wouldn't invite Steven Rattner to a party because of what was happening."

Really Mr. Mayor? That's your standard? Party invites? I guess you don't hang out with Rattner's former partners at Quadrangle Group, who blame him for their firm's demise. Or Quadrangle's investors, many of whom feel the same way.
Again, once again, this wasn't idle gossip. It was government lawsuits that Rattner paid millions and millions of dollars to make go away. Or, put another way, it was way worse selling a Big Gulp full of Mountain Dew.

The real legacy of Steve Rattner's legal troubles won't be to dissuade future private equity executives from (allegedly) trying to bribe public pension officials. It will be to make such executives pick the right friends first.

Posted on: 2013/2/22 23:51

Re: Poker Games
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Poker Is More a Game of Skill Than of Chance, a Judge Rules
The New York Times
Published: August 21, 2012

In a ruling that goes to the heart of what it means to play poker, Judge Jack B. Weinstein tossed out the conviction and vacated the indictment of the man who ran that gambling business. The judge’s reason: poker is more a game of skill than a game of chance, so game operators should not be prosecuted under the federal law the prohibits running an illegal gambling business.

read more: ... e-a-judge-rules.html?_r=0

The New Jersey Constitution might make it illegale in Jersey City:

Posted on: 2013/1/30 22:21

Re: Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/1/28 22:38

Re: House on 4th ST between Erie & Jersey just broken into 2PM WED Jan 23
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Posted on: 2013/1/23 17:01

Re: The futility of gun control
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I looked for recent information about the drug connection and found this article from Forbes CACHED but it does not appear anywhere on - is it possible that the drug companies have an influence on what gets reported on or published?

Here is the content of the article just in case the drug companies are so powerful they can elimate negative press:

Lawrence Hunter, Contributor -
OP/ED | 1/14/2013 @ 8:00AM |9 views

Psychiatric Drugs, Not A Lack Of Gun Control, Are The Common Denominator In Murderous Violence

In 2000, New York legislators recognized the ubiquitous and unambiguous connection between violence, especially gun violence and mass murder, and the widespread prescribed use of psychiatric drugs. Senate Bill 7035 was introduced in the New York State Senate that year requiring police agencies to report to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) on certain crimes and suicides committed by a person who is using psychiatric drugs, including assault, homicide, sex offenses, robbery offenses, firearms and other dangerous weapons offenses, kidnapping and arson. The preamble to the bill read, in part:

There is a large body of scientific research establishing a connection between violence and suicide and the use of psychotropic drugs in some cases. This research, which has been published in peer reviewed publications such as the American Journal of Psychiatry, The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and The Journal of Forensic Science, has shown, among other things, that: certain drugs can induce mania (a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose and highly elaborated destructive plans, including mass murder);. . .and certain drugs can produce an acute psychotic reaction in an individual not previously psychotic.

The bill died in committee. Since that time, there have been at least 12 additional high-profile mass murders linked to the use of psychiatric drugs, about one a year. And, in virtually every mass school shooting during the past 15 years, the shooter has been on or in withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. Here is a partial list of 24 such horrific events that occurred since 1998, not including the Virginia Tech shootings and the recent Sandy Hook shootings where the authorities continue to suppress information about whether and to what extent the shooters were on or in withdrawal from a psychiatric drug.

These examples are not unique. According to the Citizens Commission On Human Rights International (CCHR), between 2004 and 2011, there were 12,755 reports to the U.S. FDA’s MedWatch system of psychiatric drugs causing violent side effects including: 1,231 cases of homicidal ideation/homicide, 2,795 cases of mania and 7,250 cases of aggression. Since the FDA admits that only one to ten percent of all side effects are ever reported to it, the actual occurrence of violent side effects from psychiatric drugs is certainly nine or ten times higher than the official data suggest.

Yet, federal and state governments continue to ignore the connection between psychiatric drugs and murderous violence, preferring instead to exploit these tragedies in an oppressive and unconstitutional power grab to snatch guns away from innocent, law-abiding people who are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution the right to own and bear arms to deter government tyranny and to use firearms in self defense against any miscreant who would do them harm. Therefore, it is pharmaceutical makers, not law-abiding gun owners or gun manufacturers, who should be held to account for the series of “lone-wolf,” mass shootings that have occurred since the widespread use of psychiatric drugs began.

Although it is doubtful any single variable can explain what causes someone to commit such unspeakable acts as we saw recently at Sandy Hook, one common denominator surfaces time and time again, in hundreds and hundreds of cases where a “lone wolf” commits violence, murder and mayhem for apparently no reason: Prescribed psychiatric drugs, which are well documented to induce mania, psychosis, violence, suicide and murder, including mass murder for no apparent reason by otherwise non-psychotic people.

Given the mass of supporting data linking psychiatric drug use/withdrawal and violence, and given the fact it has been ignored studiously by the U.S. Congress and federal agencies, it is well past time that Congress and state legislatures and government agencies at all levels formally investigate the well established link between prescribed use of psychiatric drugs, school shootings and similar acts of senseless violence.

This video reveals the indisputable connection between psychiatric drugs and violence, especially young “lone-wolf” shooters in gun massacres.

As psychiatrist Peter Breggin observes in the video:

“One of the things in the past that we’ve known about depression is that it very, very rarely leads to violence. It’s only been since the advent of these new SSRI drugs that we’ve had murderers even mass murders taking these antidepressant drugs.”

Instead of intimidating the NRA into negotiating away Americans’ Second Amendment rights through its seat at the table in Washington, the government should be demanding answers and explanations from PhRMA and the pharmaceutical companies.

Instead of extorting NRA chairman Dave Keene and NRA president Wayne LaPierre into participating with the gun snatchers’ efforts to nullify the Second Amendment in the name of reducing gun violence, why aren’t the White House and Congress putting former Business Roundtable President and current head of PhRMA, John Castellani, along with the presidents of the pharmaceutical companies on the hot seat?

Why isn’t Castellani sitting in on White House and congressional meetings about the connection between his products and mass shootings instead of Keene and LaPierre of the NRA?

Why isn’t there a White House Task Force on the connection between psychiatric drugs and violence, suicide and murder, both gun related and otherwise?

Why aren’t there congressional hearings on the connection between violence and psychiatric drugs?

Why aren’t there bills being introduced in Congress and state legislatures to tighten down on the indiscriminate, unmonitored use of these killer drugs?

Why is the government still suppressing information about the shooters’ psychiatric drug use at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech?

Why is the government turning America into a police state in the name of protecting us against nonexistent “reefer madness” while it turns a blind eye to the real, deadly med madness created by psychiatric drugs and the uncontrollable violent rages they produce in some people?

Could it be there is a quiet conspiracy afoot among pharmaceutical companies, the government and the gun grabbers to make Mr. and Mrs. Gun Owner of America the patsies for the violence and to blame lone-wolf violence on guns rather than psychiatric drugs?

Could it be that power-hungry politicians and gun snatchers are out to exploit rare tragedies such as Sandy Hook and use the blood of innocent children to scare America into giving up its constitutional rights to own and bear arms and use them as a deterrent against tyranny?

Could it be that big pharma is today’s big tobacco?

Could it be there is an intentional effort underway in the centers of power in Washington, DC to hide the truth from the American people about the strong connection between psychiatric drugs and violence and to protect the pharmaceutical companies from civil and criminal charges for their responsibility in these heinous crimes?

Could that be the explanation for why there continue to be lawsuits against gun manufacturers — not for defects in their products but rather for the misuse of their products by drug-addled individuals — and why there are few lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for the obvious flaws in their products, which are producing violence and mayhem?

Could it be the Gun Control movement is simply a blind; just an effort by the triple alliance of left-fascists, big-government politicians and big-pharma prescription-drug dealers to dose and oppress the American people in the name of public safety, “officer safety” and social order?

The gun snatchers such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg all shamefully exploit the bloody murder of children as a pretext to nullify the Second Amendment and short arm the American public with their so-called “assault-weapons” ban and ammunition/clip restrictions. The fact is, the kinds of guns used by mass shooters are far less relevant than the kinds of drugs they were prescribed.

Posted on: 2013/1/14 21:40

Re: The futility of gun control
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

From a financial blog that I follow:

The Market Ticker ® - Commentary on The Capital Markets

How about we stop handing out SSRIs and anti-psychotics like candy to adolescents and kids?

Do we have a desperate need to improve mental health facilities for our youth (and those who are not youth)? You bet we do. This begins with accountability -- and that means removing these drugs from the prescribing realm of family doctors and all others who are unable or unwilling to be responsible for monitoring on a proactive basis those who are using them. This, in turn, means restricting prescribing to psychiatrists and imposing proactive monitoring requirements, along with criminal penalties for violations.

Posted on: 2013/1/14 18:52

Re: I just got out of the hospital
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

If you are tired of being fed the blue pill by mainstream media here is another perspective - the theory that perscription drugs are the main problem causing people to do insane things.

Posted on: 2012/12/26 16:23

Re: Powerhouse Arts District developer wants to eliminate on-site affordable housing
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

In Newport they had an affordable program and it was not government subsidized and applicants had to prove income of at least $30000/year. Newport still has that program in a couple of buildings without a crime problem.

I believe this is similar to the program that Goldman agreed to. Integrated housing works and this developer is bound by this contract. He is threating not to build? Then his property should be condemned and sold to the highest bidder. He already screwed this city by kicking out hundreds of artists and tearing down a historic building. Will it never end?

Jersey City politicians are weak, corrupt, and should be thrown out for even considering anything this developer demands. This is one of the worst developers in the history of Jersey City and we should be eager to replace him with a decent developer who is not intent on building a hideous structure that will embarrass this city. ... pe=&topic_id=6353&forum=8

Posted on: 2012/5/8 20:21

Re: In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill - fluoride will be added to Jersey City water
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

New Jersey Threatened with Mandatory Water Fluoridation - Science and Residents Ignored

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Despite objections from environmentalists and utility officials, New Jersey is under threat of mandatory fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride chemicals into the public drinking water ostensibly to reduce tooth decay. Despite admission by the Federal Government that American children are fluoride over-exposed and that fluoride's benefits are primarily topical, New Jersey legislators are crafting a law that will force fluoridation on the entire state, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

"Since fluoride's benefits are topical, it makes no sense to swallow fluoride and makes even less sense to put fluoride into drinking water when fluoridated toothpaste is available to everyone," says Paul Connett, PhD, FAN Executive Director and co-author of the book, The Case Against Fluoride.
NJ Senate Bill S-959 and Assembly Bill 1811 will require cities to add unnecessary, untested, health-robbing fluoride chemicals into the public water supplies.

"Not only does this unfunded mandate completely strip away all local control of fluoridation, but requires local taxpayers to fund the estimated $5 billion start-up cost and the annual $1 billion cost to maintain the practice," says Connett.

"We suggest NJ residents quickly contact the NJ Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and Governor Christie to reject this ill-conceived unfunded fluoridation mandate," says Connett.

Fluoridation chemicals—often purchased from Mexico, China, and Japan—are hazardous waste by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry that are contaminated with trace levels of arsenic, lead and radionuclides. These industrial-grade chemicals were never tested for safety in humans or animals, and never received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While the NJ House and Senate members rush to cast votes that will affect all residents of the State, the public's voice is being ignored. Testimony was given in opposition to S-959 by the NJ League of Municipalities, the NJ Sierra Club, the NJ Business and Industry Association, the citizens' group No Fluoride New Jersey, and by numerous local water companies and utilities who explained that fluoride is such a powerful chemical that over time it corrodes their equipment. But most NJ residents are unaware of this pending legislation.

Oddly, the push for mandatory fluoridation in New Jersey comes in the wake of an historical shift in the U.S. fluoridation program. Growing numbers of cities are stopping fluoridation because of health and cost concerns. Since 1990, more than 300 communities in North America voted to end fluoridation, including 43 cities serving approximately 3 million residents since October 2010.

On January 7, 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommended lowering the level of fluoride added to drinking water. This was in response to national survey data showing that 41% of adolescents ages 12-15 have dental fluorosis, or discolored teeth, an outwardly visible sign of fluoride toxicity. However, the new level recommended by HHS (0.7 parts per million fluoride) is still too high to protect all citizens, especially people who drink large amounts of water, kidney patients and babies.

Adding fluoride to drinking water is also an Environmental Justice issue. Black and Mexican American children have significantly higher levels of the more severe forms of dental fluorosis. Add to that over 25 published papers associating exposure to fluoride and reduced IQ in children while EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory lists fluoride as a developmental neurotoxicant.
Infants drinking formula made up with water containing 0.7 ppm fluoride will receive approximately 175 times more fluoride than a breast-fed infant. Many government, health and dental organizations now advise that infant formula should not be mixed with fluoridated water. Low-income children have a greater risk of suffering from all forms of fluoride toxicity, as poor diet exacerbates fluoride's detrimental effects.

The NJ legislation was introduced without notifying or requesting comments from those opposing fluoridation. More than 4,000 professionals (including 331 dentists and 518 MD's) urge that fluoridation be stopped citing scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride is ineffective at reducing tooth decay and has serious health risks. See statement. Also, 11 US EPA unions representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals are calling for a moratorium on fluoridation

Connett says, "There are two fundamental scientific questions on water fluoridation: 1) does it work, 2) is it safe. The answer to both is no."

"Fluoridation promoters routinely exaggerate benefits. The largest survey of tooth decay in the U.S. was conducted by the National Institute for Dental Research in 1986-87. The actual saving was just six-tenths of one tooth surface, without consideration that fluoride causes late tooth eruption. Even promoters of fluoridation now agree that fluoride works through contact with the tooth surface rather than by incorporation into developing enamel. So this dispute comes down to whether the government should put fluoride into everyone's water so that fluoride might eventually end up in the saliva to deliver this topical action or whether people should apply it themselves using fluoridated toothpaste. The first approach exposes every tissue of the body to a toxic substance and the second approach avoids that and also avoids forcing it upon people who don't want it," says Connett
"The concerns of a landmark fluoride toxicology review by the National Research Council in 2006 included fluoride's thyroid effects and fluoride's ability to damage the brain. There have now been 25 studies showing that fluoride can lower the IQ of children. One well-conducted study found a threshold for this effect at 1.9 ppm. That leaves a totally inadequate margin of safety to protect every child in America, when one considers the wide range of sensitivity and exposure in a large population," says Connett.

The US EPA is in the process of preparing a new health risk assessment for the maximum level of fluoride allowed as a contaminant in drinking water. The Fluoride Action Network, a non-profit advocacy group, urges the representatives of New Jersey to delay their vote until the outcome of the EPA's assessment is known. The conclusion reached by EPA, if they follow normal regulatory procedures, may well be that no amount of fluoride is considered safe for drinking water.

SOURCE Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net

The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation

Fluoride Water Causing Teeth Spots ... -causing-te_n_805706.html

Posted on: 2012/3/19 20:32

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