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Re: Education/PARCC Testing

Probably too much lead in the water for kids to pass the harder tests.

Posted on: 1/16 11:17

Re: Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey


brewster wrote:
On another right tending site the response to the "state's rights" argument was, and I more or less quote: "you didn't support states rights for me about the federal govt persecuting Christians and Southerners, so fuck you even though I agree with your position". And there's why bipartisanism is dead, if you don't support them when you disagree with them, they won't support you even when they do. This place is a mess.

This place? You mean the USA? I'm from the UK and lived in Hong Kong for three years before moving here - political discourse is awful globally.

I personally believe that social media and the modern news cycles have pushed both sides - left and right - into a state of constant panic. People don't act friendly or think rationally when they're scared.

Also people act like dicks on the Internet, anyways. That same person who wrote that vile message is probably quite friendly and tolerating of your views in the flesh.

Posted on: 1/6 17:58

Re: The 17 most popular New Jersey restaurants of 2017

City Diner, really? The food is bland (if not gross) and some of the staff are an olive short of a pizza.

Then again, not a fan of several of the JC establishments listed here. Orale was overpriced, and I cannot abide places that make it so loud you cannot hear who you are dining with (Porta, South House - though I must say I enjoyed the food at SH)

Personally, I'm a fan of Amelia's, White Star, Satis, Light Horse Tavern. Mantra for Indian, Taste of North China for Chinese.

Yet to find a Mexican joint that I like. Three Coffee Beans has come closest (delivery), but that's hit and miss.

Posted on: 1/3 21:07

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...


RichMauro wrote:

* Martin Luther King Drive was Jackson Avenue
* Christopher Columbus Drive was Railroad Avenue
* Luiz Munoz Marin Boulevard, was Henderson Street
* Manila Avenue was Grove Street .

I'm new to JC (and the USA as a whole, fresh off the boat a year ago or so). These older names are far superior to the replacements. Actually, one of my peeves is the renaming of everything and anything to historical figures. Maybe if it was just surnames, it'd sit right... but it seems kinda odd to see things like "Martin Luther King Drive", "Ronald Reagan Boulevard" or "Warren G. Harding Middle School".

Then again, I'm probably showing my ignorance and Jackson, Henderson, and Manila were probably named after people (but at least it was just the surname)

Posted on: 12/23 21:00

Re: Fair current value for a home with low taxes.

h1b workers (which constitutes a large number of residents downtown - both owning and renting) are not eligible for the standard deduction. Elimination of SALT hurts them a lot.

The marginals who live in NYC may now move into Downtown JC to save on that 3-4% NYC residents tax which they now can't deduct. Meanwhile, marginal downtowners will continue to move deeper into JC.

Posted on: 2017/10/28 15:09




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