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Re: Save the Food Trucks of Jersey City
Home away from home
Home away from home

The food trucks near New Jersey City University on Kennedy and Audubon, were removed by the police this afternoon.
There are no brick and mortar food purveyors near these food trucks, and the campus community depends on them.

The ordinance covering the food trucks will be heard today (and voted on?)in the City Council meeting starting at 6pm at City hall on Grove Street.

If you do not agree with this call your Council Member and the Mayor's Office!

Posted on: 2011/12/14 18:52

Re: Save Christ Hospital - community concerns
Home away from home
Home away from home

Christ Hospital is a "Stroke Center", specially set up for stroke victims. My friend suffered a stroke recently and had a quick and almost complete recovery thanks to Christ Hospital.

Remember, in an emergency you will be taken to the closest hospital, and minutes spent being carried a longer distance to a hospital will count toward your survival and recovery. ( JC paramedical services will not be transporting you across the river to NYC)

Christ Hospital also has doctor's offices that many JC residents use and many wellness and counseling programs that are necessary to the lives of JC residents.

Hope you will come to the meeting tonight to find out more.


ianmac47 wrote:
I'm still not sure why anyone would go to Christ Hospital. Does it specialize in anything? Is that specialization going to be better than a facility than Manhattan?

Posted on: 2011/12/14 18:44

Re: Sue Mack for Jersey City Council-At-Large
Home away from home
Home away from home

Posted on: 2011/10/13 0:47

Re: What was that? Really loud alarm downtown.
Home away from home
Home away from home

Italian festival in Hoboken. see here ... id=276691#forumpost276691

LoKo498 wrote:
Where were the fireworks coming from on sat night at about 10pm?
Also what was the reason for celebration with fireworks?

Posted on: 2011/9/12 14:50

Re: September 11th observances
Home away from home
Home away from home

NJCU 9/11 Exhibit to Feature Works by Joel Meyerowitz, Yoko Ono, Ultra Violet and on Loan from 9/11 Museum

In recognition of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, New Jersey City University will present ?AFTERWARDS and FORWARD: A ten-year 9/11 reflective art exhibition,? a group show featuring works by 18 international artists, including Joel Meyerowitz, Yoko Ono, and Ultra Violet, as well as two works on loan from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Monday, August 29 through Tuesday, September 27, in the Visual Arts Gallery, 100 Culver Avenue in Jersey City.

Gallery hours are 11:00 a.m. ? 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and by appointment. An artists? reception will be held 4:30 ? 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 12. The reception will follow NJCU?s 27th annual Academic Convocation, which will feature a keynote address by Rochelle Hendricks, acting New Jersey secretary of higher education.

On loan from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum will be Milton Rosa-Ortiz?s ?Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,? a lightbox with World Trade Center debris, and Werner Pfeiffer?s artist?s book, ?Out of the Sky-9/11 a tribute.? Among other works featured in the exhibit will be Mr. Meyerowitz?s ?Nov. 12, 2001, 2001 North Tower Shroud in Smoke and Spray,? a photograph from his ?Aftermath: Images from Ground Zero, 2001? series; Yoko Ono?s wish tree, and Ultra Violet?s sculpture, ?IX XI.?

Exhibiting artists will also include Hugo Bastidas, an NJCU professor of art; Richard A. Buntzen, a 2009 NJCU alumnus; Nemat El-Nasser, Carole A. Feuerman, Ben Jones, NJCU professor emeritus of art; Thierry Palau, Duda Penteado, Jos? Rodeiro, an NJCU professor of art; Herb Rosenberg, NJCU professor and chair of art; Patricia Saxton, Jacqui Taylor-Basker, Raul Villarreal, and Chee Wang Ng. Works by these artists include paintings, collages, prints, sculpture, graphic designs, a film, and an installation.

?AFTERWARDS and FORWARD? considers the implications of the momentous events of 9/11 and endeavors to shed light on a host of prevailing issues about violence in the world and to promote dialogue, deeper reflection, meditation, and contextualization relating to or emerging from the 9/11 disaster.

Works selected for the exhibition include works created in the wake of 9/11 or its ensuing war-on-terror in any medium and works about peace created after 9/11. Three themes are represented in the exhibition: artistic responses to 9/11; artistic responses to the war on terror; artworks to promote peace efforts. Each artist whose work has been selected for the exhibit has demonstrated a strong commitment to anti-war issues throughout his or her career.

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 holds great significance for both Jersey City and New Jersey City University. Jersey City served as the primary staging-area for aid, support, search-rescue, organization, escape, and clean-up. With its uniquely ethnic faculty and student population representing 57 languages, NJCU is a microcosm of the diverse socio-economic populations impacted by the events of 9/11.

For further information please call (201)200-2496.

Posted on: 2011/8/31 16:06

Re: condos @ west side station near Culver Ave
Home away from home
Home away from home


tommyc_37 wrote:
Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see large scale development happening over on the West Side anytime really soon.

Check this out then
The NJCU West Campus portion of Bayfront is under way.

Posted on: 2011/8/2 18:11

Re: B4K coming to JC?
Home away from home
Home away from home

NJEA is a professional trade union. Yes, its first priority is its members, teachers and educational staff.

B4K is a PAC. A political organization that seems to have a "conservative right" agenda. Their definitions of educational reform are troubling to me. This organization does not seem to be in the best interests of the students/teachers/schools/working class, (my personal opinion).
I'm with Dan and JPhurst on this.


CandiceOsborne wrote:

JPhurst wrote:
Candice, whose motives and intentions are being questioned in the clip below. And who is doing the questioning?

I see what you are getting at and don't disagree with you on some of the assumptions in that commercial - I really hate to question anyone's motives - I like to stick to stated objectives. From the website from the NJEA here are the goals:

* Member Advocacy - To preserve and improve the economic interests, working conditions, job security, and pensions of all members. --> about the teachers

* Organizing - To strengthen the Association by maximizing membership, developing leadership, and supporting affiliates.--> about the teachers

* Enhancing Public Education - To promote and deliver quality professional development for educators. To advance and support policies that enhance and enrich public education. --> 1/2 about the teachers / 1/2 about the kids

Based on public goals from their websites it is mostly about the teachers. I believe the union is doing a good job at advocating their primary stated interest. I don't think they should be doing a single thing different from what they are doing. I don't think they are bad or evil people - AT ALL. I do think that sometimes interests aren't aligned and I do wonder if the union is fully representative of all interests. If parents were members and paid dues would the message change? That being said - I don't question their motives or intents, I only judge what they have publicly stated via the 3 goals above - which in my opinion - is structured a little to heavy on the grownups and a little to light on the kids.

I think you and I probably disagree on the best approach to solve the bad education in Jersey City, but I DON'T for a minute question your intentions and I hope you don't question mine...That I guess was my only point in all of this...

Posted on: 2011/7/26 15:13

Re: Jersey City Libraries struggling to stay open
Home away from home
Home away from home

Dear thriftyt (aptly named)

Please look at the Jersey City Library page, and look at the many services the library provides: free wi-fi and computer access for the community (especially the unemployed), literacy instruction , reference, information services , (in-person, by phone and online), e-books, reference materials for the college-bound and residents studying for civil-service and other placement exams, materials in languages other than English for Jersey City residents, ESL help, cooling centers, and homework help.
Not to mention the geneological work and assistance the Jersey City Room performs.

A library is so much more than books. That budget figure also includes maintenance of the physical plant.

Thriftyt when you think of all the services the library provides it is quite a bargain!

Please volunteer or do what you can to keep these ESSENTIAL SERVICES.

Posted on: 2011/7/23 17:35

Re: B4K coming to JC?
Home away from home
Home away from home

All the usual buzz words.

Same old same old. School reform begins and ends with teachers- make tenure more difficult, merit pay aka reward good teachers, Teach for America model, etc., etc..

Obviously very well funded.

List of Executives

Some well known locally.

Would have more respect for them if they recognized that education especially urban education is a complex issue and does not begin and end with teachers.

Comprehensive education reform includes comprehensive urban reform: support for parents and students (psychologically, economically, educationally), community access to good nutrition, providing adequate housing and safety within communities, providing support for related community organizations : libraries, after-school centers, day-care, community recreational centers, training centers and scholarships for youth and adults, stimulation of businesses and economy within communities etc.

I would feel better about these types of organizations if they fought for our politicians's accountability, and our financial system's accountability (Wall Street, banks) all of which seem to conspire to eradicate the middle class and make the working poor poorer.

But it is so much easier to attack a straw man (all those [bad] teachers and the evil unions.

My 2cents

And they have ads on jclist!

Posted on: 2011/7/17 14:33

Re: Eminent Domain McGinley Sq
Home away from home
Home away from home

This is very scary. A lot of us live in areas with redevelopment plans. Have we no rights to our property?

What can we do to help the property owners in McGinley Square, and to ensure theat either this system is changed or modified to protect individual property owners rights?

Will our council members be of help?

Posted on: 2011/7/17 12:13

Re: accident at 10th & coles?
Home away from home
Home away from home

+1 to having more 4-way stop signs on 10th!

mfadam wrote:
[snip]Every one of those intersections along 10th needs to be a 4 way stop, preferably with lights. Maybe another 20 accidents and the city will decide it's worth thinking about...

Posted on: 2011/7/16 13:29

Re: 3/7/2011: Jersey City mayor: 2011 tax rate will be 'stable' - Did your taxes go up in 3rd quarter?
Home away from home
Home away from home

I called the Tax Office, and was told that the 3rd quarter bill is an estimated bill, because the budget was not finalized.

In the 4th quarter, the bill will reflect the approved city budget figures and my tax may either go up or down

Any bets on the direction it will take?

Posted on: 2011/7/5 15:34

Home away from home
Home away from home

been eating there for years (12+- when it was formerly Hamilton Park Ale House).
Never had a bad meal-- they have always periodically changed the menu-- but I always manage to find a new best favorite!

Posted on: 2011/6/30 18:31

Re: Embankment- Update Thread
Home away from home
Home away from home

It's the last day to vote, VOTE NOW
Go to
and follow the instructions!


BrightMoment wrote:
Help the Embankment Preservation Coalition win up to $25,000 in the National Trust for Historic Preservation "This Place Matters" Community Challenge.

The Trust selected to compete with 99 other historic sites in this challenge.

Now It's Up to You!
We are now in 5th place out of 100 participants.
We need you vote to win the prize!

Just click on
for instructions.

Posted on: 2011/6/30 18:26

Home away from home
Home away from home


Happened to me almost.
I asked to be connected to the Customer retention Dept.
They gave me an overseas customer rep. I insisted on being transferred to the Customer retention department immediately.
They did , and then I could negotiate.

Good Luck!

Posted on: 2011/6/20 21:20

Re: Jersey City Democratic Committee election a proxy Healy-Fulop battle
Home away from home
Home away from home

You can write in Riaz Ahmad as a personal choice (Line 11).
Ahmad is supported by Democrats4JC and Steve Fulop

mfadam wrote:
thanks for the info - the ballot for District 7 has no one in the "D" column and no one affiliated with Democrats for JC. All candidates seem to be HCDO. Seems odd...

Posted on: 2011/6/7 22:56

Re: Never received a sample ballot for this election
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jersey City is in two voting districts. Your assembly options were probably Mainor and O'Donnell ( non-contested) and your Senate choices are either Cuningham or Alston.

Still be sure to vote for Committee people positions 10 & 11
A line is HCDO
D line is Democrats4JC (independents supported by Fulop)


neanoora wrote:
Rhavi Bhalla was NOT an option anywhere on my ballot. Neither was Sean Connors. Are they both running in the election today? I certainly do not like to see Sean Connors win a seat.

Posted on: 2011/6/7 18:12

Re: Journal Square Locked Down, cops everywhere and no traffic allowed on J.F.K. Blv
Home away from home
Home away from home

Last weekend, the same thing happened at the Grove St. Path


timeforchange wrote:
It seems as if there is a "scare" or bomb threat in he Journal Sq area every other week or so.
This is ridiculous and doesn't happen in any other area/ward.

Posted on: 2011/6/3 12:51

Re: Festival de los Andes this Sunday - Pet an Alpaca!
Home away from home
Home away from home

19th annual ?Festival of the Andes,?
(a free outdoor festival celebrating the highland cultures of South America)

Sunday, June 5, 2011
11:00 a.m. ? 6:00 p.m.,

New Jersey City University
on the Hepburn Hall Lawn,
2039 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City. NJ 07305

The ?Festival of the Andes? will feature:
--Live Andean music and performances by various dance troupes
--Musical instrument and dance workshops
--Displays of native clothing and Andean arts and crafts
--A ?Shrunken Head (tsantsas) Display?
--Sales areas with traditional handcrafted items, carvings, clothing, jewelry, pottery, and food
--?Meet the Llamas? that will provide opportunities for petting and photographing show animals
--Face painting for children.

For further information call Hugo Morales, Festival coordinator, at (201)200-3270.

Posted on: 2011/6/2 15:25

Re: Sean Connors
Home away from home
Home away from home

Family Loyalty counts ?
That ain't no convicted multiple felon, that's my uncle.


wbcotter wrote:
I still don't get how a police officer "proudly" recommending a convicted multiple felon for a school board doesn't get you kicked off the police force . . . let alone a career in political leadership.

Sean Conner's in his own words

Posted on: 2011/6/2 15:14

Re: Jersey City Libraries struggling to stay open
Home away from home
Home away from home

This sounds like a wonderful program, a way to enrich the lives and literacy of JC children. Maybe Mr. Lipski could donate their 93K+ salaries/sick day payouts to this endeavor?
In the meantime, I am sure a lot of ordinary non-double dipping folks will contribute.

Subject: 2011 Jersey City Summer Reading Program

Ms. Sonia Araujo, Assistant Library Director

Jersey City Free Public Library

472 Jersey Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey 07302



It is with much expectation and enthusiasm, the children of Jersey City are invited each year to participate in the annual Jersey City Free Public Library Summer Reading Program, one of the most successful and rewarding programs the Library offers to the public. The program runs for 8 weeks from end of June to August and is offered in the Bonetti Children?s Room at the Main Library and in all library branches throughout the City, it includes children from public, charter, parochial and home-schooled children. The Bookmobile is also on hand to fill in any gaps at local parks, festivals, and summer schools sessions. This program attracts over 500 children each year, who collectively read over 2,000 books every summer!

This year, the New Jersey Statewide Summer Reading Program (SRP) theme is "One World, Many Stories" for children in grades K-5. Imagine all the wonderful places children can read about! The accompanying activities ? crafts, movies, and participating in educational/recreational trips ? punctuate the theme, while creating lifelong friendships in a safe environment. A separate program theme, "You are Here," which is for young adults in grades 6-8 and up, is specially geared to bring in those hard-to-reach, ?too old to read? young adults by offering them special performers, movies, trips and crafts, while encouraging them to read to the top of the charts!

The Library provides a warm, supervised and welcoming environment, surrounded by their peers, where they can listen to, discuss and read books on topics they select, and the program encourages continued reading independently in the future. Students participating in public library summer reading programs scored higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year, and were more motivated and confident in their reading.

The Library is eager to start preparations, for we want parents and children alike to know the Library will be available to them, again, this coming summer. However, due to massive cuts in the Library?s budget t your help is needed to implement the program. All contributions are tax deductible and can be made out to the Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation / 2011 Summer Reading Program.

Please contact me at (201) 547-4549, or by email,, with your desire to help the Library?s Summer Reading Program in 2011!


Sonia Araujo

P.S. Your monetary or in-kind contribution can assure the safety and happiness of Jersey City children this summer by helping them gain access to a world of learning through reading at their local library, along with access to a summer of fun! The Gold Coast can be made more golden if the opportunity to achieve is open to everyone, especially to our children. Please check out the attached Wish List to see how you can help!

Here are a few of the expenses that we will incur for the 2011 Summer Reading Program. We understand the economy is hard for everyone; however, you can make the difference. The following is a breakdown of expenses:

Incentives: T-Shirts, bookmarks, key rings, erasers, pencils& certificates for Children &YAs - $ 1,200.00

Children?s Trip: 80-90 children, with chaperones, to Keansburg Amusement Park - $ 1,600.00

YA trip: 80-90 Young Adults, with chaperones, to Great Adventure - $ 2,500.00

One day @ Camp Liberty in Liberty State Park for 125-150 children, transportation & snacks included: Children are able to swim, play ball, do crafts, and experience camp for a day, free of charge $ 2,000.00

Transportation: Four buses @ 500.00 each - $ 2,000.00

Craft Materials: Paper, glue, glitter, magic makers, paints, brushes, and other art supplies for 500 participants - $ 1,600.00
Movies/DVDs: Purchase on themes for both Children/YAs - $ 1,740.00

Refreshments: Participants are awarded a Certificate of Achievement at culmination parties, whether they read
one or 100 books. All children/YAs from branches /departments participate in their achievements! - $ 3,300.00

Total Expenses for SRP 2011

$ 1,200.00 Incentives

$ 1,600.00 Children?s Trip

$ 2,500.00 YA Trip

$ 2,000.00 Camp Liberty admission, transportation & food

$ 2,000.00 Trip Transportation

$ 1,600.00 Craft Materials

$ 1,740.00 Movies/DVDs

$ 3,300.00 Refreshments

$15, 940.00 GRAND TOTAL

Please make your tax-deductible donations payable to: Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. / 2011 Summer Reading Program. Please send to: 472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302, ATTN: Priscilla Gardner, Executive Director

The Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. is chartered in Jersey City as a 501(c)(3) organization to receive charitable gifts. Benefactors can contribute to the foundation with gifts of cash, property, securities or real estate, trust arrangements, bequests in wills and by naming the foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. The JCFPL Foundation hopes to encourage individuals and organizations to make financial contributions to the Foundation to assure that the library can continue its exceptional service far into the future. The Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. was established on January 27, 2004 to support the mission of the library: to provide services and materials for the education, enrichment and entertainment of the people of Jersey City.

Thank you! During SRP 2011, please drop by the branches or the Main and see what your contributions have made possible.

Posted on: 2011/5/26 15:12

Re: Hamilton Square
Home away from home
Home away from home

This site from a few years ago has info and descriptions of all the buildings planned back in 2006, scroll down to "Architectural Renderings".

There used to be a link from the Silverman/Exeter/ Hamilton Square site about the planned buildings, but I couldn't find it.

Although there was a lot of concern by the community, you have to admit the Silvermans have really exhibited and provided an admirable vision that has enhanced the neighborhood.

Posted on: 2011/5/18 14:02

Re: Inbound Holland Tunnel closed by shooting
Home away from home
Home away from home

Yes, this is sorely needed.
There should be 4-way stops all along 10th St, as it is the border between residential Hamilton Park and the tunnel traffic.

The interesections on 10th go between one-way and two-way traffic and it is confusing and dangerous- 4-way stops would help greatly.

The 4-way stop at Erie and 10th has helped make the crossing safer for residents and drivers. ( Thank you Steve Fulop!)

I often nearly get clipped by cars rushing off the tunnel traffic on Jersey and 10th.


mfadam wrote:
has anyone ever lobbied the city to make 10th and Coles as well as 10th and Jersey 4 way stops? They are both extremely dangerous...

Posted on: 2011/5/2 21:21

Re: The School Budget
Home away from home
Home away from home

Which is all the more reason for voters to carefully read the sample ballot before voting and to ask questions as JPHurst did to make an informed decision.

Annod wrote:
The questions on the ballots are easy to miss. I almost forgot it too. I think I forgot it one year.

I didn't see much about the budget in the news or here. Even the community emails I get did not mention the budget.

They should make the questions stand out more on the ballot. It looks just like the instructions. One big blur.

Posted on: 2011/4/28 12:45

Re: The School Budget
Home away from home
Home away from home


JPhurst wrote:
With this explanation, I am, reluctantly, holding my nose and voting to pass the budget. I respect for Councilman Fulop but I am not convinced the City Council will do anything to improve the situation, and have absolutely no trust in the Commissioner, who answers to the Governor. The Governor already did severe damage to New Jersey Schools through his insistence on quashing a Race to the Top Application that deprived the state of $400 million (much more than the "restored cuts" in this year's state budget), and has shown a proclivity to use education policy for ideological political battles.

Perhaps those who support that ideology will use this as a reason to vote "No." I wont.

My hope is that we get a good group of candidates elected and that they will have a majority to engage in the necessary fiscal oversight next year. If they don't, then I may again hold my nose and allow Trenton to intervene in the process.

Posted on: 2011/4/27 14:11

Re: 2011 Board of Education Election - Steve Fulop backed candidates
Home away from home
Home away from home


riazw wrote: ... ndary_stories_left_column

. Please make a note as a reminder and circle your calendar to make sure you don't forget to vote on Wednesday, April 27, between the hours of 2 pm and 9 pm,
Read more: Hudson Reporter - Be a leader not a follower

Or you could vote during the ENTIRE TIME the polls are open 7AM to 9PM!

Posted on: 2011/4/24 13:01

Re: City considers privatizing clinic that costs city $425,000 annually
Home away from home
Home away from home


New2JCHeights wrote:
I hope this privatization doesn't go the way the Jersey City Museum went...down the tubes.

It very well might. Horizon cound end the contract at any time. So much for concern for public health and the people of Jersey City. Why stop a program and system that works?

Posted on: 2011/4/19 14:15

Re: City considers privatizing clinic that costs city $425,000 annually
Home away from home
Home away from home

I was at the City Council Meeting when this was discussed, and it was pointed out , by the staff of the center, that if Horizon took over, clients would be charged on a sliding scale, and that not as many people could be treated. What has changed? What is the truth?


GrovePath wrote:

Services at the clinic would remain the same, city officials said, adding there would be no charge for STD and HIV/AIDS testing and treatment. Horizon Health Services, city officials said, would seek more federal funding to assume the clinic's services.

Posted on: 2011/4/18 21:07

Re: Author Events in Jersey City
Home away from home
Home away from home

economist, author, and commentator, president of Bennett College for Women
Wednesday, APRIL 20, 2011
12:30 ? 2:30 p.m.
Hepburn Hall, Room 202
2039 Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City.
A book-signing session with Dr. Malveaux will immediately follow her lecture.

Posted on: 2011/4/18 15:10

Re: Jersey City Libraries struggling to stay open
Home away from home
Home away from home

Just wondering. Would it also help to call the council members today to ask them to vote not to cut the library funding?


murican wrote:
I just picked up a flyer that said that the Jersey City Public Library is facing $800,000 in budget cuts.

This would mean:
- closing branches
-laying off staff
-termination of the Bookmobile program
-no computer access for teens, seniors, and the unemployed
-no new books

The flyer asked interested supporters to call the City Clerk at 201-547-5150 to go on the speakers list for the next City Council Meeting, April 13, 2011, at 6pm at 280 Grove Street.

Suggested talking points:
Why do you oppose Jersey City Public Library budget cuts?
Why is the Jersey Public Library important to you?

Oh by the way, next week is NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK.
Way to go Jersey City.

Posted on: 2011/4/13 13:55

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