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Re: Does the HPNA represent the community?
Home away from home
Home away from home


Minnie wrote:
Trustee spots are for people like you that are too busy to really get involved but want to keep one foot in the door. But nice try.

Interesting, Minnie says democracy doesn't work unless you're in charge! At least that's consistent with her inability to work with ANYBODY when she's not in charge! The fact is none of the active senior members of the board are officers, clearly falsifying her above statement.

Lets see, she couldn't work with last years board, so she agitated for new members in the election and, lo and behold, got them not just in a majority but in the officerships, but couldn't get along with ANY of them either! Now she want's to try again.

If someone wants to be on the HPNA board, let them run for trustee and have a voice and a vote. Then they can run for office and throw the rest of rascals out next year. But likely by then they too have seen the light and can't get along with Minnie.

As for me, I'm on the board for 1 reason. To represent families interests, because when I joined there was only 1 other parent. This included being a rational voice for a dog run so as to safely share the park, a time when even the dog owners were rejecting the idea. (Minnie is opposed to a dog run) If voices on the board were limited to those with unlimited time because they have no work or family commitments, all that would be left would be Minnie!

Posted on: 2005/11/16 12:42

Re: Does the HPNA represent the community?
Home away from home
Home away from home


Kermit42 wrote:

From what you write here, it sounds like you want to encourage more people to get involved, not make it more difficult for them.

Do you know why did the HPNA board recently made some important bylaw changes unannounced, late in the meeting, that severely limit who can run for officer and (less severly) limit who can vote?

Maybe I'm misinformed on that because it seems odd and at odds with the new guard inclusiveness that your post above indicates you want.

The current board recognized that while inclusiveness is good, so is a rational system of governance, a long overdue revision of the bylaws. Requiring a member to actually live in HP and have actually become a member and attended 1 meeting before voting on issues doesn't seem rash to me. Otherwise HPNA can be overrun by "carpetbaggers" coming to vote on any issue that is notorious enough and swamping our dedicated members. As always, our meetings are open to anyone from anywhere who wishes to attend.

Does requiring someone to have shown some interest in how the organization works before running it seem crazy? Despite the fact that Sam has done an excellent job without having been a board member before, even his "classmates" agreed it was not a generally good idea. If you want to run HPNA, spend a term as a trustee. Simply run. We're so "exclusive" that in my 8 years living here I have yet to see a contested trustee election.

At the same time as restricting officership to a previous boardmember, we leave open trusteeships to new members, as a way to encourage more participation.

And for this we're called Nazis.

PS: Families are perenially under represented on the board because we're so damn busy. The birth of Jen's son brings the parents of minors to 4 out of 15. Any parent who feels they can contribute and can find the time should consider it.

Posted on: 2005/11/15 20:51

Re: Does the HPNA represent the community?
Home away from home
Home away from home


DowntownJC wrote:
Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association but after reading this, it's been made crystal clear they do not represent me or my neighbors. It seems the only thing the HPNA is good for is ensuring that the same few individuals retain their tyrannical control over this mostly worthless group.

Before you rag you should have your facts straight, rather than buying into Minnie's badmouthing an earnest hardworking group that she alienated with her bullying behaviour.

Now WHO are these "few individuals [who] retain their tyrannical control"?

Of the 15 HPNA boardmembers elected a year ago, only 7, including Minnie, were incumbent. Of the 5 officers, only Minnie and the treasurer Tom had even been on the board before. Does this sound like an organization keeping people out and monopolizing power? Note that we couldn't even get one more person to run to fill out the board.

Despite the spin of what Minnie and her allies say, this isn't about the "old guard", it's about the "new guard' rejecting her manipulations and attempts to control everything.

Posted on: 2005/11/15 18:09

Re: Flooding (help)
Home away from home
Home away from home

The problem with this thread is that people are talking past each other about at least 3 distinctly different flooding situations.

1- runoff from yard or driveway that fails to drain.

2- overcharged sewer backing up into toilets, drains or bath past no or failing check valve.

3- overcharging sewer leaks into fill through cracks and offsets and penetrates the foundation (my problem)

#'s 1 & 2 have technical solutions on the property that have not been tried or need to be repaired, but 3 cuts to the core of whats wrong with JC's infrastructure. It is the most common from my conversations, but most people have been told by the MUA that it's groundwater, a lie.

The sewers simply can't move the water they collect, and they leak because 100 year old brick and clay mains have never been maintained.

When we get a heavy rain, I can track the progress of the flood. I have a tall cleanout on my sewer I can open and see how high the sewer has flooded. But my check valve works fine. So what happens is it takes a certain amount of time for the water to travel through the street fill from the leaky main in the street to my foundation. Then every opening in the foundation starts to spout like a fountain.

If I were to french drain the basement, there's no way any pumps could keep up with the thousands of gallons that would come pouring in. for the period of the flood my basement is a leaky submarine, not to be solved by making more holes!

As I said in an earlier thread, the sewer problems of this city are solvable, New Orleans is 15' below sea level and doesn't flood. The problem, as Tom Gibbons has pointed out, is that the city simply will not admit there IS a problem, never mind try to plan out a solution. (there is NO master plan for modernizing the sewers)

What we need to do is create a political constituency that will not let them get of the hook with lies about groundwater and tides. If sewer modernization became an election issue we would see action, which is exactly why they lie to us. As anyone who followed the last election knows, all it takes is a few hundred votes to throw a councilman out of office. We need to let them know this is important to us, and they better care or feel our wrath.

Tom has pointed out that other cities have been fined for not maintaining their sewer infrastructure. We need to create that kind of pressure. It's simply unacceptable for million dollar properties to have shit in their basements every time it rains hards.

Posted on: 2005/7/9 13:15

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