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Re: An open letter to the Dog Owners of DTJC (brace yourselves)

FYI, fellow dog owners -

I spoke with the animal control officer who was at Morris Canal on Friday. He was extremely nice and helpful and I had a great conversation with him regarding how JC is handling this blog specifically and the much larger issue it has caused. I would encourage you all to introduce yourself and say hello if you see him in the coming weeks.

The Mayor's office is enforcing animal control/police officers to be at the park because of repeat complaints. He thinks the people/dog owners of Morris Canal park are "beautiful people" and he does not want to cause any issues. He was honestly one of the nicest people I've met in Jersey City.

If he sees you with your pet off-leash, he will kindly ask you to put your pet back on the leash. If you do not, that is when he will issue you a ticket (which I don't blame him for doing). I'm sure the only time he would take your pet away would be if you caused a larger issue - he mentioned he had a few issues in the 'bad' area of JC a few days ago. NEVER in Morris Canal. Again, the people here are 'beautiful people' and he has never had an issue.

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with your breed of dog and nygravey9 is one of the reasons pitbulls get such a bad rep.

PM me if you have any specific questions - I am a dog owner and frequent of the park and happy to share other helpful information he provided.

Posted on: 2013/8/19 15:54

Re: An open letter to the Dog Owners of DTJC (brace yourselves)

This thread has completely spiraled to a level where nothing constructive will happen. The premise of wanting to improve the community was great but the original poster has acted in the most self-righteous and self-ingratiating manner that no dog owner could possibly view their argument as one they want to side with. We?ve all learned that you know how to handle a dog better than any other dog owner in Jersey City. You?ve threatened harm against an animal which is nothing short of horrendous while claiming moral superiority because the law is on your side. Hiding behind the law instead of using as it as a starting point is a major flaw. NYRGravey you seem to be so fond of using analogies so I?d like to point one out to you. Prostitution is legal in portions of Nevada. Just because that is legal does it make it right? The law is on your side, is it not? Most people will argue it does not as it is a detriment to the moral fabric of the community. Morality and law are two very different concepts and your use of one to justify the other will prevent many people from adopting what may be pertinent points. Your community involvement of reaching out to the Mayor and Council is the way to get involved, making threats of individuals being ticketed that you yourself have no ability to enforce or putting your hands on their property makes it you seem like a spoiled brat who just wants his way. Furthermore, you came with the intent of being confrontational and have blatantly stated so; as an adult that is not the way to get acceptance and implement change.

To my fellow dog owners: please pickup after your dog and be respectful of the community. Keep a close eye on your dog in the parks and try to walk to the very end (Morris Canal) before taking your dog off-leash to avoid crowds in the main circle area. I think if we are considerate of the park-goers, especially in the spring/summer months, we can hopefully avoid situations like this thread in the future.

Call me a romantic (as you already have) or say whatever you want, but we all need to be more understanding of each other - from both sides of the fence.

Posted on: 2013/7/12 21:44

Re: An open letter to the Dog Owners of DTJC (brace yourselves)


JCParentingUnit wrote:
what a topic!

As a dog owner and a resident near the Morris Canal park my main point is that there is no longer a dog park in Paulus hook. There used to be one but they removed it for the new walkway.

I personally keep my dog on a leash in morris canal park, but I don't have a problem if early/late visitors want to take their dog off leash to let them run for a few minutes. But I do have an issue when the park gets full. If people are lounging or playing with their kids, your dog shouldn't be running around near them off leash.

As a note, Morris Canal park is a state park. Jersey City Police are out of their jurisdiction. If you have an issue there, you need to call the Liberty State Park police.

I agree that calling animal control is petty IF you are seeing this out your window. But if you are in the park, dog owners should be more respectful.

By the same token, dog owners should feel free to call the police on the rampant open container law violations taking place in the same park, no?

Couldn't agree more, thank you.

Posted on: 2013/7/2 16:54

Re: An open letter to the Dog Owners of DTJC (brace yourselves)

And to add -

If you care so much about the Morris Canal portion of Liberty State Park, where were you all during the Post Sandy cleanup or any of the other cleanups Barbara has organized. The park cleanup was organized by the dog owner community.

I?ve never seen a dog owner confront someone who asked them to put their dog back on its leash. Instead, what you frequently see is young families bringing their children to the park in order to play with the dogs that are there. I certainly recognize that not all dogs are friendly but all it takes is simply asking someone to put their dog on the leash. Calling the police or animal control is a petty move, it is not the neighborly thing to do, we all live together in this community pet owners and non-pet owners alike. Instead of posting on a blog that you ?want to take back our parks? think about the fact that your neighbors have been using the park, maybe you should think about ?let?s share our park?. Just like individuals want to get the full enjoyment of the park dog owners want the same for their pets.

Posted on: 2013/7/2 14:17

Re: An open letter to the Dog Owners of DTJC (brace yourselves)

I completely agree. There are so many more important things that police can be doing than worrying about dogs being off-leash in the park.

I am a dog owner and completely 100% agree that you should ALWAYS pick-up after your dog regardless of where you are. I am furious when I see other dog owners not doing the same.

However, give us a break about the parks. Don't ruin it for everyone because of a few rude neighbors.

After all, who cleaned up the Morris Canal park after Hurricane Sandy? Was it Liberty State Park? No. Was it people with children or the groups of underage children drinking/smoking in the park? No.

It was the Paulus Hook Pack and dog owners who care greatly about the community and our parks. Without them, you still wouldn't even be able to enter the park - let alone it being 'sanitary' as you're saying.

Posted on: 2013/7/2 14:13

Excellent Driving Skills in Shoprite/BJs Parking Lot
Newbie ... html#incart_river_default

This isn't the way they teach it in driving school.

Two cars were damaged this afternoon when the driver of an Audi backed the vehicle on top of a Toyota Camry in Jersey City.

The accident happened around 2 p.m. today in the BJ's parking lot in the Newport section of Jersey City.

According to Jersey Journal freelance photographer Joe Shine, the driver of the Audi was backing up when she accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake.

The Audi then drove on top of the front hood of the Camry, Shine said.

According to Shine, no one got injured.

Police officials could not immediately respond to a request for more information.

Posted on: 2013/2/4 20:19

Re: Blue Moon Mexican Cafe

We've had Blue Moon twice so far since it's opened in JC (we have been to the Bergen County location before). It's very good! We ate once in the restaurant on a Friday night and everything was great and then we ordered delivery last night. The food arrived in less than a half hour--very impressive.

Everything is great, just a bit expensive. Highly recommend!

Posted on: 2012/11/30 14:40

Re: Madox, 198 Van Vorst Street

Apparently parking will be valet only which really rubs me the wrong way. Why can't I park my own car? Why would I want someone else driving my car through the parking garage and scratching it in the process? Also, who wants to stand in line to get their car on their way to work in the morning...just doesn't sound like a good idea.

I understand they want to have an upscale apartment complex but this is just too much and was a huge turn-off for me.

Posted on: 2012/10/23 17:54




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