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Re: Mysterious Wooden Thingy on Erie St....

If I think I know what you're talking about, I thought it was made of some kind of metal. It's in a big circle shape, with an intricate design, right? I always thought it was just an objet d'art.

Posted on: 2008/6/4 17:02

Re: Education activist says she'll run for Fulop's seat

She's got my vote if she pushes for school vouchers.

Posted on: 2008/5/31 2:58

Re: Steve Fulop: Jersey City daycares should promote lead testing

Alb: I'm surprised you had a tough time getting tested for lead when you were pregnant. While my husband and I stripped several lead painted rooms in my house, before I was pregnant, I asked for lead tests at 3 different times, just to be sure. I had absolutely no problem getting it done at my primary care physician. You don't want to buy one of those over the counter test kits to get a proper result. You want to get your blood drawn intravenously (spelling??) to get a good result. Maybe find a new doc?

Posted on: 2008/4/9 16:21

Newport Swim and Fitness

How is this place? Can anyone give me a general description of the place? Do you like being a member there? How is the pool.....size, cleaniness? Generally, what is the cost of being a member? Thanks!

Posted on: 2007/7/22 22:07

Re: Forget Whole Foods - what about a farmer's market?

Yes there is a farmer's market in hamilton park. In previous years the produce has been very expensive and really not good at all. The other stuff sold there was ok at best. Convenient certainly.

Posted on: 2007/6/19 21:59

Re: Sawadee Thai Restaurant

I had a similar experience. I ordered delivery and it came within minutes. fresh, hot, not was tasty. i hope they stay around

Posted on: 2007/6/18 19:26

Re: Advice to a 'soon to be' resident of downtown JC

A few things off the top of my head. About the noise level. We live right on Hamilton Park and sometimes, I feel it is very noisy. Kids/adults screaming or speaking very loudly in the middle of the night, basketball it seems 24 hours a day. But, I have to add, that I lived in midtown Manhattan years ago and it was MUCH MUCH noisier in Manhattan. Plus, you mentioned that you won't be living directly on the park, so I think it will probably be a lot quieter out your window.

Things I like:
1. It is very charming here. It feels like I'm living in a neighborhood and not just in the middle of a development. 2. There are some community groups around here.
3. You really don't need a car to live here.
4. Diversity! Although this area is becoming more gentrified, it is still a lot more diverse than other areas.
5. Pretty good food in a relatively small area.
6. Close to the city, highways and airport.

Things I don't like:
1. Crooked politics that, I feel, impact the quality/quantity of services. Crappy public schools (for the most part), fairly poor sanitation, small library system given the size of the city, small police force given the size and demands of the city, hard to access public services (parks department, historical preservation department). I don't know how many politicians in the city and county have been indicted for various things, but it seems like too many.
2. A specific complaint that doesn't necessarily have to do with Jersey City alone (I think it applies to Hoboken too)'s very, very difficult to find and hire various construction workers if you need work done.
3. Hard to find, what I think are, good medical services. There's an adequate emergency room in downtown JC, but I think it is nearly impossible to find good doctors for non-emergencies. All of my docs are outside of Hudson County (dentist, GP, ob/gyn, ENT).
4. In Hamilton Park there is a weird rivalry between a couple of the community groups (friends of hamilton park vs. HPNA). It is so bizarre. My understanding is that the HPNA tries to prevent the other group from making improvements in the park because the HPNA was "there first". End result, some things are hard to get done or don't get done, because of sabotaging and bickering. Really, really juvenile and obstructionist thinking. Haven't seen anything like it outside of middle school.
5. Lack of a dog run in HP when there is a clear need for one (I think politics gets in the way here).

Posted on: 2006/4/30 15:11

Re: Ob/Gyn and a place to deliver a baby

I also didn't want to deal with the prospect of crossing the river in labor, so I use Drs. Scheller, Gross, and Patel-Schusterman in Englewood. I'm due in July and I'll be delivering at Englewood Hospital. I'm very happy with the practice. The over 35 thing is not an issue, that I can see. The office is filled with over 35 moms. My doctor herself, delivered over 35.

Posted on: 2006/2/24 18:57




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