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Re: Has anyone used any of these dentists?

I agree that the Newport Dental Center is utterly worthless - they misdiagnosed me and cost me months in the chair. Try Dr. Colucci on Kennedy & Montgomery - nice guy, good work, office is never overbooked.

Posted on: 2007/1/16 2:37

Re: 18% TAX HIKE!!!! Mine doubled?

Actually the site lists previous quarters, but only for you. Try putting in the previous owner's name?

And as a general comment on this thread, taxes are going to break me. We had high hopes for Jersey City but we're putting the house on the market and hoping we're not too late to get out. It's a shame, though, because I really do like some aspects of the city. But I can't sit around and watch public services collapse, a drunken mayor fritter away the budget, and property taxes skyrocketing at a rate that would make a loan shark blush. Annoying stuff.

Posted on: 2006/7/31 1:55

Re: Jersey City Mayor Healy arrested after Bradley Beach incident


Upon leaving Barry?s Tavern & Restaurant, my sister?s establishment in Bradley Beach, to walk home with my wife and family, we encountered a couple in a dispute just down the street. The Bradley Beach Police arrived and I approached the lead officer to tell him that the woman was not at fault.

Without cause or provocation, the police officer grabbed my arm, threw me to the ground and handcuffed me. At no time during did I offer any resistance. During this incident my wife was shoved by the police to the ground whereby she sustained injuries to her ankle and leg. While immobilized by several police officers, the police officer who handcuffed me asked another officer for mace and proceeded to spray first into my left eye and then into my right eye.

Anything of course could have happened but it's hard to imagine that if Healy calmly and normally was talking to a fighting couple that the police would leap on him and his wife with mace, etc. It's less hard to imagine that a seriously drunk diabetic mayor probably was incoherent, yelling and repeatedly moving too close to an officer who was trying to break up a fight.

I voted for Healy and boy am I sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I am sick and tired of this city and its joke politicians. Unfortunately, the joke is on all of us.

Posted on: 2006/6/19 10:35

Re: Ledger article about building boom downtown


[quote]]Hey Healy - how bout fixing the overturned garbage can on Wayne and jersey before you agree to another tax abated high rise. It's been two freaking weeks![/b]

Amen. Nothing like nonstop potholes, overturned garbage and $1 million dollar one-bedroom condos to make me feel like I live in the greatest town in the world! Woohoo!

Posted on: 2006/5/21 20:08

Re: Wireless Internet - Steven Fulop

As I ride down yet another pot-hole-filled, crime-ridden street after paying my ridiculously high (and growing) property tax bills, I can hardly see that wireless access for JC is a high priority. Please fix existing problems before moving on to things like this.

Posted on: 2006/5/19 23:07

Re: Ob/Gyn and a place to deliver a baby


suseco wrote:
I have used Dr. Bresica and Dr. Migliaccio in Hoboken. They are both male but I find them to be very accomodating, pleasant, willing to answer questions, etc. They are both fairly young, have a good sense of humor and friendly.

I agree with that assessment. Both Drs. have been very pleasant for my wife and me to deal with.

Posted on: 2006/2/21 21:26




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