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Re: Upcoming School Board Elections--Who to Vote For?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


Pamrapo wrote:
Exactly how long has Angel Valentin been on the board? Two terms and six years? If you don't like the results, you'd have to regard him as part of the problem.

I need to issue a correction... Valentin has actually served more than 11 years on the school board, getting on in 2002 by appointment, and then serving 3 full terms after that.

He's also "got religion" and is now blaming the state, claiming it's the state's fault that "The curriculum is a mess. How can you establish and test students? They?re not learning. That?s because we?re not teaching. We have to go back to teaching." JC Independent 10/30/13

I'm glad Mr. Valentin has learned something after 11 years.

But we can't waste any more time with board members who dance to whatever tune is being played by the teachers' union. Elect somebody who will get something done in their first term, not make wild promises about their 5th.

Posted on: 2013/11/1 22:27

Re: Upcoming School Board Elections--Who to Vote For?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


As a teacher, I can honestly this is the worst year since I've started. The current curricula is a script, with little room for deviation based on the needs of my students....
I believe Lyons and Valentin will put the focus back on the CHILDREN of Jersey City.

Exactly how long has Angel Valentin been on the board? Two terms and six years? If you don't like the results, you'd have to regard him as part of the problem.

I'd be happy to hear the case why Lyons and Valentin would help - but they haven't been able to make it. One of them cannot even produce coherent sentences.

If you have problems with the curriculum, please remember that the JC school board does not control its curriculum. I would have thought a teacher would know that. The only way to adjust the curriculum is to improve school performance and get full local control back from Trenton. I'd love to hear Mr. Lyons' and Mr. Valentin's plan for that.

I've heard a lot from them over the past few years. Neither one of them seemed focused on that problem.

However, in the heat of this campaign season, they have discovered ONE THING they need to do: endorse the teacher's union! "Usually, unions endorse candidates, not the other way around. But Children First spokeswoman Felicia Palmer said the endorsement shows 'how bold we are.'"

Or maybe it just shows how creative they can be in trying to avoid ethics rules. If the union were to endorse them, they would have to abstain from voting on the next union contract. So they cooked up this "bold" way to game the system.

Maybe you can applaud their "outside the box" thinking. Or maybe you should take this as a sign about how ethically "flexible" they'll be when it comes to considering the interests of taxpayers and schoolchildren and the group they've chosen to endorse.

These guys represent the status quo which has got to go.

Posted on: 2013/10/31 1:03

Re: Upcoming School Board Elections--Who to Vote For?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

The Candidates for Excellence slate has four candidates who are highly qualified.

Look at where the school board was 3? years ago. Charles Epps had a stranglehold on the school system and used it as a patronage mill. The Board was thoroughly political - you had to be politically connected to get the nod and backing to be a winning candidate.

Then Steve Fulop stepped in and and began a process of involving new people in elections and the board meeting. As the composition of the Board changed, the qualifications of Board members have headed steadily upwards. Despite the screams of conspiracy nuts, Fulop actually let the Board members run the Board.

And look what the Board of Ed has done since then. They have ended Epps' tenure. They conducted a national search and found a highly-qualified and talented superintendent. They have actually focused on oversight rather than busy work and getting jobs for their friends.

If you like this direction, you should consider voting the whole Candidates for Excellence slate:

Jessica Rosero Daye
Ellen Simon
Micheline Amy
Carol Lester (1yr term)

They have a diversity of background and experience. They are the ones with the most potential to continue the positive steps our school board has been taking.

Posted on: 2013/10/17 0:02

Re: Concerns about Source4Teachers Privacy And Data Collection for Jersey City students and teachers
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


teachparentlove wrote:
This information would be of serious interest to many parties such as:
Health Insurance companies who my use this information to dictate premiums....
Future employers who may not want to accommodate a disability.

This doesn't get to your main point, but at least strike these two off your list.

The information cannot be used to set premiums for any individual. Thank you, Obamacare.

Employers may wish to not make accommodations for a disability, but that is also barred by numerous federal laws and regulations not least of which is the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But your basic question is entirely reasonable and deserves a good answer. The company should know the answer and be able to state it without too much drama. Don't discount the possibility that the spokesperson was not prepared for the question and did a poor job of faking it. Follow up.

Posted on: 2013/9/13 3:09

Re: Expanding city government - Will Jersey City's new Resident Response Center undercut City Council
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

This is a necessary change in Fulop's commitment to upgrade the quality of government.

In the old days, city government worked so poorly you needed a councilmember or a department director to get anything done. so coulncilmembers could look like heroes by simply making a phone call and getting somebody to so their job.

When the phone calls are getting answered, residents are getting treated with respect, and the jobs are getting done, the better councilmembers will find something more significant to do. Working with the administration on an initiative. Working their ward, listening to residents, and thinking about what are the next steps to move the city forward.

Posted on: 2013/9/13 2:18

Re: NYT: Jersey City May Require Paid Sick Leave
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


luvHomeMyJC wrote:
I think that this is a fundamental worker's fair compensation issue and if the mayor wants to take the first step I am all for it.

This is the right way to view the issue. Five days sick leave (not personal days, not paid vacation) is not a big lift. But it's a big help if you need it.

And do you really want the cook sneezing in the kitchen?

Posted on: 2013/9/10 19:47

Re: Cracks in Fulop facade as Jersey City council votes down City Hall revamp
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


Yvonne wrote:
The council people who voted "No" did not want to give up handling the complaints from their ward. They were against the new expansion of the Mayor's Action Bureau. I forget the new title. I am sure it will return once the ordinance is broken down into several parts.

This is a ridiculous argument.

Some councilmembers seem to think they're doing their job by simply making a phone call that the resident could make themselves if only the city had a functional website and knowledgeable callcenter. Whether you call it the Resident Response Center, Mayor's Action Bureau, or 311, Jersey City needs that way more than we need councilpeople who see their main job as getting credit for getting the city to do what it should. Most resident requests should not require the intervention of a councilmember.

Any councilmember who wants to earn their pay - or reelection - needs to be functioning at a higher level.

Posted on: 2013/8/31 5:08

Re: Jersey City seeking to recruit minorities to join police ranks
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away seems to have closed down the comments on their article.

Here?s the problem?

White in JC 33% - in JCPD 63% - 91% more than you'd expect if JCPD mirrored the city's population
Black in JC 26% - in JCPD 10% - 160% LESS
Latino in JC 28% - in JCPD 25% - 11% LESS
Asian in JC 24% - IN JCPD 2% - 1200% LESS

You can?t tell me the JC police force has so many white officers because whites are 91% more qualified. But they have been better prepared, through family connections, social networks, etc, so that they know when the tests are being given, and how to prepare for them. If you know someone on the force, just ask them how they got the job. They?ll tell you that someone showed them the path and helped them get started.

This recruitment drive aims to do exactly the same thing for minority officers. The police force has Latino representation that comes close to representing the Latino presence in JC?s population because for more than 20 years the Latino community worked to get candidates prepped (in addition to official recruiting efforts aimed at getting Spanish-speaking officers).

The TEST is the same for all. No standards are being lowered. Instead, there is help being offered across the board to JC residents to help get a more diverse, better-prepared pool of applicants taking the test.

100% win for Jersey City in drawing the cream of the crop from ALL across the city.

Posted on: 2013/8/28 13:25

Re: Jersey City police to crack down on drunk driving this weekend
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


fat-ass-bike wrote:
I can't understand why a random breath test to detect drink drivers is a bad thing.

It's not a bad thing. It is just something the courts have held to be an unreasonable search, prohibited by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. The breath test has been held to be a search, and the random nature is without probable cause and thus unreasonable. It's something the Government may not do to its citizens.

The Fourth Amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

While the amendment does not specifically mention automobiles or electronic communications, courts have interpreted how the protection extends and does not extend.

Checkpoints have been generally held to not be searches, since they involve observation of a person in public, and do not search anything until evidence (smell of alcohol, containers observed, erratic behavior) gives them cause for a detention and search according to established procedures (by consent, admission, according to state law regarding vehicle operation, or by warrant). "I only had three mar-two-nis" makes a search reasonable.

Posted on: 2013/7/14 1:24

Re: Jersey City council set to approve 8 percent tax hike
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

The tax hike sucks, but it can't be much of a surprise. Consider it Jerry Healy's parting shot to the taxpayers of Jersey City.

We can only hope there are not too many more turd bombs in the pipeline. I was driving on Route 440 by Holy Name Cemetery the other day as that monstrosity that Healy called "development" is rising on the west side waterfront. Healy's lousy management of the city is going to stick with us longer than one budget cycle.

Posted on: 2013/7/10 19:29

Re: Moran: Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy likes a good fight
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


The Star-Ledger wrote:Quote:

But know this: His administration has been proved to be thoroughly corrupt.

The pressure may be getting to Healy, because he seems to be losing a step. Take the naked photo incident. At the time, Healy acknowledged he had been drinking and said he could not remember what happened. Last week he offered a new version of the story with a bizarre sexual twist.... Why he would be changing this story now, in the final stretch of the campaign, is anyone?s guess.

But you can feel the changing of the guard coming. It seems inevitable that Fulop will be mayor, if not in this election then in the next.

1. Everybody outside of town gets that the Healy administration has set a new low for corruption, deception and cynicism.

2. Jerry Healy and his campaign are getting increasingly bizarre and desperate.


3. "It seems inevitable that Fulop will be mayor, if not in this election then in the next."

Nothing is inevitable. The election will be won by the voters who come to the polls, and lost by the voters who stay home.

We cannot take another four years of Jerry Healy and his corrupt crew of cronies. Our tax bills cannot stand another four years of money funneled to his friends. Our streets cannot stand another four years of violence and filth and lack of maintenance. Our city government cannot take another four years of mismanagement.

We have to make the change NOW.

It's about us, not the guys running for office. Now is the time to make sure everybody you know treats the election like our future depends on it. It does.

Posted on: 2013/5/5 13:00

Re: DEBATE SCHEDULE: Mayoral & Ward Races
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

With Jerry Walker skipping the debate in favor of a fundraiser, and Healy suing Fulop for playing Healy's FBI video, it should make for a lively evening.

Posted on: 2013/5/2 22:09

Healy cries "foul!" - sues for defamation
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away Healy plans to sue Fulop over Dwek ad

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy plans to sue his opponent in the upcoming mayoral race, claiming defamation over a recent campaign add, according to a statement released today by the healy campaign.

Healy claims the add produced by the campaign of downtown Councilman Steve Fulop that shows FBI surveillance footage of Healy meeting with disgraced FBI informant Solomon Dwek is defamatory and a lie....

The ad features FBI surveillance video of the meeting. In the video, Dwek is posing as developer Dave Esenbach, who purported to be interested in building a condo complex in Jersey City. The developer can be heard telling Healy that he hopes his application will not end up at the "bottom of the pile" and tells Healy he gave "Jack" $10,000.

"And I'll do another 10 now," Dwek can be heard telling Healy. The voiceover tells viewers they are watching surveillance video of Healy making a "$30,000 secret deal with a developer."

Healy was never charged with a crime, a fact the campaign says makes the ad defamatory.

Posted on: 2013/5/2 22:00

Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Jerry
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I can't think why Healy would want to remind people of his performance during Sandy, except the chance to say "ObamaObamaObama."

I also don't know why Fulop hasn't made a bigger deal of Sandy. Healy turned in a performance reminiscent of George W. Bush at Katrina, while Fulop's people shined.

Here for Sandy announcement, Healy calls Connors critique a 'preposterous utterance'
By Max Pizarro | April 29th, 2013 - 2:30pm

HIGHLANDS ? There?s no way to escape the Jersey City mayor?s race ? even in Monmouth County.

?We?re very grateful for the governor?s advocacy for our state,? said Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy, present to hear the details of Christie?s announcement of New Jersey?s receipt of $1.83 billion in Sandy recovery aid.

Backed by President Barack Obama, Healy said the President called him personally to check in when Sandy upended the city.

Healy?s challenger, Downtown Councilman Steve Fulop, and his candidate for council in the Heights, Assemblyman Sean Connors (D-33), criticized the mayor?s Hurricane Sandy performance.

Connors was particularly harsh, announcing what he saw as Healy?s feeble-footed effort as the main reason for his abandonment of the mayor?s cause.

?It was a preposterous utterance,? Healy said of Connor?s critique. ?It was a wholly manufactured excuse? for Connors to justify leaving the Healy political circuit, the mayor said.

(As if you needed an excuse. How about the convictions of his inner circle? How about the embarrassing Deputy Mayors he keeps appointing? Or the tax raises? Or the abatement giveaways? Or about the embrace of failure from Charles Epps? Or the raises given to cronies while laying off real workers? Or the conviction for drunken interfering with police officers doing their job?)

Posted on: 2013/4/29 22:09

Re: BOE emails - no there there?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


Yahoo wrote:
Only in Jersey City politics could someone making introductions and suggesting alternatives be construed as detrimental to the decision making process.

It all depends on what the introductions and alternatives are about. in the case of the Fulop emails, it seems that they were introductions and nothing more.

Contrast this to the introduction Ed Cheatam, Leona Beldini, and Jack Shaw made, of Jerry Healy to Solomon Dwek. (Plus who knows how many other introductions and "alternatives" they brokered.)

Fulop made his introductions directly, through the front door, leaving a paper trail which could be checked. he had zero influence over subsequent dealings.

Healy's Three Amigos got him away from City Hall precisely so there would be no record, and others would not be aware of the relationship. If it weren't for the FBI there would be NO RECORD of this meeting, except for the $30,000 in donations Dwek was making to grease his fraudulent project. And on the tape you clearly hear Healy assenting to Dwek's request for expedited handling of his approvals.

I guarantee you that is NOT the kind of introductions and alternatives the people of Jersey City hired Jerry Healy to pursue on our behalf.

Healy was in it for himself. He obviously broke the law and broke faith with the public trust he swore to pursue.

MAY 14.

Posted on: 2013/4/28 23:58

Re: Healy on campaigns: 'they're all ugly'
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

?He raised $40,000 since breakfast this morning, and that?s hard money ,? said Healy operative Craig Guy, looking up from his BlackBerry.

This is truly scary. How do you think that $40,000 is being raised and from who? Healy, who lagged behind Fulop in fundraising for the whole campaign cycle, suddenly finds a magic pipeline of money.

BTW, Craig Guy in the background there, Healy's 2009 campaign manager, who presided over all the Bid Rig ?fundraising?? You find out some amazing things if you just Google "Craig Guy Jersey City".
Craig Guy was born in 1957 and retired from Jersey City on 04/05 with a retirement cause of Special - applies to PFRS & SPRS only. The Pension is funded by PFRS - Police and Firemen's Retirement System as a Member benefit type.?
The Salary used for the pension calculation is $108,177 with a monthly pension payment of $6,287.52, which is?194.3% higher?than the average for all New Jersey State Pensions. ... gned-on-drug-charges.html
Sgt. Craig Guy, 31, of Hazlet, who headed a squad in the narcotics unit, was arraigned on charges that he had conspired to distribute cocaine.
Shouting, shoving, then they're all smiles?
By Augie Torres, Saturday, November 18, 2006
It only took the second day, and technically the first few hours of the third, for the Jersey City contingent to make themselves known at the League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City.?According to some present, about 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, in the Borgata hotel and casino's Gypsy Bar, a "physical" confrontation broke out. The star of the day seemed to be Jersey City Corporation Counsel Bill Matsikoudis. Also present were Carl Czaplicki, Mayor Jerramiah Healy's chief of staff, city Business Administrator Brian O'Reilly, Jersey City Councilman Bill Gaughan, the grandfatherly chief of staff for County Executive Tom DeGise, and Craig Guy, former police officer and another DeGise assistant.? ... hoboken_story_left_column
7. Craig Guy and Harold ?Bud? Demellier
Craig Guy and Harold E. Demellier Jr. are the Batman and Robin of Hudson County?s inner circles, both employees in Hudson County government who work their political magic behind the scenes. These two are the real power behind Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, who often lends out their services to political allies. Guy, for instance, once worked as campaign manager for Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, while Demellier was once lent to West New York after Sal Vega first became mayor. Guy, who sits on several county boards and is deputy chief of staff for DeGise, and Demellier, director of the county Department of Roads & Public Property, are in the brain trusts of several other key political figures, such as Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith.

Posted on: 2013/4/25 16:29

Re: Dan is still Dan
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


JTaylor wrote:
Although I no longer reside Downtown...
I met Dan through various community-based volunteer activities after moving back to Jersey City in the late 1990s.

Dan, like his new mentor Jerry Healy, must be glad to have another endorsement from someone who can't vote for him.

Having watched Mr. Levin and the Council in action for some time, I don't think he would do so well as an elected leader. His inability to get his own campaigns off the ground speaks to the relative weakness of his base support and would compromise his ability on the Council.

If you liked him as an activist, keep liking him in that role and vote for another Councilperson. As a politician, his choice of allies (Team Healy) has been poor and his SILENCE on issues where they're wrong suggests that AS A POLITICIAN he is not an independent voice.

Posted on: 2013/4/25 13:45

Re: Ward A Council Candidates Say Crime, Business, and Transportation Key
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

It's interesting that all the things Epps mentions are Fulop's and Gajewski's platform: community policing, recreation, jobs. Perhaps the most curious thing is Epps' statement that ?My role is to create change, to inspire the mayor...? If the mayor needs inspiration, we need a new mayor. If we're looking for a change creator, we should look for someone other than a school superintendent who failed to move the needle on student achievement despite 10 years of almost total control of the school system.

Great argument to vote the Fulop ticket: 5A, 8B, 9B, 10B, and for Ward A Frank Gajewski 1C.

Posted on: 2013/4/24 12:23

Re: Former Jersey City council candidate Lori Serrano pleads not guilty
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Who was it that appointed Ms. Serrano to her JC Housing Authority post?

Mayor Healy. Add this to the count of FELONY CONVICTIONS of Healy's running mates and appointees.

Even in Hudson County, Mr. Healy's record stands out. Even should you believe his ludicrous claim that he knew nothing about the crimes his own campaign team were committing around him, you'd have to then believe he is the county's worst judge of character and completely unqualified to manage the city.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 13:23

Re: Healy orders Fulop campaign to stop running ads featuring Dwek
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away Poll: Is Solomon Dwek fair game for the Jersey City mayoral campaign?

Fair game? It is the number one issue in the mayoral campaign. If Healy and most of his administration had not been caught at their crimes, the HCDeadO would still be the default, hold-your-nose choice.

Watch the video. Healy says it shows his innocence. You let me know if if it shows the kind of mayor you trust to handle the city's business with integrity.

Posted on: 2013/4/23 13:14

Re: BOE emails - no there there?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


Healy's bs fishing expedition did nothing except waste taxpayer dollars, throw around false accusations, and DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM HIS OWN RECORD OF FAILURE.

Healy's accusations were false, and all the legal bs served only to prove that Fulop did nothing wrong. In fact, Fulop said exactly the same thing in the "secret" emails as he was saying in public. Sounds like good testimony to his integrity.

On the other hand, "With Election Day just a month away, the public has a right to know..." that Healy's got nothing:
no record to run on,
no vision for the future,
no hope for another term.

Posted on: 2013/4/20 3:49

Re: Jersey City mayoral candidates get into shouting match over corruption at debate
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

?Let?s talk about the issues.? But corruption is Issue #1. Healy surrounded himself with crooks who went down soliciting bribes during his last campaign.

You can't argue this is harmless, it is a CORRUPTION TAX on JC residents, which we pay in favors doled out to contributors, incompetent political hacks "managing" city departments for fat salaries, and government jobs awarded for political loyalty, not for ability. It is what fed Charles Epps and his patronage machine at the Board of Ed for 10 years without moving the needle on student achievement.

Healy's crony government steals education from our kids, wastes tax dollars on his friends, and lets the city rot while he pretends he's doing a great job. WE HAVE TO DO BETTER.

Posted on: 2013/4/12 11:39

Re: What's in a name? Jersey City council candidate says everyone knows him as 'Chico'
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


H-Parker wrote:
What was the harm the Mayor's side was seeking to prevent? Just petty harassment.

Harm to his candidate's vote total. Nothing more, nothing less.

With the unintended consequence of giving Khemraj CHICO Ramchal some free publicity.

But you shouldn't be too surprised. They run the city without any thought to consequences.

Posted on: 2013/3/29 13:04

Re: Three Jersey City residential projects awarded tax breaks by City Council
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


asny10011 wrote:
Why do developers need an abatement for building in a desirable area like the waterfront? Aren't abatements used to incentivize building in underdeveloped neighborhoods?

You've got it exactly right. Abatements should not be used as a subsidy to every developer's profit. They are meant to tilt the scales, to get a project built that would not happen without the abatement.

When everything is abated, the landscape becomes flat again, and the only impact is taxpayer subsidy of all large-scale new development.

Abatements are no longer needed downtown, period. Builders are not going to disregard downtown based only on abatements.

Continued abatements downtown, though, discourage investment elsewhere. Why take on the extra risk of breaking ground in a new area, when you can get a sweetheart deal downtown?

The administration's approach to development is completely misguided, and that's why no other part of the city has seen any significant development under Healy's watch.

Posted on: 2013/3/29 12:34

Re: What's in a name? Jersey City council candidate says everyone knows him as 'Chico'
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Doesn't anyone else regard it as a problem that Healy is suing the city, forcing us to spend money to defend his ridiculous lawsuit?

And wouldn't it be a tiny bit of a conflict that the City's lawyer is running Healy's campaign?

This is F-ed up, Jerry! Do some work for a change!

Posted on: 2013/3/27 13:16

Re: Café owned by Jersey City candidate operating without mandatory certificate
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I was by last night and the doors are still open. I guess that permit is optional - "we're checking into it."

If anybody remembers the place with its previous name (the "Corner Pocket"), the bar was a bucket of blood, with regular shootings, stabbings, and a body count probably unequaled in the city. Unfortunately this is Mr. Robinson's past. He WAS MANAGING that blight in partnership with his father.

So I guess we should all be glad that now he's just ignoring heath and buildings ordinances.

Posted on: 2013/3/27 13:14

Re: What's in a name? Jersey City council candidate says everyone knows him as 'Chico'
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


H-Parker wrote:
What possible public policy harm could it do to have the name Chico on the ballot?

The "harm" is to the Mayor's vote total. He doesn't want people to correctly identify the candidate running against his boy.

Healy's trying anything. He'll lose. There are nicknames on just about every ballot.

Posted on: 2013/3/20 18:30

Re: Extreme Right Winger On Healy Ticket
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


dtjcview wrote:
I'm mystified as to why he didn't say this when the question was originally asked.

It's pretty obvious he didn't say this when first asked because it's not what he thought of when first asked. The "message consultants" and "spin managers" had to get him to shut up first so they could tell him what he really meant to say.

The guy obviously has trouble sorting out church-state issues. He's running his campaign form his church. You can't expect him to be clear on what he should tell people he believes.

Note how lurking right behind the "I can love people I don't agree with" is the hate the sin but love the sinner crap so many churches peddle. "I disagree with every choice you've made in life, but just let me help you and eventually you'll see it my way."

Posted on: 2013/3/20 17:30

March 18th snow: Healy unprepared
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Our Mayor seems to have a great talent. For insignificant storms that never materialize, you get OEM calls and he has crews standing by on overtime.

For Sandy, for the last big snow, and tonight he seems under-prepared at best. I'm home now, but I spent the last few hours out, on Rt. 440, Kennedy Blvd, Communipaw, Ocean, and a number of side streets.

The roads are a mess. I did not see any plows or trucks spreading salt, and no evidence that any of them had been out.

I thought the whole point of preparedness is that you PREPARE. You are ready whether the storm comes through or not. I can't decide whether its the corruption or the incompetence that bothers me more.

Posted on: 2013/3/19 0:31

Re: HUGE GAS PIPELINE COMING - through Jersey City
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


dtjcview wrote:
And why didn't Spectra nor FERC address any of these concerns when asked?

Because they don't give a rat's patootey about what happens after the start raking in the revenue.

They knew that without the Governor taking a stand, municipalities and citizens don't have any chance at all of stopping this, because they helped write the laws which assure there is no meaningful local control.

And the long-term risk to them means nothing, but the extra cost of running the pipe underwater was money out of the current management's pockets.

Posted on: 2013/3/14 18:31

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