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Re: Hypocrite Solomon’s dirty push Poll
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I appreciate MrRogers informative comment and do not appreciate the
way certain people on here belittle and bully others.

Posted on: 2017/11/20 18:17

Re: Hypocrite Solomon’s dirty push Poll
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Rebecca lives downtown two blocks from me, she doesn't live
in Hoboken so stop pushing this lie.

Posted on: 2017/11/20 18:14

Re: Hypocrite Solomon’s dirty push Poll
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Well I have been bullied and called stupid online by Solomon
supporters and I saw someone else in my neighborhood be
bullied by one of them on the Nextdoor app last weekend.
Also I directly commented on a residential issue I have a concern
about and I got ignored by Solomon himself.

Also I saw the following signs posted on a resident fence this morning
"Not for Sale James Solomon" and and "Unbought Unbossed James Solomon"
so that proves to me he is either behind, or supports, the
vicious and untrue campaign attacks on his opponent. Or at
the least it has inspired at least some of his supporters to spread lies
and bully people which he is not getting up and out to stay stop to.

That does not impress me, and that does not represent me, and
I will not be voting for him. I expect candidates to present their
qualifications not tear each other down and I want someone who
will respond to me and listen to me when I have an issue, concern,
etc I want to discuss.

That is my opinion, go talk to the candidates and make your own
personal choice.

Posted on: 2017/11/20 18:08

Re: Rebecca Symes is a great candidate for Ward E
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Yep, hater trolls who attack people who have opinions different than
theirs. I can make up my own mind, thanks, and I could care
less who you want everyone to vote for.

Posted on: 2017/11/6 23:18

Re: Uncle Momo's - food handling
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I think it is more an issue for the health department rather than for
yelp. Businesses on yelp just remove reviews they don't like
anyway. Personally none of my friends or myself will ever go to
Uncle Momo's again.

Posted on: 2017/11/6 17:31

Re: Police Pursuit ends in fiery crash in Jersey City Heights
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

This whole incident was very sad. If the officers involved
did something wrong then let the authorities handle reviewing
and taking action.

I am concerned and disappointed with the trend of punishing the
police for enforcing the law. Specifically, if the police are pulling
over a vehicle or arresting a person, the person is required to
immediately stop and cooperate. NOT attack the officer/resist and
NOT speed up and run away. If there is further injury or damage
as a result of resisting arrest or resisting a stop, the blame should
lie with the perpetrator.

Seriously, do we want to tell police not to pursue criminals?
The person committed a crime but just let them go because we don't
want to hurt their feelings? I'm not for that.

Also the trend of hating on law enforcement or other first responders
because of the job they have or the outfit they wear bothers me, that is
just blatant discrimination. In general, first responders are heroes who
are not properly respected or appreciated. The media tends to be biased
against them most of the time and that is a very dangerous precendent.
They are the ones sacrificing their family time and working long hours keeping
our community safe and they should be well considered.

As with any group not every person in the group will be perfect and if there is an
individual case of wrongdoing, that person should be punished and not the
entire group.

Posted on: 2017/11/6 17:24

Rebecca Symes is a great candidate for Ward E
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I am a resident with no affiliation to the Symes campaign.

I have reviewed and spoken to all the candidates for Ward E.
They are all fine people. However, after thoughtful consideration
I feel that Rebecca Symes is both the most qualified and the best
match for who I would like to see represent my community.

I am posting this because I want those of you who are on here
with your smear campaigns to know that you are not impressing or
swaying anything except to make your own self look bad and lower my opinion
of the candidate you are trying to get elected by smearing their

The candidates who should be in office are the ones who will make
positive changes for the community NOT the ones who trash their
opponent, because what other shady underhanded deal are the trash
talkers going to pull if they get elected?

I'm voting for Symes tomorrow, I hope others have also taken the time
to talk to her and see how great she is and I hope she wins.

Posted on: 2017/11/6 17:05

Uncle Momo's - food handling
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Last night my friend and I visited two new restaurants on Grove Street to check them out.

We went to Uncle Momo's and ordered one small item each and we both had only water to drink, we just wanted an after dinner snack or dessert because had already eaten.

My friend noticed that there was a small chunk of food on the inside rim of her water glass (we didn't have any food yet either)
so she politely asked the waiter for a new clean glass of water.
The waiter was a grey haired man with black glasses. We were seated next to the glass partition that sections off the bar counter from the tables.
The waiter removed the water glass from the table and took it to the bar. My friend was watching him through the clear glass in the partition.

She said, "He is going to give me back the same dirty glass".
I said, "Are you sure?" I turned and looked through the glass in time to see the waiter hold up the glass, comment over his shoulder to the
bartender, and he made several pointed gestures where he stuck his finger inside the rim of the glass and swiped the rim with his bare finger several times.
He shook his head and shrugged at the bartender while doing this. I watched him then pour water into this glass and bring it and place it in front of my friend at the table.
He did not realize we could see him when he was sticking his finger in and rubbing the glass.

We both started to make noise to protest bringing back the dirty glass but he cut us off saying "It's new water" and he turned his back on us and went into the kitchen.

At this point our food had not come yet and I wanted to leave and then didn't want to eat it when it came because I was questioning now, what is in my food at this place?

We also observed the same waiter stick his hands in dirty glasses that he was carrying back to the kitchen from other tables, he was not washing his hands in between.
He also habitually and repeatedly wiped his hands back and forth on his pants including the side of his butt.
What really offended us was not only bringing back a dirty glass, but the attitude and poor food handling procedure of this waiter.

We will not be returning to Uncle Momo's for anything again ever.
We had also had dinner at Frankie's, the new place next to the wine store in the building next to city hall and that experience was nothing less than all around lovely, so we will go there or Razza
for dinner if we are in that area of Grove Street.

Posted on: 2017/10/26 14:55

Attempted burglary at 2nd st and Coles Sunday 6.1.14
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Sunday June 1 at about 6am, a man pulled the fire escape ladder down and tried to climb in a 2nd floor apartment through the window in an apartment building at 2nd street and Coles street.

The man had gotten a different apartment tenant's first name and claimed to be a friend of theirs looking for them, so the residents of the apartment let him go without calling the police or taking any description, thinking he just had the wrong apartment.

The man was not a friend of the resident as he claimed, he was obviously looking to break into the building. A friend would be calling and/or ringing the doorbell, not climbing in your window through the fire escape.

Just putting it out there so you all can watch out and be careful with your apartment windows and door locks. Also watch out for your fire escape ladder being pulled down, the fire escape ladder on the other side of the building was also pulled down.

Posted on: 2014/6/2 22:40

Re: Aggressive homeless people in downtown Jersey City
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I called the police on a panhandler last night outside of Paradise Grocery on newark near coles. The homeless beggars have multiplied and gotten very aggressive recently. Generally I cross the street to avoid them, it has gotten so I have to cross newark back and forth 3-4 times walking from Grove to Coles, there are so many.

This particular one was a tall, somewhat skinny black man who looks like he his totally out of his head. I think he may be the same man who walked into Grove Street Bistro, walked up behind me, and put his arm around me/hand on my butt about a month ago - same out of his head look as that guy. In that previous case, I was clearly with a date and the man kept staring straight at me for the next 10 minutes at which point we left.

Last night this man stared at me non stop while was sitting on the bench outside the store and was watching where I was going. Normally I tried to ignore him but he was just super creepy and I felt like he was going to come after me. To the point where I went home, put my purse down, and went into Paradise Grocery to complain to them - I have lived there 4 years and for at least 3 they tolerate a begging bum on their doorstep - the sidewalk outside the business is the responsibility of the business owner, and if they were telling the begger to leave and calling the cops instead of letting them hang around there, they would not be there every single day. The people working in Paradise Grocery (who I know are not the owner) were trying to say there is nothing I can do. Meantime the crazy homeless man followed me into Paradise Grocery and stood there continuing to stare at me from the doorway until I started getting really mad. Then this same homeless guy asks me for money when I left at which point I screamed at him to stop f-ing staring at me. So what does he do, but continue to stare at me. It is not just the looking, that guy is whacked so far out of his head he does not even know where he is. I called the police.

The police non-emergency number said if people complain they can assign a patrol to a targeted problem spot.

Newark ave off of grove is a problem spot.
I have complained to the staff at McDonald's before telling them I am not buying anything from there because of the bums outside that live on their steps. That was a few years ago, and they said they give the bums leftover food.

Also, there is a black guy with a long beard that sits on the bench outside the bank of america on Newark near Jersey Ave. He has some mental issue and will beg for money and yell foul curses at you (and this is with just walking by/not looking at him/pretending he's not there). I had two women who I think were prostitutes harassing me for money the other night, not just 'can i have money' but going on and on so I ran across the street. Then there is the couple, the lady who lives in the shopping cart whose homeless boyfriend pushes her around. They don't usually ask for money but have moved in to the block around Helen's Pizza, they seem to live there in one particular spot at night.

The normal homeless man who is usually outside paradise deli for the last three years isn't aggressive but after three years I get tired of being begged for money by the same person on the same spot which no one ever does anything about.

They filmed Mercy the tv show at Lucky 7 a few years ago, and there were like six cops standing around doing nothing guarding that, while they ignore the beggar around the corner. Same thing when Snooki was living in town, it took six cops to stand around to guard Snooki's truck all day and all night, when those six cops walking around could remove the beggars who harass people.

Anyway I am sick and tired of the escalating homeless aggressive panhandler issue. The grafitti tags have also gotten bad. I would like to just move to a better area, but the rents have gone up a lot and it's going to be some time before I can afford to move, if ever.

In the meantime I just want to walk home in peace and safety and be left alone. I also had a different black man than all of the above, this one with dreadlocks who did not ask me for money but stared at me non-stop and followed me for four blocks regardless of my repeated turns and change in directions trying to get rid of him, he was trying to follow me home. This stuff is creeping me out. I feel like I'm going to get mugged or otherwise attacked one of these days going home, and I am not going home late. I'm talking about 6-9pm on a weekday.

And you may not think grafitti is not a big deal, but when you live in a walk-up, as in no doorman/no security, building, and you come outside in the morning and there are fresh grafitti tags on your building door, you know people were at your building messing with the door in the night. Repeatedly. Every block is covered in grafitti paint lately and the building owners aren't cleaning it. I don't know what the police can even do about that, I guess the city could fine landlords for not removing it, but that's about it. I just feel like when the landlord doesn't clean the grafitti of the building front door then that sends a signal to whoever is coming in the middle of the night to paint it that no one is watching the building and that it could be open to being broken into.

Posted on: 2013/9/3 17:37

Re: Mail situation
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I have been getting almost no mail either. My Time Out New York magazine is missing, I should have a Vanity Fair, my Netflix movies and regular bills are missing. I have gotten a couple of things from out of state but that's it. Normally my mail is delivered on foot so I do not see what the problem is. You can't tell me the post office doesn't have access to gas or a way to get it's employees around.

Posted on: 2012/11/4 21:18

Re: Torico's Ice Cream - Free Ice cream today
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Just got back from Torico's...the new shop looks great and they are giving away free single scoop cones all day today. Don't worry about the line, they are moving people through there very quickly.

Happy Friday!

Posted on: 2012/6/1 21:49

Films in Van Vorst Park
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

What is the deal with movies in the park this summer? It's June and there is still no schedule / list of movies to be shown. Are they just late or not doing movies this year?

Posted on: 2012/6/1 17:15

Re: Torico's Ice Cream
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

TORICO'S IS OPEN AS OF 11 AM TODAY June 1 !!!!! Finally!!!!

Posted on: 2012/6/1 17:13

Re: Wedding
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


For a wedding photographer, Mike Dempsey lives in JC near grove street:

For a personal trainer, Adam Daredia is the best, he also lives in JC near Grove street and trains in your building gym, outdoors in Van Vorst or Hamilton Park, he has a training studio near Wall Street in Manhattan and also teaches boot camps at Hamilton Fitness twice a week.

He specializes in getting brides in shape for their big day, as well as pre- and post-natal fitness for new mothers.

Good luck and congratulations!

Posted on: 2012/5/22 22:47

Re: towing at shoprite
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

They are towing people who never left the lot and ARE shopping there and ARE parked legally in order to make themselves money.

Posted on: 2012/4/4 23:39

Re: towing at shoprite
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I parked normally in a legitimate parking spot yesterday in the BJ's parking lot. I went into BJ's and was there quite a while. I never left the parking lot. When I came out with my groceries, my car was gone. I thought it had been stolen. There was a man standing outside the BJ's entrance - he said it probably got towed and asked if I had left the lot, I said no.

The man seems to make his living taking people from the BJ's/shop rite/bed and bath parking lot to where they tow cars from there. I was very upset because I did nothing wrong. He said to just pay the fine and get my car back because he said if I argue the people they will not release my car and then have me subpoenaed to appear in court to fight it, in the meantime the towing company who has essentially as far as I am concerned stolen my car will keep the car and try to charge me a towing fee for each day and I will incur time and additional costs fighting with them in court.

The man who drove the van said they have gotten very aggressive with towing cars and if you spend any length of time shopping/leave your car unattended without someone watching it or so much as set any foot off the parking lot for any reason for any length of time, the towing company will snatch your car.

There was a woman who was also at the towing lot to get her car. She said she parked by bed and bath, walked next door to the bank quickly to get some money to shop with, then went into Bed and Bath to shop. When she came out, her car was gone. She was also told there was nothing she could do and they tell you they 'Have you on video" leaving the lot and they 'have you' so that you have to pay.

As far as I am concerned this is a HUGE RIPOFF SCAM for the towing company to profit off of people just trying to shop. I refuse to ever shop at Shop Rite, BJ's, or that Bed and Bath again. Those stores must own the parking lot even though when I spoke to security at bed and bath and BJs they claim they have nothing to do with it.

Posted on: 2012/4/4 23:32

Re: Downtown: Man stabbed and robbed on First and Brunswick going to bar
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I live at Cole Street and Newark Ave. I have noticed in the last three months or so, there are a lot of shady characters hanging around the block/area, especially really late at night. I have seen the police around twice, I've been woken up by large crowds yelling just outside on Newark, especially on weekends.

When I moved to JC last July, I had no problem or worries walking home from the Path by myself. Now, I am uncomfortable walking after dark, there are packs of people running around. Even if I dress ugly they harass seemingly any women that walks by.

There is a homeless man who has been stationed for months at the corner of Cole Street and Newark also - I am really tired of being begged for money every day when I walk home - the police need to be patroling this neighborhood much more frequently, and they need to crack down not only on the shady people running around but also the panhandlers. There are at least three, they are in the same place every day.

The lucky 7 bar has been filmed for NBC medical drama "Mercy" at least three times this year, in February they made a fake St Patrick's day fair, and they were filming last week over here also. There were six cops standing around for the St Patrick's filming doing virtually nothing, when there was a panhandler begging within a block of them who is there every day.

Posted on: 2010/4/10 2:17




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