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Re: Jersey City Animal Hospital neglected my dog for 8 hours

Hmmm.. Im really sorry to hear about your experience with JCAH.. I think its really strange to hear about something like this.

I have been taking my 2 cats (with nerve damage) and rabbit to Dr. Buckholz (who is basically the owner.. if you have a problem, ask for him) there for the past 4 years and I have had nothing but the absolute BEST experience. My 8 year old rabbit has had 3 oral surgeries with him, and EVERY time he is finished or there is a complication, Dr. B calls me on my cell to give me the DL. I love the entire staff at this hospital! I agree, they should have called you and kept you posed regarding your animals situation.. Im truly sorry to hear about your experience.. but I have tried 5 different vets and JCAH is the absolute best.

What particular vet was your dogs care under?

Posted on: 2009/7/11 21:52

Re: Gang Initiation Tonight...Is this real?

Posted on: 2008/11/1 15:09

Re: Gang Initiation Tonight...Is this real?

Im a Saint Peter's College student and the entire school got this email from the director of campus safety:

Please know that campus safety has confirmed the following information with the Jersey City Police Department Gang Intelligence Unit and they have not had any incidents nor are there any indications that this act has or will actually occur. We provide this message purely for informational purposes.

The following message has been circulating for several years without confirmation of an actual event. However, campus safety has learned that some members of our community have received generic text messages and e-mails that warn that 31 females will be killed at night as part of a street-gang initiation. Apparently, gang members in cars or trucks stop females and ask them for directions or money, and then they try to inflict injury to them. Because of this message, we urge the entire SPC community to be especially alert to their surroundings while walking on city streets.

We should also be aware of the possibility of Halloween and mischief night pranks while moving off campus. Please report any suspicious activity to campus safety immediately.

Arthur J. Youmans
Director of Campus Safety
Saint Peter's College
Phone- 201-761-7403

The only thing that happened to me on Thursday was getting egged when walking to my car from the school to the school parking lot on Tuers and Montgomery.

However, my girlfriends mom works at the hospital and 2 woman were shot in bayonne near the lightrail and 3 wounded and in critical condition from gunshot wounds last night..

I called the bayonne police department last night and the officer laughed at me and told me everything was false.

You dont know who to believe? This rumor has been circulating for YEARS (the highbeam one, etc...).. I guess all you can do is just be careful and cautious. I dont know what to believe, and Im not ashamed to say that I am on high alert and I will be staying home tonight in addition to staying home last night. You cant believe everything that the news says.. we all know how they manipulate their stories.. but Im pretty sure if someone was shot in front of someone else's house.. the news would be there in a heartbeat to report.

Posted on: 2008/11/1 15:01

Re: Lincoln Park & West Bergen: VIOLENT WEEKEND -- 3 slain in Jersey City say shootings unrelated

Are you guys seriously sitting here and arguing over what to label the neighborhood.. who cares?

I work for a real estate company and the only reason names are given to certain areas is so agents can make money off of another "desireable" classification. who cares?

It seems everyone has brushed off the real matter here--3 shootings--and is more concerned about how to properly label the neighborhood.

I am a SPC student (commuter) and I had no idea about this situation as it happened at a time where I was not on campus. I first noticed the memorial on Monday.. and each day as I drove past it on my usual route to work it got bigger and bigger. I kind of brushed it off because I am so used to hearing about crime in Jersey City and Bayonne.

Today I was in a meeting in a building right across the street and about 12 (after his 11 o'clock funeral) the meeting was interrupted with non-stop horn blowing. At first I thought it was just another moron double parked or some impatient driver.. but after a long enough period of this honking.. I went to the window and what I saw was amazing.

Cars, over-filled, with people and loved ones all the way down the block from west side avenue to the blvd and around the block... When they finally stopped people had flowers and huge portraits of this gentleman.. people were crying everywhere. it was pretty touching..

I cant take this garbage anymore..

Posted on: 2008/4/24 22:54

Re: NJDD ROLLER DERBY season opener! 4/20, 6PM, Kendall Park, NJ


Posted on: 2008/4/18 23:31

Re: The Jersey City Diner

The 50s inspired chrome exterior looks a bit too fake

You can say that again.. the neon lights are blinding at night when you are driving past!!!!!!

Posted on: 2008/4/14 16:30

Re: Bayonne - Steve's Kosher Style Deli

I havent tried it yet, but I heard that their pastrami on rye is out of this world!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 2008/4/14 16:26

NJDD ROLLER DERBY season opener! 4/20, 6PM, Kendall Park, NJ


Posted on: 2008/4/14 16:24




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