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The Jersey City Summit for Real Estate Investment

For those interested...

October 13th, 2016 ? The Jersey City Summit for Real Estate Investment 2016 will be hosted with our Venue Partner Spear Street Capital @ 70 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302. 70 Hudson Street boasts spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and with it?s sister at 90 Hudson Street is a Class A trophy office property.

The gathering will take place on the 10th floor of 70 Hudson Street. There will be limited on-site complimentary parking.

The Timing is Primed
There are a series of historic expansions that are transforming Jersey City. The scale and depth of redevelopment and related projects happening is awe inspiring. There is an especially strong convergence of creative entrepreneurs, boutique, luxury, fashion and makers that have made the food & retail scene in Jersey City extraordinarily diverse.

Tremendous Momentum
The City and it?s partners have deployed an award winning branding campaign that?s been quite successfully at making the case for Jersey City to employers, developers and business selection specialists. With hotel occupancy rates north of 90%, the city is welcomed as a retail, restaurant and cultural destination.

Whether it?s competitive construction costs, impressive cap rates or the growing affection millennials have, it?s also clear that Jersey City?s development, marketing and outreach efforts are firing on all cylinders. Jersey City has cementing itself as national contender for TAMI, FIRE & creative firms. It?s Class A Office, Multifamily & Mixed-Use properties are the rival of many Tier 1 markets with north of $5 billion dollars of projects in construction or in the pipeline. No wonder Jersey City is considered by many the ?Most Exciting & Energetic Domestic Emerging Market?.

Posted on: 2016/10/4 21:09

Your Casino Input Wanted - From Mayor Fulop

From a recent newsletter sent out by Mayor Fulop, link to a survey if you want to lend your voice to the casino debate:


During the past few months, we have seen an extensive debate take place throughout New Jersey on the expansion of casino gaming into northern New Jersey.

As we continue to watch this issue unfold, we felt as though an important voice in this debate was being left out. That voice is you.

An important part of leadership is taking the time to listen to feedback, and being willing to learn more about an issue that will impact Jersey City, and the region, in a big way.

I am committed to gaining a better understanding on how residents throughout the state feel about casino gaming in North Jersey. This is a decision that will impact all of us.

Please fill out the survey to share your thoughts on this issue.

Posted on: 2016/5/17 21:23

Sick Passenger on JSQ-bound PATH Feb 16th around 9pm

I was on a train going to JSQ around 9pm this evening and I along with many others saw a man having an issue, who was checked out by the conductor. He was slouched over, almost on the ground if not for having his arm hung around the pole. The conductor checked him, they stopped and made everyone get out at 14th street and returned to 33rd st. He did not look good, very pale and I didn't see much until the conductor went to check on him. People were saying he started breathing heavy and then appeared to be passing out, though his eyes were open.

While I fear the worst for this guy who appeared to be in his 40s / early 50s, I was wondering if anyone on this forum was there or knows about the situation. Was a scary thing to witness and I'm hoping he made it out ok / was successfully treated when they returned to 33rd st. And while I don't know the rules / protocol that PATH staff have to follow I was a bit curious as to why they didn't just stay at 14th street and have somebody come to the train to help. Definitely one of those moments that made me think, next time I hear the notice "train delays due to a sick passenger" I'll try to have more positive thoughts than vent about my own commute...

Posted on: 2016/2/17 4:09

Re: Serious accident on Newark Ave near 4th/5th Streets

Definitely some concerns with the growing vehicular traffic in the area (full disc. I'm a driver adding to the traffic myself but I try to walk/take public transit as much as I can).

One other item of note that I have seen time and time again (and as a driver it concerns me) is that on various streets (especially Jersey Avenue) cars are allowed to park right up to the corner. And I have yet to see a car ticketed.

This is bad due to the fact that it partially cuts off the view of the beginning of the crosswalk and even for a driver going the speed limit, it is easy to miss someone who isn't bothering to look for oncoming cars and just launches into the crosswalk.

Pedestrians of course always have the right of way, but at least prevent cars from obstructing part of the crosswalk so drivers can safely anticipate when someone is about to cross. Driving slowly and safely is obviously the main answer...but anything we can do to help drivers and pedestrians help each other be safe is a good thing!

Question is, who is best to write to about it? The cops? City Hall?

Posted on: 2016/2/2 17:30

Re: Hotel, marina among proposals for Liberty State Park

For a quick visual glance at the potential LSP development, thought I'd make a quick animated gif / image that shows the DEP's suggestions, depitcted in the NJTV report video linked earlier in this discussion: ... deo-to-gif-compressor.gif

Resized Image

Posted on: 2015/12/9 1:25

LSP: Bergen Lawmakers Weigh In On Casino Question

Bergen Lawmakers Weigh In On Casino Question ... gh-in-on-casino-question/

Negotiations between Senate and Assembly Democrats this weekend have set the stage for the opening of at least two casinos in Northern New Jersey if a possible November referendum question is approved by voters. Under the leadership of Democratic state Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36), it seems that Atlantic City is poised to lose it?s current position as the only municipality in the state where casino gambling is permitted.


Democrats closing in on North Jersey casino agreement ... h-jersey-casino-agreement

According to three sources with knowledge of the negotiations but who refused to speak publicly about them, both sides have settled on two North Jersey casinos, with with specific locations to be determined later ? although developers already have announced plans for casinos in Jersey City and the Meadowlands.

Posted on: 2015/12/9 0:58

Jersey City seeks 20-year tax break for hotel outside Grove Street PATH station
Newbie ... _street_path_station.html

Developers constructing a 14-story, 152-room Marriott
over the Grove Street PATH station in Jersey City are seeking a
20-year tax break.

The $21 million hotel, which will be part of a residential and
commercial complex at Columbus Drive and Marin Boulevard that
includes two 50-story residential towers already under
construction, is set to open in June 2016.

The City Council is scheduled to give the deal its initial OK on

Mayor Steve Fulop generally opposed Downtown tax abatements
when he was on the council, but since becoming mayor his
administration has approved at least one 20-year tax break for a
proposed hotel at Exchange Place.

Fulop has argued that hotels, unlike residential towers, create
jobs and do not put as much of a strain on city services. City
spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill made that argument today about
the Columbus Drive Marriott, a Residence Inn.

Morrill said in an email that the hotel will bring in $400,000
annually in city hotel taxes, while creating 100 construction jobs
and 40 permanent jobs.

"This is another hotel which speaks to the tremendous growth in
Jersey City," she said.

The hotel is a joint venture of four developers, some with political
ties: former Hudson County Democratic bigwig Joe Panepinto;
Ironstate Holdings, owned by David Barry and Michael Barry; FJG
Columbus, controlled by former U.S. Rep. Frank Guarini; and

The developers have already received $28.3 million in state tax
credits for the residential portion of the Columbus Drive complex.
Last year, the City Council, under different leadership, awarded a
10-year tax break to one of the 50-story towers. Fulop, then a
councilman, voted against it.

The staggered financial plan for the new Marriott would see
developers paying 2 percent of the project's total cost ? estimated
to be $421,040 ? instead of traditional property taxes for the first
six years. For the next three years, 20 percent of the normal tax
bill would be due, with the percentage increasing until traditional
taxes kick in after 20 years.

The end result will be $10.8 million in payments in lieu of taxes
over two decades. Morrill said the city would otherwise collect
only $7.6 million in conventional taxes during that time period.

The developers' tax abatement application estimates the hotel will
see over $1 million in annual cash flow starting in the sixth year.

The council meets on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 280
Grove St.

Posted on: 2014/10/5 17:45

Re: Marketing/ Creative Agencies in Jersey City

I don't know much about them but on a couple of occasions going to the Warehouse cafe on Bay Street I've noticed an office space next door. Bears a logo that reads "IV Interactive".

Posted on: 2014/5/30 19:27

Re: Google asks communities if interested in trial service for super fast internet -- Why not JC?

I was bored and decided to make a crude rendering of a transformed Colgate Clock :) ... 2v_ebNA/JCgoogleClock.gif
Resized Image

Posted on: 2010/3/15 20:19

Google Fiber for Communities

Looks like Fulop is campaigning to get Google's new Fiber Broadband experiment here in Jersey City! ... _fulop_pushing_to_ge.html

Here's some more info on Google's plans:

And here's a link where you can vote for your community:

Pass it along!

Posted on: 2010/3/12 2:45




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