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Re: Parking - FIRE HYDRANTS!


mr_smith wrote:

one time I left my car running and just wanted to run in the house and grab some laundry this parking "cop" says to me "Ama give youz a summonssss [lipsmack]" (I am guessing that speaking proper english is not part of the job) but at the same time there are people who are double parked on the road and she doesn't say shit. I guess because they have PBA stickers and shields in the window.

Of course there are no actual crimes (like robberies, shootings, and beatings) in JC, so they can afford to waste time and money on parking and people's dogs not being on leashes.

You are wrong in your thinking. Double parking is illegal and causes traffic & accidents. At least the cop extended you a courtesy and told you to move before writing you a ticket.

Pointing out others illegally parked still does not change the fact that you are. Just park in a legal parkign spot and you won't inconveinence others and you wont get a ticket.

Your sarchasm about their being other crimes more important is not needed. Last I checked we live in a CITY and along with major crime we also have traffic problems. what would happen if they put all the cops only on major cases and did not enforce traffic? I know we all hate it but its a necessary evil to keep vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving.

Posted on: 2008/3/5 16:00

Re: Parking - FIRE HYDRANTS!

Fire Hydrant = 10ft
Crosswalk = 25ft

Posted on: 2008/3/5 2:56

Re: Lincoln Park: 'Hundreds' watch fight at Al's diner - NEW 3/2/08


GrovePath wrote:
Lincoln Park: 'Hundreds' watch fight at Al's diner

by Charles Hack
Sunday March 02, 2008, 5:34 PM

Jersey City Police said they dispersed "hundreds" of people after a fight broke out an overcrowded diner early this morning, reports said.

Jersey City police officers noticed around 3:20 a.m. that the parking lot and sidewalk outside Al's Diner at on Communipaw Avenue between Belvidere and Nunda avenues were blocked with a number of double-parked cars, and that there was a huge crowd inside the diner.

The cops entered the packed restaurant and were told by a manager that the huge crowd had gathered because there was a scuffle going on at the back of the diner. But as police tried to push their way through what they described as "hundreds" of onlookers, the suspects had fled through the emergency exit, reports said.

An employee contacted this afternoon, who refused to give his name, denied there had been any disturbance or overcrowding at the restaurant.

Al's used to be a great place to get a bite to eat but now is a blight on our community.

Every drunk from different bars and clubs in JC now go to Al's for food every Friday & Saturday night. How many incidents does it take for our councilpeople,mayor, and community to address it. Why is the restaurant owner not fined for allowing this to go on?

Angry mobs fight at Al's on the regular, one person even was beaten to death and gun shots have been heard there.

What will it take for for some action?

Posted on: 2008/3/3 16:13

Re: Ideas to discourage gang activity?


alb wrote:

pchops wrote:

Next time you see drug activity, try to figure out who is the main drug dealer (normally the person inside the building) and who are the footmen (normally the kids on the street). Try to figure out who is the distributor (vehicle despcription and car license plate). Call narcotics at 201.547.5391.

I really respect the fact that you are a good narcotics detective and I'm genuinely grateful for all that you've done, but I'm not a good detective.

If the Jersey City police are saying, "Call us when it looks as if there are a bunch of guys who just plain look and sound as if they are up to no good hanging out, and then we'll send a plainsclothes officer to observe the situation," I can do that.

But if the police are saying, "Figure out who the dealer is or we won't even come," I think that's unrealistic.

Also: I don't really know if, statistically, the Van Vorst Park/Harsimus Cove/Hamilton Park is having a crime wave or not. But, if it is, that whole area is really very small. One guy on a bike or a motorcycle should be able to ride along every street here in about half an hour. And someone hovering overhead in a helicopter ought to be able to scope out the entire neighborhood in about three minutes.

So, my inclination is to think that, if the police say they need detailed information about who the dealer is before they can do anything, that means they really don't want to do anything.

It's not that the police don't want to do anything and if you beleive that, you are mistaken.

You have to realize that people who commit crimes are very crafty and cunning. Most of them who have been arrested, know how police work and can spot police from a distance. So if a marked unit etc. approaches them, they will cease their illegal activity.

That's why the police have plain clothes officers in unmarked cars but even that is not enough. Criminals pay close attention to their environment and are easily alerted to things that are out of the ordinary. i.e. the same car passing by several times and/ or an unfamiliar person hanging around for a long period of time. (plain clothes officers).

That is why we must work together with the police to protect our streets from these criminals. So, go to the community meetings, call police when you see suspicious activity, and be an active member in the fight to protect our neighborhoods from criminals. If criminals are bothered enough by us and police, they will go somewhere else....

Posted on: 2008/3/3 16:03

Re: Cop hit by car, flips over hood -- directing traffic around flooding

In any event, the driver's inability to pay attention caused his car to hit the cop.

The driver was probably on the cell phone or awstruck by the pretty red police lights to actually pay attention to the 1 ton machine he was in control of. That driver sould have hit any of us walking by.

I hope the cop is ok.

Posted on: 2008/2/18 18:36

Re: Oil Spill in Newport?

At least there was a quick response to contain and clean it up.

Good Job officers & firefighters!

I'm sure the company that ownes the building where the spill originated will have some explaining to do and pay some hefty fines.

Posted on: 2008/2/18 18:26

Re: Heights: Woman scolds teen robber

Good Job!

Posted on: 2008/2/18 18:23

Re: Those Emergency No Parking Signs...

You get them from the Jersey City Parking Authority located on Central Avenue.

Posted on: 2008/2/18 18:22

Re: Best Jersey City Diners

the Brownstone used to be the Newport pancake house.

Al's has good breakfast and burgers but some times the people that patronize it arent the best of society.

The Brownstone has a large menu and great food but can be a little pricey.

The VIP's & Miss America's food is fair, nothing to write home about

The Flamingo is not the cleanest but it is by far the cheapest and fastest serving diner in Jersey City.

Posted on: 2007/10/6 3:29

Re: Wayne Street Issues

If you guy swant to make a change why not call the police when you see crime happening?

Call the non-emergency # 201-547-5477 and give descriptions of any and all people involved in criminal activity.

You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"?
Well, it takes presure from concerned citizens to save their community.

you have to be relentless to let the park thugs know that the resident of wayne street will not tolerate them.

Call the police if you see them drinking in public, fighting, being disorderly, or selling drugs.

Give accurate descriptions of all persons involved and locations.

Contact you Council person and attend & vioce your concerns and your local community meeting.

Posted on: 2007/9/29 4:11

Re: Downtown: 'All-girl' wolfpack robbery

13 and 14 yr old punketts robbing people?

What ever happened to grabbing one of these 60lbs. punketts by the hair and beating the others with her.

They keep robbing people because they pray on the weak. You all should slap first and ask questions later. I think these punketts need a good slap from an adult because they definately arent geetting it at home.

Posted on: 2007/9/29 4:02

Re: Bergen Lafayette: 7 arrested, cops hurt in melee at Booker T. houses -- Angry mob of 200/300 tenants

Booker T. is gang infested and the good people there are afraid to come forward and speak out against there criminal oppressors.

I don't beleive the police acted unjustly and if you still beleive the Mixson's account of what happened, why dont we ask them to publicize their extensive criminal records and let them explain it.

Why dont we just look at one of many myspace pages that show residents of Booker T hanging out there being good little Crips gang members.

click links below to see the TRUTH ... rofile&friendid=127372143 ... profile&friendid=52820006

Posted on: 2007/9/19 4:41

Edited by jcwestie1 on 2007/9/19 4:58:09

Re: Booker T. Washington Housing: One Dead After Shooting in Jersey City

Thank god they caught him!

The Booker T Washington Housing Complex criminals are out of control. You can see how in the reports Campbell killed Lewis and shot at police while escaping the scene and how the other criminals make false statements of police shooting into the crowd to take the focus off what is really going on.

This place needs to have 24/7 surveilence and arrests have to be made.

Why are these criminals and their families allowed to live there while the city payes their rent with our tax dollars. Why are criminals not evicted?

Who is in charge of housing and why do they not investigate these people and beging the eviction process?

The Jersey City Police is doing a great job considering the circumstances.. Keep up the good work!

Posted on: 2007/9/17 19:41

Re: Car Break-In 8th & Coles

Car break-in are a problem in your area. The best thing to do is: don't keep valuables visible in your car e.g. GPS, bags, change, etc. and call the police non-emergency # 1-201-547-5477 and report suspicious persons peering into cars and walking around the neighborhood aimlessly with no purpose.

Posted on: 2007/9/17 19:27

Re: Bergen Lafayette: 7 arrested, cops hurt in melee at Booker T. houses -- Angry mob of 200/300 ten

Since when has any crminal been well mannered?

why are you defending a person who is a known criminal, just attacked his black girl friend, and fought with police who came to her aid?

Then to top it all off the parents and family of these criminals (who by the way dont work and are at home at 5pm because they are probably supported by these crimanals) confronts police violently.

What do you expect the police to do?

The Booker T. Washington Housing complex has good hard working people that live there who are victim to these criminals and the families that protect them.

How can it be an unjust assault if they were searching for Booker and the criminals in the court yard interfered with thier search?..

And if you read the police report, the cops were not beat up. They were injured and the actors responsible were injured and arrested as well. Only booker "The Coward" sucker punched cops from behind like a sneak theif and ran to hide.

So no matter what type of anti-cop propaganda you think your spreading is NOT working. Intelligent people unlike you know the TRUTH!

After all only a criminal or a criminal sympathizer would defend a man who beat his girlfreind, attacked police, and attempted to take a policemans gun and kill him with it.

Posted on: 2007/9/17 17:42




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