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Re: suede dry cleaning?

I second the recommendation of Leather Spa. They've cleaned my suede sandals, lifted paint from my husband's leather jacket, and repaired a myriad of shoes. They patiently field every question and advise you on realistic expectations for the cleaning outcome. Excellent work. Worth every penny.

Posted on: 2018/5/8 17:56

Re: Removal of dying tree

I second the use of Reliable Tree Service. I've used them for routine maintenance AND tree removal. They do work around Jersey City and understand what may / may not be needed to document with the City, as well as work near power lines, etc.

Posted on: 2017/9/26 16:08

Re: Griffith between Central and Palisades

We've lived at 120 Sherman Ave for 11+ years. If you're not familiar with the neighbors, give it time. They grow on you. There is a building on Webster Ave (just in from Hato Mayor bodega) that routinely has police activity, etc. We avoid walking on that side of the street. Other than that, everyone is pretty approachable. As others have mentioned, use common sense after hours.

You may also want to peruse the newsletter section of the RNA, our neighborhood group. See

The RNA spearheads community issues and welcomes anyone to attend their monthly meetings, which includes an update from the local police precinct with involvement from the Mayor's Office (who also lives nearby).

And don't forget to visit the weekly farmer's market at Riverview Park --- it's arguably the best amalgamation of the Heights community. Seek friendly faces (particularly at the RNA booth) and ask questions.

Welcome to the Heights.

Posted on: 2017/9/11 17:54

Re: Door remote release buzzer system

I've worked with three companies over the years re: locks and security-related matters:

Maffey's Security
Tel: 908-351-1172
Toll Free: 800-834-9017
1172 E Grand St, Elizabeth NJ 07201

Joe Katzler, Owner
Integrated Security Systems

Hoboken Lock
624 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ

Posted on: 2017/6/6 15:45

Re: HVAC Company

We've used Meyer & Depew for 11+ years, both for our home and a system in our building's common areas. A number of people in our association also use them for their HVACs.

One of the features we like about their annual service plan is the ability to pay month-to-month versus lump sum. Their service calls are limited to a 2-hour window and they have weekend and early morning time slots so you don't have to miss work / other obligations waiting for them. Very professional.

Meyer Depew Company
309 Lafayette Avenue
Kenilworth, NJ 07033-0257
Toll Free: 800.246.4342
Service Hours: 24/7/365 by calling 908.272.2100

Posted on: 2017/5/19 18:40

Re: Leak in siding/windows

We live in a stucco-clad condo and inherited leaks through windows and into homes beneath us. We have conducted extensive water remediation through a capital project, as well as localized repairs to windows and sliding doors. A few things to consider as you troubleshoot your issue(s):

1. The age of the stucco and the waterproofing system behind it may be old or compromised.

2. Leaks at the windows could be seals intersecting between the stucco and the window exterior OR flashing on the bottom of the window.

I would suggest you start with a waterproofing specialist that's worked on stucco to conduct a water test and troubleshoot repairs. We've worked (since roughly 2008) with Kay Waterproofing. Contact Barry Grummer (co-owner) at 212.348.3300. They do work throughout Jersey City, Manhattan and across the area.

For windows, I would recommend service division of the manufacturer for the windows you currently have in your home. We have Marvin windows and doors, so they helped us with troubleshooting seals, etc. Kay can also help with removing the windows and flashing them, but there's a risk of damage inherent in the work, so best to go straight to your window manufacturer.

Our property is at 120 Sherman Avenue (corner of Griffith) in the Heights. If you're in the area and want to have a look at some of the work they've done to help us remedy water intrusion, I'm happy to walk you through it. Or you can email me more questions at

Hope this helps.

Posted on: 2017/5/1 20:08

Re: The Hutton Bar & Grill

Very pleased to have this charming cocktail, wine + dining spot in the Heights. Visited last evening and came away with many reasons to return, including great quality, fair prices and warm hospitality.

Tried the bacon popcorn, octopus, beet salad, lobster risotto, roast chicken, some cocktails, wine and left room for a nice selection of desserts (apple tart and warm donuts!). Everything was well seasoned with plenty of menu options, depending on your appetite and dietary needs.

On a rainy Sunday evening, it got us out of our own kitchen and into something special. Very happy to have The Hutton in the neighborhood!

Posted on: 2016/10/31 15:40

Re: Cleaners on Palisade Ave?

2 blocks off of Palisades on South Street, we've used State Cleaners for more than 10 years for drycleaning, tailoring and the occasional bag of laundry. Very fair prices and owned by a lovely couple. You can arrange for pick-up / delivery too.

State Cleaners - 49 South St, Jersey City, NJ 07307
Phone: (201) 656-6140

Posted on: 2016/7/27 14:19

Re: Tree Service Recommendation

Our building is in the Heights and we received a recommendation via A Small Green Space to contact Reliable Tree Service. Reliable Tree Service reviewed and trimmed nearly 10 trees. They also coordinated city permits and removal of one dead tree. Extremely professional and efficient. Call 201-943-4141 to make an appt.

Posted on: 2016/7/5 15:52

Re: Chic Pea

I second the removal of this thread. In reviewing the criteria for posting, I see instructions on being polite and constructive and to avoid personal attacks. Thank you.

Posted on: 2016/2/22 18:01

Re: Dealing with noisy rental tenants in a condo

It's important that you also involve the owner of the unit in the resolution of your complaint. In our building, nothing is negotiated with a tenant without the involvement of the owner. This has allowed us to move collectively toward advocating for everyone's quality of life.

As it pertains to documentation, our master deed and by-laws state that our board is obligated to provide guidelines to protect quality of life, including (if appropriate) the installation of flooring to limit sound between floors.

As it pertains to our House Rules (in which we further document acceptable behaviors), we incorporate the following:

1. Definition of noise by decibels.

2. Designation of "quiet hours" from 10pm to 7am (weekdays) and 10pm to 9am (weekends).

3. Recognition of the unit owner(s) responsibility to promptly address quality of life issues that arise between neighbors. Failure to do so carries warnings and increasingly higher fines.

4. Recognition of the owner and their tenant (during their onboarding) that the tenant has a copy of our House Rules and will comply or risk having a fine passed to their owner.

5. Recognition by the owner and tenant that a repeated failure to conform to House Rules will result in not only higher fines but a request to remove them from residency. There are also restrictions placed on any amenities such as parking, storage, etc.

Most of our situations are resolved without the board, or with limited oversight to ensure conclusion. If you come out of the gate with an acknowledgement that everyone is entitled to reasonable quality of life, and you outline a reasonable framework, the situations over time begin to resolve themselves in short order.

We have also considered a rider to the tenant's lease but find it an administrative burden and have opted for our current framework.

Noise also has an impact on real / perceived property value. The best home is a dungeon if you must battle for simple quality of life issues.

Hope this helps.

Posted on: 2016/1/11 15:48

Re: Recommendations Sought: Appraisers for Multi-family Properties

Thanks very much!

Posted on: 2015/12/9 15:48

Re: Recommendations Sought: Appraisers for Multi-family Properties

Some would like an appraisal independent of the bank's appraiser, often for the same reason you imply.

Posted on: 2015/12/8 17:00

Recommendations Sought: Appraisers for Multi-family Properties

After searching JCList, I find a number of discussions mentioning appraisers / appraisals, but none that recommend an individual or company.

I am seeking to make a list of appraiser resources available to fellow homeowners in my 28-unit condo building. We prefer appraisers who have experience in an urban setting, who can consider in their evaluation the assets beyond the walls of a specific home, like: deeded / non-deeded parking, terraces, views, and other amenities such as on-site storage, fitness and more.

If you've had a positive experience and can recommend a resource, please reply here or email me at Your insight is appreciated.

Posted on: 2015/12/8 15:09

Re: Windows

Within our building, we've had good experiences with:

(1) RWC, which carries Marvin products, ask for Eric Garcia - (they've installed 2 windows and 1 sliding glass door in my home, and have done installations in at least 2 other homes in our building).

(2) Pella Window and Door Showroom of Springfield, 973-912-8822 (they installed a neighbors windows and she was very happy).

(3) Palisades Lumber in the Heights, which carries Marvin products. They can also recommend an installation person if you need one.

Some condo owners have also worked with Home Depot, but the exterior colors can be limited depending on what criteria you're obligated to work within.

Hope this helps.

Posted on: 2015/11/10 17:21

Re: Property Management

When my 28-unit condo was considering a property management change, Denali was one of our front runners. We opted to go a different direction but were impressed with their online tools, the manner in which they staffed the account, and experience in our immediate area as well as Hudson County. I think you would do well by them.

Posted on: 2015/11/3 19:06

Re: Safe to live in the Heights (Concord & St. Paul's)?

My husband and I moved to the Heights nearly 10 years ago from Brooklyn. We're at Sherman Avenue and Griffith. We do a lot of walking throughout the Heights and Jersey City / Hoboken area, both for commuting and recreation. I commute primarily through Hoboken but, depending on the train situation, weather, and other factors, will occasionally commute through Journal Square. I have never felt unsafe --- during a 5am run with my dog, an 8am walk to the station, or a 6-9pm return home. I often travel via Baldwin, which is charming with reasonable traffic and activity. I say hello to people on the street and am greeted with friendly smiles.

The community groups and subsets of them are very active in this area. I would encourage you to find the Riverview Neighborhood Association on Facebook or their website

Other groups that have been great resources for me and my neighbors (again, on Facebook):

* Riverview Arts District
* Heights Social Club
* Jersey City Heights Restaurant, Pub & Eatery Guide

I can't speak to the potential increase in value for your home, but I will say that the proximity to so many quality green spaces, community events, and access points into the city and points North, South and West of us, have an impact on quality of life and property values --- short and long-term.

I have a long list of Heights, Jersey City and other area resources that we share with members of our condo building --- many of whom are first-timers like we once were. It's a growing list of eateries, grocery stores and unique provisions, dry cleaners, pet care and other specialty needs. If you're interested in it, please email me at and I'm happy to share.

Good luck in your decision-making.

Posted on: 2015/9/25 17:33

Re: Condo Board or Management decision?

I'm in the Heights and have served on our condo board since 2009. We have 28 homeowners. Our master deed and bylaws dictate that the board has a responsibility to establish protocols and related fees (if any) for moving in or out.

If you set a policy and do not enforce it --- or do so in an irregular manner --- there are liabilities you create including, but not limited to, the perceived creation of a "class" within the HOA, as well as the impact on quality of life, the risk of property damage and the erosion (perceived or real) of property value.

Our particular building is self-managed after many years of paying a management company with the anticipation that they would handle the easy and heavy lifting. The reality is that the board must remain involved in all of the issues, especially with issues requiring enforcement. It sends a message that you're paying attention. It also allows you to monitor and adjust your agenda to incorporate new issues. Precedent is very important.

Historically, we had the same issues with moving. There was no formal policy in our House Rules so we used our agenda to review policies of other HOAs and developed criteria to meet our needs. This involved (a) requiring advance notice of move in or out; (b) setting fees for moving, with higher fees applying to days with higher occupancy (to protect quality of life); and (c) setting a high fee for violation of the policy. Separate but related, any owner who sublets is required to share a copy of our House Rules with the tenant and to confirm via email that they've shared the Rules and their tenant will comply or risk fees being applied to the owner's statement. Each renewal of the House Rules is also door-dropped where tenants reside and the cover memo clearly states that they apply to all residents.

I hope this helps and am happy to share a copy of our policy if that would help. Email me at if interested.

Posted on: 2015/8/19 19:15




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