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Re: Jersey City is closing its police academy to save money

You know its funny i read about how some woman wins, yes i use the word wins, 7 million dollars for "slipping" by the light rail, yet lets cut police in any aspect.

well i guess we have our prioritys straight in this country, state, citys.

give money to poeple that dont deserve it = high taxes

cut police = higher crime

i tend to side with the side of less crime and let me keep my money

ooooo i have an idea how about that lady donates some of her "hard earned" money and open up the academy

nah that wont happen she is using her money for stuff she needs like houses, vacations, cars, jewlery you know the important things in life


Posted on: 2010/8/7 17:53

Re: Fell Down at Path; 7 Million Semolians

so this is what this country has come to-a broken limb = millions? what happen to the days of you breaking somthing wear a cast for a bit, have poeple write on it, then go to work/school/sports when all better? so let me get this straight i work 40+ hours make my salary no money for vacation cause of taxes, "health insurance", and all normal everyday costs. this person slips and now is set for life? where is this ramp i have some bills to pay, and half a year hurt for a lifetime of comfort is fine with me.

now i understand some poeple will sit there and cry out "wellllll what about the people that are really hurt and need the money yada yada" okay dummies im talking about poeple like this so dont go there and start a huge thing.

well lucky that there are PI's for the insurance company that im sure will follow her around.

Posted on: 2010/5/30 13:52

Re: 9-Year-Old-Girl Fondled in Sears - Newport Mall

i would love to just blab away at what i do and how i am connected but i really cannot afford to just in case their is somone watching

now granted i am covered for "free" speech but rather not over turn dirt

but like i said i can give facts if i see information not correctly given

Posted on: 2010/5/20 14:22

Re: 9-Year-Old-Girl Fondled in Sears - Newport Mall

i do apologize for my spelling errors before as i was typing on my blackberry and did not bother to use spell check

to answer your questions on why the public did not get any footage or anything of that nature i cannot answer that. however i can tell you that law enforcement, prosecutors office, and security have been working many hours on this case to attempt to narrow him down to a location.

somtimes releasing photos or videos can deter the actor from showing his face and/or it can possibly lead to him fleeing out of the jurisdication of hudson county.

Again i can assure you that all aspects of law enforcement and security are still working on getting this guy as we speak

Posted on: 2010/5/17 22:24

Re: 9-Year-Old-Girl Fondled in Sears - Newport Mall

Description: Indian decent male age 28-35, dark blue shirt with white collar, blue jeans, brown color shoes carrying a red disney bag and a khols bag.

good enough for you? that description went out within s minutes of the act being commited. The actor was followed on camera but then became a ghost. Sears has footage, Khols has footage, Security has footage.

any other questions feel free to ask.

thank you

Posted on: 2010/5/17 15:54




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