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Re: Healy Volunteers removing signs from doors

Candidates' signs get vandalized

by Amy Sara Clark/The Jersey Journal
Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:00 AM

People who want to see Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy defeated in today's election have ripped down or vandalized about 2,000 of his campaign signs, a Healy campaign official said yesterday.

Vandalized Jerramiah Healy signs on Kennedy Boulevard near State Highway 139 in Jersey City.

Some of the signs have been cut in half and others had stickers of mugs placed over the "H" in Healy, said deputy campaign manager Craig Guy.

"It's unfortunate that our opponents feel this is the way to win an election. We are confident, however, that the voters will review Mayor Healy's accomplishments and those of his running mates and make an educated decision based on the issues, not vandalism," Guy said.

Healy's opponents - Philip G. Webb, Harvey Smith, Dan Levin and Louis Manzo - said their signs are being vandalized as well.

"They usually slice them right down the middle," said Manzo, who estimated that 100 of his signs have been vandalized or taken down.

Webb said that of roughly 40 signs put up by his campaign, only 10 are still in place. Levin and Smith said they didn't have numbers, but have seen many of their signs disappear.

All the campaigns deny vandalizing or removing opponents' signs.

Posted on: 2009/5/12 15:07

Re: Election Gets Nasty: Embankment's Developer, Steve Hyman Launches $150G "Anyone-but-Healy" Campa

Resized Image

Full Disclosure: As much as I would love to take credit for this, it was found on JCI website posted by enoch_needles. BRILLIANT! Two thumbs up and I have no support to any full ticket.
I'm voting for 2 people on the Healy ticket, 1 from the Smith ticket, 1 from the Manzo ticket and 1 from the Levin ticket and voting for the Hyman is a jerk from the reality ticket.

Posted on: 2009/5/8 20:43

Re: Double dipping on JC Council

Don?t forget the others who are also running for council like

Public Employees Fund
03/01/2005 RETIRED
Pension $40,269.48
Salary $91,132.33

He started there is 1990 and was also working for Disgraced former Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski until 1998. HE WAS RECEIVING MULTIPLE PAYCHECKS ... 0050325jj_bobbyj_max.html ... 36ec11c58f3d282d281bbeNew Jersey

There was a story about him on and now all the news stories about his firing were recently removed. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

The Jersey Journal archive section

11.) JCPA suspends King after finance probe, orders new review Author: Earl Morgan Journal staff writer Publication: Jersey Journal, The (Jersey City, NJ) Publish Date: October 22, 2004 Word Count: 659 Document ID: 105E3544E13E23CD After an hourlong closed door meeting to hear a report probing the finances and operations of the Jersey City Parking Authority over the past year, the agency's board voted 5-1 to suspend Executive Director James King without pay. Toms River attorney John Sheehy, who was hired as special counsel to compile the report, said during Tuesday's meeting that since the document involves a personnel matter it will not be made public at this time However, sources said............................

12.) Parking panel demotes King Author: Earl Morgan Journal staff writer Publication: Jersey Journal, The (Jersey City, NJ) Publish Date: August 27, 2004 Word Count: 707 Document ID: 104BC043DFE92F3A Before a special meeting of the Jersey City Parking Authority adjourned this week, the executive director was reduced to a mere figurehead as a new position, chief executive officer, was created, and several committees were formed to probe the agency's hirings and finances. David Lerner, who previously served as the JCPA's director of enforcement, was promoted to the new chief executive officer position, putting him in charge of the authority's Jimmy King Civic Association is sort of like an old-school Hudson County political clubhouse, and its leader, former Parking Authority chair Jimmy King, is sort of like an old-fashioned neighborhood boss. That's fine. On a nostalgic day, I could even be convinced the revival of handshake politics (not that it's ever wholly disappeared in Hudson County) might be salutary.........................

17.) JC Parking Authority operates in secrecy Publication: Jersey Journal, The (Jersey City, N.J.) Publish Date: June 23, 2003 Word Count: 583 Document ID: 0FD58D4A53BF48A6 The Jersey City Parking Authority meeting Tuesday night started with a bang when Deputy Director Terry Perri refused to relinquish her seat as acting director in the absence of her boss, Jimmy King. "I'm not giving up this seat," Perri declared, "and you can put that in the newspaper." Thus began one of the most unusual board meetings I've ever attended. It seems that King, who was reportedly absent to attend......................................

Here is also this Blog from the TrisMcCall Report

The trouble is that King is no Frank Hague. Chances are, he's not even the new John Kenny. Kenny got in at least four solid years of bamboozling the public; the Parking Authority saw through King the moment he walked through the door. Now, in almost every city, the Parking Authority is a repository of misgovenment. But King made a particularly awful mess of the finances of the department during his tenure there, scrambling the books, raising hell, and alienating people. By all accounts King treated his employees at the Parking Authority terribly, milking them for donations to his Association. Instead of hanging his head in shame -- which is what he really ought to be doing -- King has instead decided that he deserves a promotion to City Council. It seems absurd to even have to say it, but this man should not be a municipal legislator.

Posted on: 2009/5/5 5:42

Re: Double dipping on JC Council


alanwright wrote:
BrightMoment wrote:


So should I damn Booker's "insider" support for Mayor Healy even though Booker is doing good for Newark? Not black & white is it alanwright?

Leave the black/white dichotomy aside. Nobody holds that position. Certainly not me.

Booker is not a Jersey City insider because he does not derive benefits from JC in the way we're considering: relatives being hired, no-show jobs, parking ticket scams, etc.

He may be a political or party ally, but not an insider. Thus, his support for Healy and whatever he's doing good for Newark have no bearing on this.

Dang, hate to be the one to bust your bubble with the "not a Jersey City insider" theory.

Corey Booker is on leave from his partnership in the BOOKER, RABINOWITZ, TRENK, LUBETKIN, TULLY, DiPASQUALE & WEBSTER in Newark. This law firm holds numerous contracts in both Jersey City government [ like the incinerator and housing authority to name two] along with numerous financial firms like Goldman Sachs and developers. Elnardo Webster was Bobby Jackson, Joe Cardwell?s, Glen Cunningham?s attorney.

Posted on: 2009/5/4 0:02

Re: Double dipping on JC Council

Don't forget Viola Richardson - $40,000 on the city council and $85,000 at her job in Hudson County . (both publicly funded jobs). Oh wait, there is also that "disability" she went on as soon as she was elected and now gives her a pension from having to "retire" (sic) from JCPD. Odd how no one ever mentions Viola (3 taxpayer paychecks) Richardson.

Posted on: 2009/5/3 4:10

Re: A response to Mayoral Candidate Louis Manzo

Manzo accused, then Fulop said, then .
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everybody's talking about Fulop, Manzo, Catrillo, Levin, Gaughan, Brennan, Levin, Richardson, Healy, Lipski, Bertoli: All we are saaayiiiing is give peace a chance.

Sorry, that illusion for the Jersey City municipal election campaign season is long gone.

There has already been quite a bit of behind the scenes name calling and it finally broke out Friday, when mayoral candidate Louis Manzo, a former assemblyman, said that Downtown Councilman Steven Fulop is a phony. Manzo said the councilman, his right-hand man Tom Bertoli and Grateful Dead-loving Journal Square Councilman Steve Lipski have been badmouthing him to campaign contributors and others.

The former assemblyman charged the attacks are part of a deal Fulop has with incumbent Mayor Jerramiah Healy in which Healy has put up a Ward E candidate (Guy Catrillo) against Fulop with little support from the Jersey City Democratic Organization.

Fulop was unavailable for comment Friday, but he spoke to me about what he thought of Manzo's charges on Monday.

"Lou is mentally unstable," said Fulop. OK.

"He is always paranoid and sees conspiracies everywhere. He should stop wearing a 'tin' hat," the councilman continued.

I think Fulop meant aluminum cap - the kind used to ward off government or extraterrestrial radiowaves.

The councilman also charged that on Saturday, after the accusations, Manzo had begged him to run on his slate against Healy. Fulop said he turned him down.

"This is why they call him Loony Louie," said the councilman.

Manzo's camp sees the Saturday meeting differently.

"The meeting was actually called by Fulop with a request that Lou not run anyone in his ward - that it would cause a problem and may force a runoff in his (Downtown) ward," said Ivan Sutherland, a Manzo campaign spokesman.

"It was Fulop who got upset and said he will say things to destroy Lou," said Sutherland. "We're not getting involved in any schoolyard behavior, name calling. If it's not a debate on what is better for the City of Jersey City, we will not get involved."

Naturally, we could go back and forth on this for a week, but it should be noted that this form of political hand-to-hand combat provides only the surface of hidden, intricate layers of predetermined campaign plans.

Or they just wing it.

Posted on: 2009/2/25 15:42

Re: Councilman Steve Lipski accused of telling officials at his charter school to keep silent

Mr. Piss-ski is in the dog house again.

Posted on: 2009/2/17 1:40




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