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Re: Letters to the Editor: City must not re-elect mayor
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


icechute wrote:
The Bradley Beach incident.

The drunk, naked on the porch incident.

The "Hire-your-drunk-cop-cousin-so-he-can-kill-someone-on-the-skyway" incident.

I know I'm missing a few.....

And don't forget who else you get on the "Healy Team":

Willie Flood and her son....

Guy Catrillo (Is it a dove or a squab?)

Mariano Vega ("We need to study this a few more years....")

Hey you left out a few:

Healy's Deputy Mayor Ador L. Equipado charging extra for marriage licenses incident

Healy's Deputy Mayor Kabili Tayari arrested with a stolen car incident

Healy Team Councilman Steve Lipski arrested 2X involving alcohol (one for DWI) incidents

Healy appointed Municipal Court Chief Judge Molina ticket fixing indictment incident

I'm probably missing a few as well.............

Posted on: 2009/5/10 17:13

Re: Jersey City property taxpayers will see virtually no increase in municipal taxes this year
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Yea, I have a feeling that theses numbers are nothing more than "election time" figures. We will almost certainly be hit with an increase from Team Healy afterwards.

Posted on: 2009/5/8 13:21

Re: Mayoral Race: Compare 2004 to 2009
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

IMHO, the only person who really stands a chance against the Healy Machine is Manzo. As much as I like what Levin stands for, it's going to take at least another 4 years for people to take notice (throughout the city). The most likely outcome, will be a run-off between Manzo and Healy. Unfortunately, money is what decides elections and Healy has spent millions in an attempt to make people forget the last 4 years..........

Posted on: 2009/5/8 12:16

Re: Healy is trying to tarnish Manzo's time in Trenton
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

"One colorful and very expensive-looking mailer went out blaming Manzo for "Higher taxes. Higher crime. Fewer jobs. Dirty streets and parks."

Your first thought is why didn't we notice that Manzo was the mayor of the city?"

Whoever thought that mailer up must have had one too many at the Astor Bar. Next, lets blame Manzo as well as the other candidtaes for being in a distresed city while Healy campaign contributing developers keep lining their pockets.

Posted on: 2009/5/6 15:07

Re: Double dipping on JC Council
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Please point me in the direction for applications. I would love to supplement my income with a part time job that includes free gas, car and insurance. If the figures are correct, all I would have to do is add a few hours to my day for these perks. Only problem is, applications probably don't exist and you must know the secret handshake.

Posted on: 2009/5/6 14:17

Re: Healy is trying to tarnish Manzo's time in Trenton
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Healy has spent close to 3 million on his campaign (tax payer paid summer, spring mailers and construction/paving site signs not inlcluded). What's he afraid of? Manzo, Levin, Smith and Webb combined, haven't even come close to that figure.....

Posted on: 2009/5/2 16:13

Re: Downtowns impenetrable forcefield pierced by gunman... again
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Use the force Healy. Keep sending those mailers out about how crime is down and police presence is up

Posted on: 2009/4/29 15:37

Re: Healy declines debate
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Healy declined another debate - this one on affordable housing.

All of the other candidates attended with an assitant of Healy reading from a prepared statement. What's the deal here? Must have been another anti-healy event. Any pro-Healy debates coming up where we can actually see and hear him speak?????

Posted on: 2009/4/22 16:28

Re: Damn Healy Van
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I've heard the Healy sound box/video van spewing S#$T past legal operating hours as well. Never liked hearing it (from any of the candidates).

Sure it's a violation to be operating past listed guidelines, but if you think that a cop is going to stick his/her neck on the line to issue a summons against the Healy Machine, you're mistaken. That same cop will most likely be directing traffic on the skyway the next day.

Posted on: 2009/4/22 15:48

Re: Four candidates show up for Jersey City mayoral debate, but no mayor
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Does anyone know if all 5 candidates were together for a televised debate and where it can be found?

Posted on: 2009/4/16 15:13

Re: Municipal Election-Are we a apathetic electorate?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Like the last election, there will probably be a run off between Healy and Manzo. The well oiled Jersey City Machine will put Healy back in for another 4 years with a litany of WTF when taxes go up another 30% and the Police go into hibernation for 3 1/2 years.

If you like what you see, stay at home and let it happen.....

Posted on: 2009/4/15 13:41

Re: First Bloomberg now Cunningham giving Healy backing.
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

"Some of the mayor's recent actions, including support for keeping 31st District Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone on the Hudson County Democratic Organization line in the June primary, were to please Cunningham, who considers the Bayonne politician and running mate loyal to her."

Mayor Healy and Cunningham made a back door deal for the benefit of Assemblyman Chiappone who is now being investigated by the Attorney General for forgery. And this helps the way people look at our City how? Just another sad example of the politically corrupt City that we live in.....

Posted on: 2009/4/15 13:10

Re: Healy declines debate
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Have the debate at the Astor Bar. Mayor Healy will almost certainly attend.......

Posted on: 2009/3/29 3:03

Re: Join Team Vas
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

"Keep a watch on the news involving the indictment of Assemblyman Joe Vas, D-Perth Amboy, and some of his aides. I get this feeling that sooner or later, either through the state or feds, something about Hudson County will pop up.

Vas' personal driver, Anthony Jones, was indicted by the state on charges that he and his boss rigged a public lottery so Jones could buy a two-family home designated for low-and moderate-income residents.

This is reminiscent of a home buying incident during the administration of Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler. No one is saying anything illegal occurred, but the individual involved, who is now a member of the present city administration's inner circle, obtained a place to live through a city program for first-time home buyers. Perhaps more about all this down the road. Of course the individual involved can come talk to me about it. Give the city lawyers a rest - I have the paper work and would love to shoot the breeze. Or I can offer some more teasers."

Read the above in the Jersey. We've already endured the public drunk and disorderly within the Healy Admin. Will Jersey City be in the spot light again now for corruption? Who's the individual within Healy's inner circle that will be tarnishing our city this time?

Posted on: 2009/3/21 22:54

Re: Property Taxes: Mayor Healy vows to fight state-imposed school tax hike
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


shakatah wrote:
Corzine has nothing to do with "forcing the city to raise taxes". He did not need to tell JC anything because all the city needed to do was to take a look at the formula's components to know what was coming.

The new school aid formula was used to determine school funding for the first time this year and now for the upcoming year. The writing was on the wall as soon as "property wealth" was introduced into the formula and JC should've seen this coming and prepared for it as the formula did not just appear one day, discussions were being held for some time before anything was finalized and although nothing was certain while changes were being discussed, "property wealth" was always on the table.

FYI: I'd really like it if the Manzo, Healy, Fulop (whomever is guilty) hacks refrain from spaming the board with unwanted campaign literature and rhetoric.

Shakatah, who's to blame for this then? Healy?, the school board? After reading the article:

"Running for his second full term in May, Healy is fuming.
The way we interpreted the statute is that we did not receive the adequacy aid and as a result we are not required to exact any additional levy on the taxpayers," he said in a statement.

We're all entitled to our opinions especially when it comes to having to shell out even more money now to a City and administration that is having difficulties interpreting statutes, at our expense.

Hey, you left out out Harvey Smith and "shake it up" Dan Levin....

Posted on: 2009/3/18 17:04

Re: Property Taxes: Mayor Healy vows to fight state-imposed school tax hike
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


GrovePath wrote:
Jersey City Mayor Healy vows to fight state-imposed school tax hike

by Amy Sara Clark / The Jersey Journal
Tuesday March 17, 2009

Jerramiah T. Healy may have a beef with his friend and supporter Gov. Jon Corzine now that state officials are hiking school taxes in his city.

shakatah wrote:
State: JC, $10 is needed to pay for your schools. Based on your current property values you should be able to raise $8, we'll pay the remaining $2.

JC: State, $10 is needed to fund my schools. I can raise $5.

State: Your current property values suggest you can raise $8. Your schools need $10. We are paying $2. Raise the rest on your own.

JC: State is forcing me to raise taxes.

And the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the city's ill-conceived tax policy (abatement heavy and many decade+ property valuations).

This is just the beginning...

If Mayor Healy has Govenor Corzine's friendship and support, how could he not have known about this in advance? Healy blames the state for a tax increase and now he vows to fight for the cash strapped residents of JC - Yea, and I've got a bridge to sell you. My taxes have already gone up 30+% since Healy took office. Enough is enough with this guy......

If Corzine was such a Healy friend, he would have waited till after the May 12th election for this great news.

Just wait till will get hit with the next "Healy unexpected tax hike" -------- You'll see it right after the election

"Dear Commissioner Doria:

The City of Jersey City has introduced a budget that proposes to eliminate an approximate $15M expenditure for municipal employee contributions obligated by the city.

Jersey City is one of many municipalities under the DCA?s distressed city program ? requiring DCA guidance and approval for financial decisions and strategies.

City officials are quoted in news items regarding the budget introduction as stating they are anticipating that the state legislature will be passing a bill that will provide municipalities with the authority to defer their pension funding obligation for workers.

The city obviously has chosen a strategy that will enable it to send out lower quarterly tax bills in May, based upon the uncertainty of the passage of legislation. If the legislation isn?t passed, Jersey City taxpayers will be slammed hard in the next quarterly tax statements.

Most recently, Jersey City?s neighbor, Hoboken, was penalized by the State DCA for making decisions on state pension related matters without state approval. I, therefore, assume the city has received the permission of the DCA to waive its pension obligation and that taxpayers wont be penalized should the legislation permitting such action does not pass.

I would further note that the city has proposed an ordinance to exceed the state budget cap by 1%. This, also, I assume, is with DCA permission.

The Governor in his recent State of the State address spoke of further cuts to state aid for municipalities. How can the DCA allow for the city?s budget to proceed with a questionable $15M expenditure being written off and a 1% cap increase?

Can the DCA assure city taxpayers that Trenton will issue additional state aid to cover the budget shortfalls or increases being proposed by the city?

Thank you for a prompt response to my concerns.


Louis M. Manzo
Former State Assemblyman"

Posted on: 2009/3/18 15:28

Re: Dan Levin tosses hat in Jersey City mayoral ring
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


Vigilante wrote:
Like I have stated in another thread, this election affords us the opportunity to bring change to city hall with one swift blow at the ballot box. The machine in Hudson County and Jersey City is firmly entrenched and has many tentacles but all we have to do is cut off the head. One flick of the lever and things will start to change quickly and dramatically in Jersey City. It will never be easy but it has to start somewhere. I urge you to support Dan Levin. Shake It Up! Yes We Can. Levin 09'.

As much as I would like to vote for new blood in JC, I really don't think that Mr. Levin can "cut off the head" of the Hudson County Machine for this particular election. He is known in Ward E but needs the support of the other Wards to win. Healy has over 1 + Million in his political war chest. After watching JC politics for over 30 years, I can tell you that money and machine alliances wins elections in this City. Well known candidates like Councilman Fulop and former Mayor Schundler even dropped out after crunching the numbers.

In my humble opinion, voting for Mr. Levin at this juncture, would be like voting for Ralph Nader and allowing Healy's Machine to enjoy 4 more years at our cost. I believe that Mr. Levin has what it takes, but I also think that it will be another 4 years before we see it.

Posted on: 2009/3/10 17:30

Re: Political Insider: Healy fundraiser was filled with drama, but was there enough cash?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


fat-ass-bike wrote:
Purcell gets drunk at a Healy function - who gave her the liquor, was she getting paid by the city to attend - is there a rule about being drunk during paid working events, how many charges will she have and finally will the cops notify her insurance company that she was drunk when she hit the other cars?

Should we be all forgiving ? What if she had killed some-one, like Healy's nephew or cousin (forgot which one) who was a JC cop ?

"Soon after Healy's fund-raiser was ending, Alice T. Purcell, director of Jersey City pensions, was arrested, finger-printed and photographed and then issued a summons for driving while intoxicated, according to police.

At about 11:10 that evening, police were sent Downtown to the 300 block of Sixth Street in response to a motor vehicle accident. They found that a Chevy Impala driven by Purcell had struck two parked cars."

The most important thing is that no one was hurt during this particular incident. Unfortunately, there have been other alcohol related events within the Mayor's administration that has put Jersey City on the front page numerous times (Mayor Healy's arrest in Bradley Beach involving an altercation with Police outside of a relatives tavern, Healy's front porch photo, fat-ass-bike's avitar says it all). Coucilman Lipski's arrest in DC for urinating on people off of a balcony as well as a previous driving while intoxicated arrest in PA, the tragic driving while intoxicated car accident that resulted in the death of a child struck by Mayor Healy's cousin. He was hired by the Healy adminstration as a Jersey city police officer. I'm sure that there are more.........

What I would like to know is, what legal ramifications are there for political events serving alcohol? Also, when a city employee causes injury as a result of being served at such an event (even while not working), will the tax payers of the city bear the burden of any litigation/suit? I believe that a suit has already been filed against the city by the victims of the motor vehicle death involving the Mayor's cousin.

Posted on: 2009/3/10 2:31

Re: Manzo on Crime
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


JerseyCityNj wrote:

J_Downtown wrote:
"When asked his plan for improving crime prevention, he [Manzo] said: "I will stop manipulating crime statistics, because we are only fooling ourselves."

I was looking at the crime statistics supplied by the JCPD on there website and I get the impression the statistics are being manipulated. Crime in January of 09 compared to crime in January of 08 shows a decrease in every category except murder and rape which has went up since last year. Me and many of the people I have spoken to are under the impression crime seems to be going up especially robbery and burglary. The stats say something different though.

My question is what do other JClisters think? Do you think the numbers are being manipulated or do you think people are just getting a false impression? Since the recession has started even in the suburbs robbery and burglary seems to have went up. Why would it go down during a recession in the second largest city in the state that has a good sized criminal population?

If King Healy says that crime is down in JC, than it must be true. Why would Healy lie? The only thing that he stands to lose is the election and everything that goes along with it.
As Councilman Fulop has already stated "in my experiences with Jerry Healy he has never kept his word about anything,?

Coupled with Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy's conviction for resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law during a tussle with cops in Bradley Beach in 2006, Fulop said these incidents would lead investors to "question the leadership" of Jersey City.
"It is very humiliating," he said.

Just look at Healy's response to taxes from his last political mailer "Municiapal tax rate Stable For Two Years In A Row"
Mr. Mayor, you left out the other two years and the 30%+ tax hike that we've been walloped with since you took office.

Crime down, stable taxes, new jobs, paved streets. Is there another Jersey City in NJ that I'm not aware of?

"Believe your own eyes"

Posted on: 2009/3/8 0:27

Re: Manzo Accused,then Fulop said, then
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


super_furry wrote:

npcityjc wrote:.

I also find it a little odd that Councilman Fulop has stepped down off the anti-Healy podium with his most recent pro Mayor Healy comments "I think he did a real nice job. I think he has a lot to be proud of, and he highlighted a lot of the positive things that are happening in the city"...

Can you provide evidence that Fulop stepped down from the "anti-Healy podium" ? How do you explain Fulop's recent criticism of Armando Roman, who has very close ties to the administration? Jeesh, and when Fulop directly attacks Healy he's accused of grandstanding.

You can believe whatever you want, but please back up your accusations, which I believe are not accurate.

As far as Manzo goes, I came to the conclusion back when Cunningham was mayor that Lou was too erratic (unstable?) to be our next mayor. Fulop made the right decision to run as an independent. and I'm disappointed that Carrol is running on the Manzo slate.

How could you think otherwise when Councilman Fulop is clearly quoted as saying that he believes Mayor Healy has done a real nice job and has a lot to be proud of (Fulop quote) "I think he did a real nice job. I think he has a lot to be proud of, and he highlighted a lot of the positive things that are happening in the city" why the sudden change of heart?

How can Fulop say that Healy has done a real nice job with a lot to be proud of while throwing out comments about how Healy has never kept his word about anything (Fulop quote) "in my experiences with Jerry Healy he has never kept his word about anything,?

There was also an article in the Jersey where Councilman Fulop requested a "Healy Probe" (Fulop quote) Fulop launching "an investigation into waste and abuse of tax payer dollars and blatant conflicts of interest in the Healy administration" My comments are not accusations, they are from quoted facts.

I also read the article concerning the promotion of one Fire Capt. Councilman Fulop's comments were clearly directed at Mr. Roman, not the Mayor.

I have a lot of respect for Councilman Fulop and was disappointed to hear that he was not running against the machine for Mayor. At this point, (in my humble opinion) I feel that Mr. Fullop is more concerned about his re-election than "Open, Honest. Government".

As to your comments about Mr. Manzo, I have not decided who I will be voting for this May. When I last checked, there were 4 candidates on the slate. I have also seen the comments about Mr. Manzo being unstable - most of them as political stickers defacing public and private property throughout the city from the last election.

If Healy and Manzo enter into a run-off again, I will be forced to vote against the Healy regime. I don't know too much about Smith or Levin and would like to hear more. When comparing Healy and Manzo's record, it's clear who the unstable person really is.

Posted on: 2009/3/2 16:58

Re: Manzo Accused,then Fulop said, then
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


Yahoo wrote:
I would like to begin this post by saying that I fully believed in Councilman Fulop since he first ran for councilman. While some might believe that I am politically naive, I trusted in councilman Fulops' pledge of "good government" that he touted before and during his term of office and trusted his representation that he would run for mayor and implement his good government pledge.
Over the years Mr Fulop has continually criticized and taken what I thought were principled stands against Mayor Healy's haphazard and incompetent administration of this city. However, recently Mr Fulop has broken his promises to run for mayor he has taken some curious and inexplicable actions with regard to his interaction with both Mr Healy and Mr. Manzo. Since Fulops announcement that he would not be running for mayor, Fulop has sudenly stopped dead in his tracks in his criticism of Mayor Healy and his administration despite its continuing ineptitude. He has actually appeared at a Healy event and has denied that this should be construed as an endorsement of Mayor Healy. Healy has even selected Guy Catrillo (a great individual but a weak candidate) to run against Fulop in ward E. All of these actions to me signal that Mayor Healy and Councilman Fulop if not actually conspiring to cede the Ward E council seat to Fulop, have at least reached a sort of political detente which will result in Fulop's acquisition of that seat. Fulop has even redirected his political venom from Mayor Healy and has now directed it at Mr. Manzo. I am especially surprised by the type and intensity of Mr Fulop's juvenile venomous rhetoric toward Mr. Manzo who he has labeled as "mentally unstable", "a paranoid conspiracy theorist", "Looney Louie", and as wearing a "tin hat". This coming from an individual running for public office in this city is unacceptable, and especially shocking coming from Fulop who was once victimized by the same type of venemous rhetoric by then JCPD Police Chief Robert Troy who labeled Fulop as "Chicken Little" the sky is falling Fulop. Chief Troy has since been relegated to the dustbin of history but now Fulop has adopted his vicious temperment. One would think that after being similarly abused Fulop would exercise better judgement.
Taking into consideration all of the above it seems to methat the facts seem to corroborate Manzos version of events than Fulops whose version seems to conflict with his current political interests. Since Fulop eventually wants to be mayor it is logical to conclude that he would rather run against a candidate with Mayor Healys record and notoriety than against a candidate with Assemblyman Manzos credentials. By adopting this strategy Fulop, for personal gain has decided that the people of Jersey City can put up with four more years of Healys incompetence rather than achieving his proffessed goal of good government through collaboration with individuals of simiar mindset. In Short Fulop has put his personal interest before those of the citizens of Jersey City. There is no room in good government for those who check the political weather vane for which way the wind is blowing and that is why I can no longer believe in or support Mr Fulops candidacy. My father once told me that when someones actions are contrary to his words that I should look to his actions for final definition of his intentions. Your actions and words follow divergent paths and your actions indicate that you are a political opportunist. Mr Fulop you have let your constituents down in your quest for personal advancement and that sir is simply unforgivable.

I also find it a little odd that Councilman Fulop has stepped down off the anti-Healy podium with his most recent pro Mayor Healy comments "I think he did a real nice job. I think he has a lot to be proud of, and he highlighted a lot of the positive things that are happening in the city".

The Mayoral is only months away, but I find it hard to believe that Fulop would allow his idea of "Open, Honest, Government" to take a back seat for re-election purposes.
It was not too long ago that Fulop was quoted as saying:

"I got his letter, and my initial take is that, in my experiences with Jerry Healy he has never kept his word about anything,? said Fulop So there is a trust issue as always. My goal and the petitioners? goal is a better Jersey City. I?ll discuss it with the other petitioners and we?ll go from there. But the way Jerry Healy has handled the salary situation certainly jeopardizes any trust.?

?The public will see these people have their entire families on the public payrolls for years. If they want transparency, I?m willing?. I?m ready to do it. Healy?s not. He?s the one who?s blowing smoke.?

"If you look at his career, and what he?s supported, you can see he?s always been an organization man. And it was recently reported in the Asbury Park Press that Tom DeGise engineered $14,400 in contributions to Healy?s campaign from Ocean County Democrats. This happened on the same day that DeGise gave $14,400 to the Ocean County Democratic Party. So you see how wide the reach of the machine is, and you get some sense of the amount of wheeling [same day in, same day out contributions] that happens."

"Downtown Councilman Steven Fulop called Lipski's arrest "embarrassing" for Jersey City.
Coupled with Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy's conviction for resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law during a tussle with cops in Bradley Beach in 2006, Fulop said these incidents would lead investors to "question the leadership" of Jersey City.
"It is very humiliating," he said."

"Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy doesn?t have the official endorsement of one of his biggest critics, City Councilman Steven Fulop, but in the rough and tumble of the municipal election season, the two seem to be getting along quite nicely. Fulop attended Healy?s announcement. Healy is running a seemingly weak candidate for Councilman against Fulop in Ward E ? perennial candidate Guy ?the Squab? Catrillo. And now he told the Hudson Reporter: ?I think he did a real nice job. I think he has a lot to be proud of, and he highlighted a lot of the positive things that are happening in the city.?"

I would like to know where Mr. Fulop stands when it comes to Mayor Healy? I for one am not a Healy supporter and can not in good conscience, vote for anyone that supports him.

Posted on: 2009/3/1 5:31

Re: Journal Square/Heights boarder: Nab burglary suspect exiting car
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


NewHeights wrote:
i agree 100%, the reponse has been not only prompt but they are showing up in force. Hats off to JCPD !

Isn't an election coming up soon?

It's like clock work. Police response times and police visibility will increase 3-6 months before the election and drop right off afterwards.

My hat is also off to the fine job done with the burglary arrest and the sudden increase in police visibility. Unfortunately, it's an election year and it wont last.

If Mayor Healy thinks that by putting extra Police out and lighting a fire under their a$$#s a few months before an election will make me forget about the last 3 1/2 years, he's wrong. Violent crimes are up. Property taxes are out of control (a 30+% increase since Healy became Mayor), along with tax abatements for wealthy developers and the arrest of Mayor Healy himself while in office will force me to look elsewhere when I vote in May.

Posted on: 2009/3/1 0:31

Re: JC council introduces $460.2M budget - seven months late - but $15.7 million less than last year's
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Please, do you really want us to take what Business administrator Brian O'Rielly says as gospel when it comes to Jersey City taxes? BA O'Reilly, no matter how well intentioned, works at the pleasure of Mayor Healy. It should also be noted that Mr. O'Reilly's brother was hired by Mayor Healy as the Chief of the Jersey City Fire Dept. This was done only after Mayor Healy intervened with the New Jersey department Of Personnel and requested that they waive the requirement that Chief O'Reilly complete a year in service in his previous rank which Chief O'reilly had not yet finished.

From what I have read, Fire Chief O'Reilly did come out first in the testing process administered by the Department of Personnel, but this does not take away from the fact that Mayor Healy intervened with a state agency on behalf of his busines administrators (politically appointed) brother. In no way am I implying that O'Reilly is not a good Fire Chief or a good appointment by Mayor Healy. He may be doing a great job. What I am saying is that when Business administrator O'Reilly is defending the Mayor's tax position, we should view his thoughts with caution and with a grain of salt.

Posted on: 2009/2/15 14:00

Re: Property tax bills not as bad as you think
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Pension deferral is budget's big 'if'
Thursday, February 12, 200920
O n Monday, the Jersey City City Council introduced a nearly half-billion-dollar budget by an 8-0 vote. This newspaper must assume the unanimous vote was out of courtesy because as it stands, this fiscal year budget that ends June 30 may bring future fiscal problems.
This $460 million spending plan is on its face illegal, if approved. The introduced budget makes a big assumption - and municipalities can not legally make such a huge supposition.

City officials took into account a deferral of half its pension funding obligations for the year. By excluding payments into pension accounts, Jersey City hopes to save nearly $15 million.
There is one problem. The state Legislature has yet to approve a bill under considerat ion that would allow municipalities to defer those pension payments. This is no small oversight.
The city is anxious to avoid the multimillion-dollar obligation, which would translate into a tax increase that would sting in an election year.
Still, it is hard to believe the city is acting unilaterally. Can local officials believe that the state would OK the city's budget with a pension deferral as a component of the calculations?
The measure in Trenton faces stiff opposition by legislators who believe the already underfunded public employees pension system has been hurt by recent ill-advised state investments. More investment losses are expected as the national economy and Wall Street continue to stagger. Critics rightfully charge that Gov. Jon Corzine's plan to allow municipalities to not pay a half-billion dollars into pension accounts over a three-year period could put the system in danger of collapsing.
Jersey City officials should also be aware that Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, is against the bill. Here in Hudson County, veteran Sen. Nicholas Sacco, D-North Bergen, is a big opponent of the measure and Jersey City should take any promises by the state administration that Sacco will agree with the bill with a big grain of salt.
Also lined up against the proposal are the state's police and fire unions, a formidable lobby.
Jersey City should come up with a more realistic budget - one that should20not rely on one-shot deals or major cuts in social programs. Officials should accept that the use of smoke and mirrors is becoming too obvious.

Posted on: 2009/2/12 15:42

Re: Property tax bills not as bad as you think
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


Shadow wrote:
Gee, and I thought all that big, old development going on would make the taxes smaller for us strapped homeowners & the like but I guess we also have to pay for the 300 new cops Healy hired. You've seen them, right?

The only time you're going to see them is right before an election. What I do see though is a 30% + increase in my taxes. Add to that the amount of arrests within the Healy camp (he has two on his belt already).

Change that I can see? Please get off the Obama wagon.
Have one on me Healy. Maybe a drink will make this all go away.........

Posted on: 2009/2/12 2:39

Re: Property tax bills not as bad as you think
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


jcecker wrote:
After reviewing the posts I see that npcityjc remarks that Mayor Healy was arresteed twice,I was only aware of the one time he was arrested down the shore somewhere for fighting with cops.Are you saying he was arrested twice?Please don't take my post as minimizing only one arrest for a figure who represents our City but I was unaware of his second arrest.Does anyone have information on a second encounter with the cops?

Here you go

The Mayor of Jersey City Is Convicted Over a Scuffle
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Published: June 23, 2007
BRADLEY BEACH, N.J. June 21 ? A municipal court judge in this shore town found the mayor of Jersey City guilty of obstructing justice and resisting arrest in a clash with a police officer a little more than a year ago, leading the mayor?s wife, Maureen, to hiss, ?It?s a disgrace.?

The mayor, Jerramiah T. Healy, said in a news conference after the verdict that he had no intention of resigning his office, and would most likely appeal the decision, rendered by a municipal court judge, John G. Colannino, who ordered Mayor Healy to pay $828 in fees and fines and then imposed a stay of 20 days.

?Naturally, I?m very much disappointed,? said Mayor Healy, who was elected in 2004.

The case had become a cause c?l?bre in Jersey City and here in this modest town, where Mayor Healy vacations and where his sister owns a bar.

It has also reopened questions regarding Mr. Healy and his participation in other bizarre incidents.

In 2004, as a councilman, he was photographed on his porch nude after a night of drinking. In 1999, he and his wife were arrested at their home in Bradley Beach and eventually pleaded to disorderly persons charges.

Neighbors claimed to have seen Mayor Healy, wrapped in a towel, struggling with police on his front porch. The towel eventually came off.

When asked about these incidents, Mayor Healy, a former assistant county prosecutor and municipal court chief judge, said of the police here, ?I don?t think they?re out to get me, I think they?re overzealous.?

It was last June that Mayor Healy, now 56, was at Barry?s Tavern, his sister?s bar, celebrating his niece?s graduation from the police academy. Mayor Healy testified that he had drunk five to seven beers over five hours. He said he was not drunk when he left the bar around 2 a.m. and found a man hopping on the hood of a car with a woman inside. Mayor Healy told the man to get off the car.

When the police arrived, Mayor Healy said that he told an officer, Terry Browning, that a woman the officers were interrogating wasn?t ?doing anything wrong.? He added, ?There?s nothing wrong here.?

Officer Browning testified that he told Mayor Healy to move along, but he did not. Many witnesses said that Mayor Healy pointed toward the officer, who grabbed his hand; a struggle ensued, and ended with Mayor Healy in handcuffs and pepper spray in his eyes.

A witness testified that Mayor Healy exclaimed, ?I?m the mayor of Jersey City.? But when Mayor Healy took the stand, he denied saying that.

In the course of the struggle, Mayor Healy?s wife fell to the ground. Whether she was knocked by officers or tripped was a matter of contention among witnesses.

At one point, officers testified, Mayor Healy squared off in a boxing stance.

Judge Colannino, after a two-day trial that featured 14 witnesses, sided with the prosecutor on many details. ?He was told to move on,? Judge Colannino said in reading the verdict Friday afternoon, concluding that Mayor Healy resisted arrest, a misdemeanor. ?He did not do that.?

Mayor Healy, in interviews over the past year as well as in court this week, portrayed himself as a Good Samaritan, a man who saw trouble and tried to intervene before the police arrived. He and his lawyers tried to convince the judge that the officers directly involved in the case, Terry Browning and William Major ? who, respectively, had been on the force for six years and almost six months ? overreacted out of inexperience.

Mayor Healy and other witnesses further claimed that he was sprayed with pepper spray while both of his hands were cuffed behind his back and he was lying face-down on the pavement. But Judge Colannino said that he believed the spray was unleashed before Mayor Healy was handcuffed.

Jason Shamy, the municipal prosecutor, said: ?He seemed to feel very strongly that he was wronged. The judge felt differently.?

Posted on: 2009/2/6 16:31

Re: Property tax bills not as bad as you think
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


jcecker wrote:
The title of the article should have read like this

Property tax bills not as bad as you think-They are actually
much worse than you think!

Excuse me for now,I have to go and fill out some applications for my third job.Thanks alot.


Posted on: 2009/2/5 15:11

Re: Journal Square man shot in leg; no arrest made
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

What's going on? I live close by and so far have have read about the homicide on Coles, the homicide on Rutgers, the stabbing at Newport mall and now another shooting on Brunswick.

It's only now that I'm seeing more cops in the area. The Mayor puts them out right before an election and then tucks them away for 3 1/2 years. One big dog and pony show in my opinion

Posted on: 2009/2/2 18:01

Re: Board of Ed suspends accused Dickinson High janitors in connection with the theft of sound equipment
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I may be wrong, but isn't Patrick "Pat" McCarthy the same individual that constantly posts in the Jersey Journal about what a great Mayor we have. I think that Mr. McCarthy is Mayor Healy's vice chairman to the Jersey City Democratic Committee. It's interesting that the stolen microphones and wireless speaker system were recovered from the garage of the Astor Bar the day before Mayor Healy's political bash there. Guess he had to speak a little louder during the event.

Posted on: 2009/2/1 6:17




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