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Re: Manzo : I Will Not embrass you

I know this may sound a little naive but it is really embarrassing to see just how blatant and unprincipled some of these politicians are, from Healey to Manzo. It's hard to see how any of them can be seen to affect any real change in our dilapidated system. It just seems like they are two heads of the same coin. I am not someone who involves themselves in city politics too often, I can't say I've never voted previously for any mayoral elections just because of how much more base city politicians seem to be. It always seems like a lost cause. I plan to inform myself independently about these candidates this time around however, because I remind myself how important it is to affect positive change on the local level. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of other jc list posters regarding this, not the ones that have obviously infiltrated this site on the timely cusp of these elections because frankly, it's a little sickening, but the ones that are planning to vote etc. Lastly, what happens if you are out of town on a business trip during mayoral elections. Is there anything you can do?

Posted on: 2009/4/2 18:32

Re: Embankment- Update Thread

can someone update those of us who couldn't make it about the meeting last night?

Posted on: 2009/4/2 11:52

Re: jersey city rock n roll

Bowery Boy Blue


Posted on: 2009/2/24 21:58

Re: Announcing The Neighborhood Feral Cat Initiative

I'm sorry but I really don't agree with this at all. Why are we interfering with wild cats? Maybe, I sound ignorant but it just doesn't make sense to me. I realize abandoned cats are another story, but why we would go around neutering wild cats is something I cannot comprehend. I could understand if we had packs of dogs running around like I've seen in some poorer countries but I think that most cats born in the wild survive just fine in the city. Why are we tampering with mother nature in this respect? I don't see that these cats pose a problem at all, on the contrary, they keep the rat and mouse population down! I'm sure you are well aware of how bad the rat problem is in Manhattan, just wait till the summer rolls around again. Moreover, in this city alone, you can see the vast difference between the rat population in areas that do not have stray cats, as opposed to areas that do, such as the Van Vorst area. I live in this area where there are many neighborhood cats and I have never once seen a rat. I can't tell you how traumatized I am from living in Manhattan and downtown Newark and seeing rats in the streets at night all the time. I am happy to live in this neighborhood and have always been happy that there are cats that roam free. I am not saying this to issue a challenge or anything, I am honestly against this. If you could kindly clarify I would greatly appreciate it, because I think there is something I am not understanding.

Posted on: 2009/2/21 0:13




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