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Re: Pick-up truck fire at 42 Bright Street @ Barrow St.

Hey- what the hell is the point of your post?
Yes, there was a car fire early this morning.
Yes, it involved both the mattress truck and an older-model white car.

What the hell do you mean by "The owner might have a property or garage on Bright b/c I've seen a crowded mess over there."? I have never seen that vehicle parked on that block of bright street.

What the hell is the point of your observation that: "Also, there is a weird used car dealership (chop shop?) on the block as well. I'm not sure that's a financially sound use of the property. You can see their row of decrepit garages here. And I wonder if the property is grandfathered in for zoning purposes."

What is the bais for a) your belief/assertion that the garages along bright street are associated with the business to which you refer, other that he fact that they are located along bright street? What is the basis for your assumption that these garages are associated with the garage and not the properties on grand street that back up to them?

also, what is the basis for your suggestion that B and B auto is a "chop shop"? Why is this not slander? What makes you think this- I realize that this business is neither a) a manufacturer-affiliated dealership nor b) a meineike. It also, from what I can tell from walking by, is run by people who may not be white!!! What other info have you, sage poster, been able to discover upon which to base your accusations? Were I associated with this business, I would not take kindly to your pronouncements. More importantly, what the hell does one have to do with another? I guess that your post could be read to suggest that the fire in the mattress truck is somehow connected with some bias you claim the area residents may have had against it or its owner If that's the case, why do you identify the auto shop in your post- are you suggesting that it, too, be "dealt with"? Tool.

In the same vein, why do you mention the abandoned fire house next to 18? Are you suggesting that someone torch that?

Your post makes no sense and makes you seem like a complete tool and a douche.

I realize my spelling and grammar sucks, but I am a little toasty right now and I could not let your imbecilic post go un-commented upon.

Posted on: 2009/5/17 4:18

Obama on the Video Box Truck

Apologies if this has been discussed to death already, but I saw Obama on that video box Red Dawn-esque re-edeucation camp campaign truck that cruises around pimping for Mayor Healy. And pimping for Healy our president was. I am not as in touch with JC politics as I should be, but that left a bad taste in my mouth. What's the story, just the party leader doing his bit? Does anyone know if that was made post-election/inauguration?

Posted on: 2009/4/17 2:11

Re: Top 10 Beer lists: In anticipation of Zeppelin Hall (beer garden)

I don't know if this is old news or not, but there is now a web site (a placeholder) for this place: The domain is registered to John Argento, who is referenced in the NYT as the owner of the Sand Bar.

Posted on: 2009/3/3 20:24




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