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Re: Obama Coming to Jersey City Wednesday
Home away from home
Home away from home

That was a hypocritical display of rudeness by many who claim to support justice, honesty, integrity and equality.

Typical democrat "entitlement" behavior....

Posted on: 2008/1/10 15:02

Re: Parking at Newport Mall
Home away from home
Home away from home

The garage at the intersection of Erie & 9th is part of the Hamilton Square Project and will eventually be torn down when the developers get to that phase of the project. It will be replaced with condos and I believe some parking in the base of the building.

That being said the current parking garage is NOT next to the mall. It is two blocks away on Erie.

Posted on: 2008/1/8 16:21

Re: Kucinich for free at a diner, Obama for $2,300 at a restaurant
Home away from home
Home away from home

Obama has Healy's endorsement???? Thatt seals it. Now I'm definitely not voting for him.

Posted on: 2007/5/13 12:46

Re: Gun store owner vs. 'Chappelle's Show' comedian in fight - Shots fired after apparent double-parking
Home away from home
Home away from home

Wait a minute. So these black dudes physically attack Dave Murrray and it's Dave who is wrong for firing his gun into the air? Are you nuts? I know if I decided to physically attack some black dude over being blocked in I would not in the least bit be surprised if he shot a gun. I would be even more surprised if he had the self-control to fire into the air and not at me. But you know what, I wouldn't attack somebody over parking no matter what he said to me because I can exert self-control. Ashy Larry is lucky this guy didn't blow his ashy brains out which he was well within his rights to do in my opinion. All Ashy Larry had to do was move his car back enough. And if he didn't want to move his car so be it. But the minute he takes it to the level of a physical altercation then all bets are off. In this day and age he who hesitates in that situation has a good chance of winding up dead. (Especially if it's in front of Jordan's). I say shoot away Dave. If I was in Dave's shoes I would have done the same thing. Ashy Larry is nothing but a punk ass niggah.

Posted on: 2007/5/12 4:47

Re: Please stop the huge 9/11 memorial at LSP - it will ruin the park's views of the Manhattan skyline!
Home away from home
Home away from home


CleanGov wrote:
How many 9/11 memorials do we have now in JC?

I say we have an individual memorial for each and every person.

A tree should be planted in the park for each victim.

There already is a place called The Grove of Remembrance in Liberty State Park that has a tree for every New Jersey victim. It also has a large plaque with every NJ victim's name and I think it is very tasteful.

We don't need ANOTHER memorial. What is the Grove of Remembrance then? Chopped liver?

Perhaps more trees should be planted to account for every victim. But that's it.

Posted on: 2006/8/17 14:57

Re: Mayor Healy and many Jersey City residents speak out against the design for the new 9/11 memorial
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jesus Christ how many memorials do we need. Besides, Liberty State Park already has the Grove of Remembrance. And what's gonna happen when the next terroroist act happens? Another memorial next to the first memorial?

Posted on: 2006/8/1 2:00

Re: Final Recomendations to the St. Francis Hospital Redevelopment Plan
Home away from home
Home away from home

I can't wait for this project to start. I'm sick of looking at this abandoned hospital and the planned development will never please everybody. Let alone somebody from 3rd st. with 17 points that he feels need to rectified in order for progress to be made.
Let's get this construction started already.

Posted on: 2006/3/28 3:56

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