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Re: Downtown: Man stabbed and robbed on First and Brunswick going to bar

"sounds like racism... maybe you're just not too "diverse" of a person. or maybe they just don't appear to be predominantly caucasian, like all the other bars."

sounds like stupidity. maybe you're just not too "smart" of a person. Or maybe you just have a vested interest in one of these dumps and you think shouting RACIST is a good way to get nervouse caucasions to back off.

Posted on: 2010/4/7 18:40

Re: Fire closes Bally's Total Fitness gym in historic Journal Square building

Feel the burn!

Posted on: 2010/4/6 18:25

Re: The Brass Man Downtown

the brass man lol! He's just a musician following his dreams! Birds gota fly, cops gotta hassle us, we gota pay the taxman and he's gota play that horn!

Posted on: 2010/4/6 17:19

Re: Girl in basement on Colgate btn 1st and 2nd?

What a crazy story! Poor girl! Well I guess it isnot our place3 to judge after all it was God's will and the lord works in mysterious ways!

Posted on: 2010/4/6 17:04

Esperantos Pizza

Does anyone get this pizza? I wanted to like it so badly but the place is mad deprssing. Needs a fresh coat odf paint, some music, and if you wnat toppings they just put canned veggies on top before reheating your pizza... they need to make some FRESH.

I don't knwo how they make their money to pay their rent unless its some kind of money laudndering front for a latvian gang.

Posted on: 2010/4/6 16:22

Re: Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden

I been down to Zeppelin hall a bunch since it opened last summer and usually had a good time.. the food is a total afterthought, unfortu8nately, and I guess when you figure the markup and quantity of beer they sell thats just the way they're playing their game, so why should they burn too many calories making the food actually QUALITY and tasty?

other than that the security guys are kind of thugs, and I know one guy personally who was punched in the face by one of their bouncers a couple weeks back while they were kicking him out of the place. and sure, kicking someone out is okay if they're being a dick but in this case they got him confused with some other guy who was annoying some girls? anyway before they determned who was at fault they had grabbed my friend and thrown him out the side door. Then the dude sucker-punched him and broke one of his teeth. gotta love phone videos, tho-- our other boy got it all on tape so you know how that goes: police report, lawyers, and soon a lawsuit for assault. anyway-- I guess he's etiher gonna get a fat settlement or free beer and shitty food for a couple years, lol.

Posted on: 2010/4/5 21:06

Re: Sneakers being hang on telephone line

I dunno, I've seen them up on lines in places with no buildings, so...

More likely it's just a spot where either:
a) somebody's shoes wore out
b) a nerd was caught by jocks
c) a baller got shot, yo!

Posted on: 2010/2/18 20:26




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