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Re: What happened to Green Cow?

Their Indian food & pizza was pretty good and they were busy during lunch time and evenings as well. I think Korean deli took away lot of business from them and then quality deteriorated. Anyways if I heard correctly from someone, the rent was 15k and it's pretty high for a corner place like that. Landlords should not have allowed another deli in the same building.

Posted on: 2010/4/21 21:14

Re: Real estate prices in Jersey City

Very hard to understand what this person is saying !!


GetTheFacts wrote:
If you are looking wait, it will drop further than many could imagine, the safest place for the least drop is Journal Square cause it didn't rise quite the same rate as did downtown. And more of the homes in Greenville is very risky still even though they are cheapest. And the Heights like downtown could have a correction as well the closer they are to Hoboken, the more they rose.

Any of the new Developments remember the tax they should prediction after the abate it will be atleast twice if not 3 times that amount which will make it harder to sell than something which isn't abated.

For example after the abatement ended for the address 1 Greene Street in Paulus Hook, after the Abatement ended there was probably 20-25% of that building which hit the market within less than 1 year because of how much are now having to paid on them.

But if you are really set on the new stuff with not much moving wait to know when there are 5 or less remaining, as they might even sell them just to rid of it, since it is pure profit than having to wait for some one else to come along and might be cheaper than the first 5 were.

IE Trump or Gulls Cove, they have only another building each they won't start till all them are gone, because then they would have to discount them even further than that which they know. And the reason they do that is because on many of the sites unlike real estate agents who are independent contractors 1099, those individuals are W2 paid not 1099, so the last thing the developer wants to do is keep contribute to them, since with the others they wouldn't be. And the Manager alone are areoun $200K a year and the other are in the neighborhood of $80 a year, add it up and they are paying nearly $480K plus more more just to have them over 1099 individuals, so the shorter they have to pay the more they save on that other expense.

On all the rest of the units, it is that price or you don't get it period end of story. As each one or 3 or decided amount the all the prices raise of what is offer and that goes on many times.

In Manhattan because the taxes unless you are the property city hall will never tell what they are because you could have a property owner on the 2nd floor paying twice that amount of more on the 39th floor who may have paid more or not for there depending on when they put on the market. The taxes would be all over the place but the prices will be the same size in the same line of the buildings: Liberte Harbor is the exact same way as is Trump as is Gulls Cove as is Christal Point I think it is called as is the 1st building of the Beacon as Liberty Terrace and several in Jersey City and Hoboken as a tiny company called the marketing directors who is maybe 10 years old runs or ran them all, with the Salaried employees not the 1099 ones. And I would know as I worked for them where it was more precious to have a renter from Hoboken who had connections to that City Hall for those developers from there, than the two of renters from Jersey City, than a property owner or property tax payer and voter. Property Owners are much more stable than renters which any real estate agent in Manhattan can tell you because it is the most transiant City in the World with 75% rentals.

And even when they have 10 left they will begin negotation because usually by the time they hit 5 the vast majority of developers which just hand them over the the agents who are 1099 and not W2 and even make double the commission for the remaining, and save all that much more than having to pay those salaries any longer. Since it is really going to work and doing nothing and hoping it continues on forever.

Posted on: 2010/2/28 23:51

Re: Spirit of Laxmi


KOCTEP wrote:
Am I the only who does not like the place? The take out was exceptionally oily, portions small. I ended up paying $28 for two orders of Matar Paneer (lunch special). One piece of Bread for two orders. The owners of this place are the same folks who own Portside Deli (hahaha 3 times). If nobody notice, but these folks don't cook their food, just reheat it (Amiya does the same).

I say Amiya is a bit cheaper for lunch and bit more classy. My personal pick is Bombay in Tribeca.

You are not the only one. Food we orderd from this place was bad. Sometimes it's hard to believe these false reviews. I have spoken to few people who have been here and none of them liked this place.

Posted on: 2010/1/13 4:17




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