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Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

You're absurd. Give them? are you serious? first of all, I'm assuming you are referring to Pulaski skyway... Pulaski did much more for the United States than he did for Poland. He is an American Patriot, and as of last year, An AMerican citizen. And through his service to the United States, in whose name he perished, he certinley merits a bridge name.
Katyn monument wasnt "given" but the Polish community of Jersey City and area raised the funds to create this beautiful testement to the struggle against communism and USSR. Its a part of the world history, and jc history.

And regarding your slimy jab about the colors of the empire state building, -- totally out of context. Yes, there were some Poles upset because they're proposal was decline although in previous years it had been approved. Also, its upsetting to some Poles because just a few weeks prior to Pulaski Day, the Empire State bldg lit up Yellow Red Black for the Germans, thus why not also honor the Poles. And its their right to be upset... has nothing to do with stereotypes or any other BS your advocating. Quote:

trp3 wrote:
sinik wrote:

I wonder how many statues to Columbus there are in Poland


in a related matter, you'd be surprised to see how many poles were pissed off because NYC didn't light the empire state building in polish colors to commemorate Pulaski this year. but, that's just the way poles are. give em' a bridge, give em' a monument....they'll still complain about a light display.

Posted on: 2010/11/12 3:41

Re: Bayonne or Jersey City Heights?

Deff recommend Bayonne for schools, but look into the grammer school districting, there are better and worse grammer schools. Look into Horace Mann, or Washington Community School districts. East 38-45 streets are really nice. and close to light rail stations (45 and 33)

Posted on: 2010/5/13 2:57

Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?


heights wrote:
This is not about J.C. history and culture read the thread title. Ever heard of Europe.

The United States is unlike most other nations in that its history and culture is the blend of the immigrants who founded, and populated this nation.
Almost every city in the NorthEast is what it is today because of the immigrants who came over and populated it. Their history, cultures, and traditions thus became a part of the city, and the region.

Posted on: 2010/5/1 21:37

Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?


12345 wrote:
The word to consider here is Public. It is objectionable to many and is therefore inappropriate. If it were a scene of a movie it would be considered PG or PG 13 because the image is violent and "material may be not suitable for children" and therefore not suitable as Public Art. I do not want my kids to see it. Put it in a museum where people can choose to see it.

If your concerned about your children seeing innappropriate things, you ought to worry more about the half-naked "women" around Jc....

Seeing such a monument will do them no harm, but may in fact stir an intererest in them about history, about their heritage, and about freedom.

Posted on: 2010/5/1 15:28

Re: Okay, so who here thinks the Katyn monument needs to go?

I read all these posts and I have some thoughts to share

1.) This monument was envisioned, and constructed through the will and hard work of the Polish Community in Jersey City. Tax payers did not pay for this, the people raised money and made this monument as a testement that they will never forget what happened in Katyn in 1940.

2.) Those of you who say to dump it in the ocean, shame on you. Uncalled for.

3.) Those who fail to understand the symbolism of the scuplture. The "stabbing in the back" is very often used phrase when describing Poland in World War II, because when WWII erupted, Poland was fighting Germany, from September 1, however on September 17, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, unnanounced and unprovoked. Thus the Poles refer to the Soviet Invasion as a stabbing in the back. So that is why the POw is being bayonneted.

4.) Is the monument gruesome, sure, but I find it very fitting. It conveys a message, and it commemorates the dead. Its a part of Jersey City culture now, and to do away with it is a travesty. It does not obstruct the view of NYC at all. If you want to see NYc, do behind the sculptuer, along the water.

5.) And for those who dont know, the monument is still in use, serving as the site of numerous Polish ceremonies and events.

Posted on: 2010/5/1 4:34

Re: Jersey City 9-year-old is named World's Cutest Vegetarian Boy

9-year-old PETA contest winner proud to be a born vegetarian
Saturday, November 14, 2009
Getting Perry Martijena to eat his vegetables is not a problem.

The 9-year-old Jersey City boy is proud to be a vegetarian.

He's also been crowned one of two Cutest Vegetarian Kids in a contest by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

"I usually don't win a lot of contests," Perry said, recalling how he was in the middle of a tennis class when he heard the news. "So I went back in and said, 'I won the contest, guys!'"

Hundreds of kids had sent their photos in to the third annual contest, said Marta Holmberg, PETA assistant manager of youth campaigns. Six finalists were picked, three boys and three girls, who were winnowed down to a boy and a girl winner.

The winners - Perry, and Grace Jencks of Park City, Utah - are celebrated on and will be featured in Animal Times, PETA's quarterly magazine.

Perry, who is also an actor, explained that he's been a vegetarian his entire life.

"I was born that way," he said.

His mother, Robyn, said she never liked the thought of eating meat.

"When we think of eating pork or eating a burger," Robyn Martijena said, "we actually think of the animal."

Perry said he enjoys eating tofu chicken nuggets, soy corn dogs and veggie burgers.

Robyn Martijena has given her son the option of trying meat at relatives' homes, but said he didn't want to. The family's mini-poodle, Veni, is allowed to have meat.

Perry, who is home-schooled, likes to play video games in his spare time and is also a fan of the outdoors. He has appeared on "Law & Order" and starred in some television commercials.

An only child, he said he doesn't want to force anyone to be a vegetarian, but hopes that people will follow his example.

"I feel like I'm making a change in the world by being a vegetarian," he said. ... 58183505289230.xml&coll=3
1.) Home schooled
2.) Vegetarian
3.) "Actor"

Posted on: 2009/11/15 17:30

Re: Savas - Polish Cafeteria Opens on Grove Street

Agreed, gotta stop by this weekend and bring some home to Bayonne.

Posted on: 2009/11/4 23:26

Katyn Memorial Services

Memorial Services in memory of the 1940 Katyn Massacre as well as September 11 attacks will take place this Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 2pm at Exchange Place by the Katyn Monument.

All are invited to attend.

Those who will be present include:
- numerous city, county, and state officials,
- numerous veterans organisations
- officials involved in the Polish community

It'll be a nice ceremony, and even if you can only stop by for a short while, I hope you do.

For those who are not familiar with the Katyn Massacre:

Posted on: 2009/9/18 21:10


Good luck with your event, hope you get a nice turnout.

Posted on: 2009/8/29 3:41

Re: Savas - Polish Cafeteria Opens on Grove Street

how has this place been doing? anything new insides? i havent had a chance to stop by yet, will have to soon.

Posted on: 2009/8/23 4:27




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