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Re: What's going there? (Heights edition)
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


MDM wrote:
Did the re-development project on Cook street (near the County Courthouses) get cancelled?

Originally, it was going to be similar to the development on St. Pauls Ave & Oakland (same developer I think). The signs showing the planned development are gone and it looks like the land is being used for parking by the County.

Did the County take this property as part of the new planned court house?,-74.05718,20.5z

This is the most recent I could find/last thing I saw about that area (yes, going to be a new courthouse): ... garage_and_land_swap.html

Posted on: 2017/4/17 16:43

Re: What’s going there? (Journal Square edition)
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Yeah, McGinley Sq is def better than where I am. I appreciate people living without cars. I've done it since moving to JC in 2000. I did it for months in my new neighborhood as well. Not for me (I'm also a little older - probably would've been fine 5 or so years ago still).
But, I can now see that people who will move to these proposed new buildings in neighborhoods outside of downtown (and I guess outside of McGinley Sq), who have the money to move to these buildings, just might want the convenience of a car. I would wager a lot of them would, actually. Every one of the condo owners in my building brought their car (or two) along as well. It's going to happen.
I side with the residents on Perrine on this one.

Edit to add: This isn't about the cost benefit of owning a car or not. It's about the convenience, and whether people moving into new buildings are going to have cars to park or not.

Posted on: 2016/12/11 0:55

Edited by exart on 2016/12/11 1:18:40

Re: What’s going there? (Journal Square edition)
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I lived in the bubble of downtown for over 15 years before moving out of the downtown area. I too believed cars were unnecessary in JC. I carried groceries home on foot, had places like Lee's and Tender Shoot for smaller needs, and restaurants all around (well, at least for the last 5 years). I had zipcar for the times I needed to get more than I could carry, or for the occasional trips to Ikea/Target etc.
Earlier this year, I moved out of Downtown. I'm still under a 15 min walk to the JSQ PATH for my work commute, but you know what? There is no zipcar within walking distance to my place now. There is no grocery store, no place to get kitty litter. Yes, I can order online, but that gets old and complicated with waiting for deliveries around my work schedule/how my building is set up (delivery drivers don't use the intercom!). I cannot get to the farmer's market at the PATH station before it's packed up due to my work hours. There's a whole number of reasons I recently caved and got a car. Thankfully, my building has parking. My plan was to rent my space, but after a few months, I realized that I could really use a car.
If you think you don't need a car in ALL areas of JC, you must live in the bubble of the downtown, where yeah, you totally don't need a car.

But Perrine Ave is not like downtown, and until there are grocery stores, produce markets and/or other amenities in the neighborhood, some people will have cars there.

Posted on: 2016/12/10 0:25

Re: Buying a car for 1st time in years - where to start?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I recently decided to do the same, having moved to an area of JSQ with no zipcars or grocery stores within walking distance.

I found the app iSeeCars super helpful, and with that app, and sites like, you can often access the carfax for a car as well.
I'd say use the internet to research and decide the make(s)/model(s) you want, then once you narrow that down, monitor the new listings on sites and apps (kinda like when buying real estate!), which will also familiarized you with pricing.

I believe the posts about the dealers on 440 - they never seemed to have good vehicles/always seemed higher in price. In the end, I found my car at a dealer an hour south (missed out on a few by not acting fast enough, that were at dealers north and west)...

Posted on: 2016/11/2 22:17

Re: Longish-time JC resident interested in buying...somewhere
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

My advice is to just start going to open houses/seeing places that are for sale.

I think even if you're not ready to put in an offer right this moment, it's helpful/educational to go look at places that are for sale in your price range.
For one, just getting to the places helps you see neighborhoods/areas...but then after a while you'll start to get a sense of what you can get for what price and how the commutes are, and maybe be more sure when something does pop up that you like. Being quick in this market is important!

That's sort of how my partner and I did it (unintentionally, as it were, though). We just closed on a place in JSQ, after spending over a year looking to buy something (I've been a renter in downtown for 16 yrs).

Posted on: 2016/7/29 23:06

Re: Jersey City Realtor
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I'm using Redfin to purchase my first condo - in the middle of it right now, and it's been pretty awesome.

I had been looking downtown for over a year, went through two regular agents before settling with Redfin. Speed is totally an issue downtown and even in JSQ (where I've ended up buying).
I started using Redfin's website just to find listings, and would see properties pop up on their site before my first agent(s) would notify me (and one of them totally said 'you're finding things before I even see them'). I finally just read about how they work and started using them.

It's a new model/online based, and I'm super happy with it. My agent there, Noah Goldberg, has gone out of his way to get us into places first, and now in the buying process, deals nicely with all my stupid first-time buyer questions and even ran to Montclair to pick up some documents from the seller's office for me one evening (I don't have a car). The refund of part of their commission to help with closing costs is pretty nice too.

Their website, updates listings every 15 minutes or something like that (and pulls from all the different MLS's in the area - also see some FSBO places on there too). They have an app too, which they seem to think is awesome and the "future," but my personal experience is that it's not as up-to-date as the website...

Posted on: 2016/3/26 16:56

Re: Promising condos in JSQ?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Regarding real estate agents, ugh. I've been looking to buy for the past year+, and seriously, I believe none of them really care (at least when representing the buyer). My first agent was totally useless, so I tried a couple others after further research and word of mouth recommendation (none of them really did anything for me, though).
I was (still am) using Redfin ( to see what was getting listed and what was getting sold/under contract etc, and would always be asking to see a place before my agent ever got wind of it coming onto the market, so finally just started using a Redfin agent as well, and they've been great. Their website is by far the most up to date. Things linger on other sites well after they're already under contract...
The Redfin agent I have is great, and they're always available for anything. Read up on how they work - it's interesting.

As far as condos go, there's a new construction, smaller development that is about a 10 minute walk from JSQ. It backs onto Rt.139, so not sure about the problems/issues that would go along with that, but perhaps the smaller studio unit is something in your interest/price range. It's listed as 65 Fleet Street/Fleet Manor. I checked out their open house and the model unit looked nice enough.

Posted on: 2016/2/19 22:47

Re: If you hear a loud jet sound, its because there are two fighter jets flying around
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

they must've just been late:

8/26/2015 12:00:08 PM
Notify NYC - Planned Aircraft Flyover
Notification issued 8/26/15 at 12:00 PM. Tomorrow, August 27, 2015 at approximately 10:30AM there will be a flyover involving four military aircrafts near the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan. The event will consist of a B-25, P-51, F-16, and F-22. The planes will converge in New York Harbor and maintain an altitude of 1500 - 2000 feet. The aircrafts will then travel northbound along the Hudson River and land in Newburgh, NY. A photo of the aircrafts are available at

Posted on: 2015/8/27 15:31

Re: The Gannon, on First Street
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


I_heart_JC wrote:
Anyone else check out their open house? Lovely fixtures, and seemingly solid construction, but yikes, those are some seriously wonky layouts over there.

Long skinny bedrooms, kitchen islands a foot and a half away from the stove, windowless dens that are larger than the bedrooms, 2 giant full bathrooms in a one-bedroom unit...

And $1.4 million for a 1500 sq foot apartment? In Jersey City?!

Will be really curious to see how this sells.

I went to one of their open houses last month. It's shocking to see how poorly the smallest one bedroom is laid out, and how much they're actually asking for it. The website says they start at $495K, but their literature at the open house lists the starting price for the smallest apartment (614sf) at $535K.
Some nice finishes, but still....

Posted on: 2015/3/9 20:42

Re: Nine Bar Cafe
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I popped into 9 Bar for a latte and it was fantastic...a really good tasting coffee.
Will definitely be going back.

Aside from 9 Bar now, Dames on Jersey Ave has been my go-to coffee place. They serve Counter Culture coffee (and sell the beans as well). Very smooth, and the ladies there know what they're doing on the La Marzocco espresso machine. I'm surprised no one's mentioned them when talking coffee...

Posted on: 2015/1/15 0:07

Re: Exclusive bus lane at Columbus and Marin?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I was out of town for a couple of months over the summer for work and when I got back, I saw that left turn lane was now "bus only." I thought that meant no more left turns for cars at that intersection at, as a way to curb traffic that cuts through the neighborhood off the turnpike to get to the tunnel. Then I think I heard it was only during rush hour...
Regardless, there is no info posted about it being only during certain hours, and looks to be just as labelled on the pavement - Bus Only.
I see a cop out there during rush hour, though - some enforce it and make cars get out of the bus lane, others just watch as car after car turns left from that lane.

I'm mostly a pedestrian here, but cross at that intersection often. When driving, I just avoid it - will go blocks out of my way to avoid it. I've never seen any accidents there, but I imagine it'll happen eventually and only then will the city do anything about making the rules for that intersection clear and/or consistently enforce both pedestrian and driver rules...

Would totally like some clarification, though, on whether you actually can turn left from the middle lane onto Marin legally...I'll look around next time I'm walking there, though...

Posted on: 2014/11/28 17:56

Re: The Kitchen at Grove Station (corner of Columbus and Marin)
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I popped in last week to grab a coffee and check it out. While drinking my coffee, I chatted with one of the people involved in getting it opened - I mentioned that I'm vegetarian and they went out of their way to say that the chef is veg friendly and they don't mind special requests/modifications to the dishes to accommodate.
They do have some veg items on the menu as it is as well.
Seems like very nice people running it.

Posted on: 2014/11/15 20:59

Re: UBER - car service in Jersey City
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Generally, I think Uber is great.
Taxis in Jersey City (and from the airport) are death traps, though. They're falling apart and have been the scariest rides of my life, to the point where I avoid them on this side of the Hudson altogether now. I can't believe there's no regulation in place for the safety of taxis or competency of their drivers (or at least it sure seems like that - never looked it up).

I only use Uber and car services in JC now, and while I've had a few mishaps with UberX drivers (one driver rear-ended another vehicle while looking down at his GPS, another took me into NYC and was making rights on red all over the place), Uber black car has always been great, and the vehicles always seem recent model and very safe with both.

Posted on: 2014/11/9 18:03

Re: PATH is down again today!
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

When I saw this PathAlert yesterday [ Current PATH Service: JSQ-33 (Direct service. Not stopping at HOB.), Newport-HOB (Shuttle), NWK-WTC (WTC & Ex Pl stations open.) ], I got a little verklempt. It seemed like they maybe had it together a little bit after some issue at HOB.
I should've known, though - still no agents or clear announcements at the stations to disseminate info.

I had something come up where I had to run into the city yesterday, and I was super lucky WTC was running.
By time I was finished and heading home, I had received a PathAlert saying the JSQ / 33rd via HOB was resuming normal service, but I had no idea whether that meant WTC was still running. I chanced it and went down to the station and it was still running. No idea if it's still running today, or how late it ran yesterday, or what...

Posted on: 2014/9/28 15:07

Re: What is that NOISE!!!!!
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

There is no way that work at Pershing Plaza last night was an emergency that couldn't be done in the day.
The CAT machine and other equipment was delivered over a day in advance. Also, I've seen them do that same thing (jackhammering up and then patching the giant hole) twice during the last six months in daylight hours.
I would like to know how they were given a permit/variance for the all night work. Looks like they'll be back again tonight...

Posted on: 2014/5/7 12:52

Re: Clear TV
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

If you have a Roku box, you might want to look into Aereo. I just started using it in December (after trying it for the free month trial they offer and really liking it). It costs $8/mo, but you get everything that's OTA (live streaming networks), along with the capability to record a show to watch later if you want.

I have a Mohu leaf antenna (looks similar to the clear tv antenna) as well that I was using before Aereo - for whatever reason, I could never receive CBS with it, and couldn't get the other OTA networks at the same time without having to move the antenna around.

Aereo is just too easy. It's a "secret" channel on the Roku, so you have to add it from the site...

Posted on: 2014/1/17 2:20

Re: Need feedback today PATH train
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Candice said it was someone from the PATH Advisory Committee asking for feedback...that does not mean it is management, and does not mean any of the suggestions will go anywhere.

I participated in the patron advisory committee a few years ago and basically they listen to your suggestions, tell you why something will not be possible or that they're working on it. They explain how some of their operations work, give you a tour of the Harrison maintenance facility and basically make you feel they are listening and want to make it better.
However, nothing seems to change really.

Still no cell service/wifi (this is up to other companies to provide - at the time of my service on the committee, they mentioned TMobile and I think Verizon being interested in providing those services in some stations), still no improved signage at problem stations, still overcrowding at certain times, still no updated signal system that I feel like has been taking a decade to install (yeah, I know it was affected by Sandy, still frustrating, though), still lax enforcement of rules etc. PATH management has heard all of the things mentioned here before.

I do recommend signing up for the committee, though. It's very interesting and you learn a lot, even if things still stay the same...

Posted on: 2013/11/7 22:23

Re: DelForno=Awful
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

my first rental in JC was managed by del forno - it was back in 2000/2001. rented directly through the owner - a sweet little russian lady, but mailed our rent checks to del forno.
one day, came home to an eviction notice on the door. apparently, our rent check never arrived, and instead of calling us, they immediately started eviction proceedings on the 6th day of the month. they also only filed it in my name, when there were two of us on the lease...
i called them and explained that we mailed the check and we'll immediately send another, and they were super jerks to deal with. that was maybe our 5th or 6th month there, and we had to send our rent via certified mail after that.
we also started complaining about things to them via certified mail (broken things/lights out etc), and eventually discovered some illegal things going on with the lease/owner, which allowed us to break the lease in our 10th month and be free from del forno. the owner was really sweet, though, and she asked why we changed and became so unhappy, and we told her about the eviction (which is still on my record somehow!) and del forno being such jerks - she said she wished we had told her about problems with them in the beginning.
i doubt she stopped using them, though...

del forno are definitely the slum lords of JC.

Posted on: 2013/2/2 18:19

Re: Assault, Grove Street at Montgomery
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

yeah, there was that shooting on wayne near grove a couple of weeks ago too. i thought for sure there had to be more info, rather than a random shooting with no police action (i heard the shots, didn't believe it was gunshot sounds, especially when i saw no police activity or canvassing or anything of that sort).
while there still might be info i don't know about, what i have seen/heard leads me to believe that the police indeed don't give a s**t.

so perhaps we do need to step up our awareness out there...

Posted on: 2011/9/23 15:36

Re: Local Veterinarian
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

@I_heart_JC: I go to Worth Street Street Veterinary Center now (
I can't say they're any less expensive, but I totally trust them at this point - the Dr. is pretty awesome and you can tell he actually cares about the animals. Just recently had my dog's teeth cleaned there (first teeth cleaning - was a bit apprehensive since it's a small breed) - everything was perfect.

Also, on my first visit, I was showed the entire facility, so I'd "know where they take the animal if it had to be taken to the back for a procedure." Brand new and spotless.

Posted on: 2011/1/12 18:50

Re: Local Veterinarian
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

i've had a super bad experience with downtown vets. i wouldn't even recommend them for routine things at this point. i'll be happy to give anyone my experiences in PM - will spare the details here...
i went there for years, though. finally, after hearing and reading good things about dr. fede at westside, i switched to her early 2010...i totally loved her and just wanted one vet to manage my pet's care. while dr. fede was awesome, i didn't get a good vibe from westside, and couldn't find any good recommendations for the other vets there. when she left, i decided to try a vet in the city (i don't have a car, so a place near the PATH in the city is more do-able than secaucus, or i'd totally have gone there - and my pets are totally small and carry-able in their carriers).

i found an awesome place near WTC. the doctor is very smart and doesn't push unnecessary things, and actually takes the time to discuss things/answer any questions.
it'd be great if there were a decent local vet downtown, but for now, i'm sticking to NYC.

Posted on: 2011/1/12 2:54




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