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Re: Skunks out of control in Lafayette!!! City Sides with Skunks!

Re: Animal Control

I recently called Animal Control and asked them to come to my home. An animal had gotten into our house (there was scat and prints but no sighting). They refused to come out because I didn't know what type of animal it was or where it was in our house. Really? I was speaking with a woman named Brittany. Unsatisfied with her response, I asked to speak with a manager and she informed me she was the manager.

One last time, I asked her to please send someone to my home. She told me I needed to hire a contractor to find out where the hole were in my house! Yikes!

Who is in charge/responsible for Animal Control? I was being bounced from 'Jersey City Animal Control' to LHS and back ... and in my case, without any service or help. This needs to change.

Posted on: 2019/9/11 14:08

Re: Place to donate Magazines?

Perhaps public school art teachers or school libraries.

Posted on: 2018/12/2 19:09

Re: Blueberry picking around JC

For what it's worth.

My family went blueberry picking at one of the places listed - not important which one - 'pick your own' is 'pick your own.' It is a wonderful experience for children, and nice for adults too. Kids gain an understanding of the hard work that goes into being a farmer and harvesting crops - an invaluable lesson in my opinion.

However, the prices are almost 4x's what you will pay in Shoprite for the exact same quality. Why? Because you're paying for the farm's liability insurance, which is exhorbitant for any 'pick your own' farm open to the public.

'Pick your own' blueberries at the farm - 10 pints for $70
ShopRite blueberries - 6 pints for $24

My suggestion - go pick a pint for the experience and then go to ShopRite and buy as many as you like ... stock up ... freeze them ... and enjoy them throughout the year.

Also, they charge you for the boxes/containers to put them in ... so you may want to bring your own basket/box!

Posted on: 2018/7/26 14:03

Re: Crepe Guru on Bright St

There having a soft opening. Their crepes are delicious!

Posted on: 2018/7/13 16:59

Re: NBC antenna relocation and signal

Call the 212 664 5520 number ... they just sorted out the problem.

Posted on: 2018/4/3 1:06

Re: N.J. teacher charged with sex crimes on 3 students

What a nightmare! The 19 year old student, (classified/special needs if she is still at student at 19), reported the alleged sex crime to a school guidance counselor on February 8th. On February 16th, she reported the same incident to the Hudson County Sheriff's office because the school hadn't taken any action.

Why didn't the school take action? It wasn't until 5 days after the student made the allegation that the accused teacher was removed from the classroom. The Superintendent said that it was because of the snow day and delayed opening. What???

Also, why didn't the school turn over the information it had to the Hudson County Sheriff's office? The school had received complaints of alleged sex crimes involving the same teacher prior to the February 8th complaint.

Not only the teacher, but the school needs to be investigated.

County Prep High School was not protecting its students. It was protecting the teacher, the school and who knows who or what else ... that should be investigated as well.

Posted on: 2017/3/10 23:04

Re: Will Jersey City and Hoboken ever lose Abbott District Status?

We all know that Jersey City is a very diverse community - economically, visually and socially and we all know that early childhood education and stimulation are crucial for a childs' development. The 'issue' or 'problem' is not one of color, single parent families or ethnic background. There are educated and uneducated single parent families, immigrant families and families of color. Although the Abbott system isn't perfect, it does provide access to an early education for Jersey City children who otherwise would not be able to attend pre-school. Yes, there are families who can afford pre-school for their children who do enroll their children in Abbot funded pre-schools. I don't think they should be blamed for taking advantage of the Abbott pre-school education - that is a problem with how the system is set up. There are difficult, complicated and sad situations found in all types of families. On the extreme end, school is sometimes the only constant in a child's life (including eating a regular meal for breakfast and lunch). The Abbott system isn't perfect, but it does provide help to a lot of families who do need the help. I don't believe in 'hand outs' but education isn't a hand out - it's a hand up. Maybe a better question is - what can we do as neighbors, individuals and /or groups to help? Just my two cents.

Posted on: 2015/10/19 22:59

Re: Car scratcher in Van Vorst

I've seen and observed this man during the last six years that I've lived here and I've never seen him behave in such a way. He always seems to be minding his own business, doing his own thing and living his life on his terms. Always struck me as a benign guy.

Posted on: 2010/3/24 4:25

137 mercer street

Here is an invitation to everyone/anyone interested in hearing some classical piano music on saturday or sunday at 3p.m. both days.

same place - same time - a student of mine will be performing a few original songs - i best describe him as a vietnamese bob dylan - he's "got it" and with luck and enough ambition i think he will make some noise.

Lastly, throughout the day - there will be an exhibit of photography taken by indigenous children - ages 12 - 15 - from the Peruvian Amazon. I think it's something special.

Hope to see/meet you.



thanks to everyone who's helped.

an invitation to all/jcatinvitation to all - jcartour

Posted on: 2008/10/2 2:16




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