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Re: Grace Church on Erie , are you deaf ?


neighborJC wrote:
Property taxes have gone through the roof. 1/3 of the cities budget is paid for by real estate taxes. What do we get.? We get to experience a wonderful party every Saturday night at 38 Erie street, b/w 2nd and 3rd streets, Jersey City , hosted by our understanding friends at Grace Church.

This so called 'helping the youth' weekend party attracts a huge crowd to go with the extremely loud music. Leaving people like myself feeling unsafe to leave my apartment at times or walk the streets.

Perhaps our tax-exempt inconsiderate neighborhood church needs to take care of its neighbors first and turn down the volume or let the neighborhood churches be responsible for keeping these kids off the streets. ( these kids do not live in the area)

The noise levels including the thumping bass is unacceptable for a residential area - not to mention the many rowdy kids that party away till way past midnight as the music gets louder and louder.

Grace is deaf and doesn't listen.

Your thoughts ??

3rd and Erie neighbor.

Don't forget about the assortment of cheap vodka bottles spread out around the neighborhood.

Posted on: 2009/3/10 14:18

Re: Top 10 Beer lists: In anticipation of Zeppelin Hall (beer garden)


trp3 wrote:

I'm surprised Fat Tire is not on anyone's list.

I'm a huge fan of Anchor Steam, in my top 3, but Fat Tire at times can be arguably better.

I always look forward to Fat Tire on tap when I'm in Las Vegas.

Fat Tire makes my list! Probably a close #1 or 2 (Magic Hat #9 is at the top as well). Same brewery that makes Fat Tire makes Sunshine Wheat, also very good.
Too bad we can't get them back east. I brought a case on a flight as my carry on luggage once.

Posted on: 2009/2/25 17:16

Re: Authorities nab 13 reputed Bloods gang members, drug dealers


GrovePath wrote:
The agencies that participated in the investigation were: the FBI, the Union County Prosecutor's Office, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, the Newark Police Department, the NJ State Parole Board, the Elizabeth Police Department, Kenilworth Police Department, Linden Police Department, Roselle Park Police Department, Scotch Plains Police Department, Springfield Police Department, New Providence Police Department and the Union County Police Department.

What about the "Insane Mob Gang" notebook picked up by JCPD.

Posted on: 2008/11/21 18:54



jillianp wrote:

aloria wrote:
The car flyer thing is the worst. Lots of people don't even take those flyers to the garbage and just throw them in the street. When those glossy cards get wet they glue themselves to your windshield; I've had to spend a good 20 minutes scraping bits of paper off my glass with a razor blade because someone left like 3 of those cards on my car on a wet day.

Yeah, I really think this should be illegal.
And regarding the flyers not making it to the trash...I was just thinking earlier today about the lack of trash cans in Jersey City. In Manhattan they are on every street corner (and sometimes in the middle). The only trash cans that I have found near me is at 5th and Jersey, Hamilton Sq Park, and on Newark and Erie...
why is that?

This has been brought up at the Harsimus Cove Association meetings..We had the director of the incinerator authority come and he explained that people abuse trash cans on the corners by putting their home trash in and then they overflow. Sort of difficult to enforce I guess unless they look for mail in the trash.
I thought he said they would revisit this idea and I was under the impression they would put trash cans along Erie...that was at least 6 months ago.
I think we need them, the neighborhood is full of trash.

Posted on: 2008/11/19 17:01

Re: Can you post your local community meeting information?

Info from the Harsimus Cove Association website:

Harsimus Cove Association:
Newark to 5th St
Marin Blvd to Monmouth St

We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month (except August and December) 7:30 p.m., at the Community Room in Villa Borinquen.

To find it, look for the park and fountain on the corner Manila Ave (Grove Street) and Second Street. Go through the gate behind the fountain to the entrance.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, November 19th, 7:30 pm

Subscribe to Yahoo group:

Posted on: 2008/11/14 18:16

Re: Can anyone in local goverment hold thier drink (Lipski this time)?



Give this guy a break. did he get piss drunk and act stupid, theres no question to date, at the end of the day he's human and makes mistakes just like the rest of us...

Can't get over just how many of you get off on this crap!


piss drunk..wasn't it drunk piss?
I don't think pissing off the balcony on a crowd of people qualifies as a mistake. Being so overserved that you tell your wife how much you dislike her pot roast is a mistake.

Posted on: 2008/11/10 14:23

Re: Best Dry Cleaner?


GrovePath wrote:
"Tetrachloroethylene is a colourless liquid widely used for dry cleaning of fabrics, hence it is sometimes called "dry-cleaning fluid.

Results of animal studies, conducted with amounts much higher than those that most people are exposed to, show that tetrachloroethene can cause liver and kidney damage.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified tetrachloroethene as a Group 2A carcinogen...

Exposure to very high levels of tetrachloroethene can be toxic to the unborn pups of pregnant rats and mice. Changes in behavior were observed in the offspring of rats that breathed high levels of the chemical while they were pregnant."

There is a cleaner on Newark Ave about a half block from the Grove PATH that is organic. They told me their method doesn't use a chemical, I assume it is the same one. I can't recall the price, but it wasn't unreasonable.
For location though, I go to the one on Jersey/5th. My only complaint is that they've used starch when I asked them not to.

Posted on: 2008/11/5 14:26

Re: New Jersey voter registration ends at 9 p.m. tonight! -- Tuesday October 14


karindiann wrote:
Here is another site where you can register:

Please, if you are not yet registered, take a moment to do it now.

URL wasn't complete
as an alternate.

Posted on: 2008/10/14 19:30

Re: More rants about the PATH

I'm happy that they would test the trains first. Better that than get stuck mid-way between Christopher street and Newport from an electronics failure at 5:45 pm on a Friday.

Posted on: 2008/10/4 20:22

Re: What the hell just happened on Erie Street?!


mfadam wrote:
wouldn't it make sense to require police presence at these "parties" if fights are common and the ante has been upped by morons popping shots into the sky?

The problem is that these "parties" aren't being confined within the walls of the church or right outside. The people spill throughout the surrounding neighborhood and continue well after the party ends...police presence would be great, but not enough.

They need to end...walk around the neighborhood Saturday night...You'll find tons of empty vodka/beer bottles and lots of other trash...ok, there is already a lot of trash there to begin with, but there is definitely an increase immediately following..

Why should we wait until somebody gets shot to end these parties?

Posted on: 2008/9/15 13:43

Re: What the hell just happened on Erie Street?!

Police told me there was a fight that spilled out on to the street outside of Grace church and there were also gun shots.
I'm not sure what these weekly Saturday night parties are hosted at Grace church, but I think there should be a call out to make sure this was the last of them.
I've noticed on Saturday nights lately there seems to always be a party there.

Posted on: 2008/9/14 5:01



mrrogers wrote:
Fulop played by the very rules the city set.He purposely did not gather more than the clerk told him to because of the special election clause (250,000 for election)Does anybody think that they did not always have this up their sleeve.

This is about their money.The online news story does not show the side bar of the seven councilmen who are collecting almost a million dollars from the county.Someone should scan and post this.

Better JC and Civic JC got this thing to the one yard line and the
Douche bags in City Hall moved the Goal post.

The question should be "What are we going to do about it"

I'm surprised this thread isn't generating more talk. 2 people have asked what are we going to do (well, one suggested a protest..not a crazy idea, anybody else?) anybody really up for making more of a stink?
Its like somebody just got collapsed on Grove st midday..we're all staring at each other to make the first move.

Has anybody contacted Steve or CivicJC to see what their thoughts are?

I don't have a solution either right now, but don't want to see this thread buried.

Posted on: 2008/8/1 18:18



chiefdahill wrote:
That's some BULLSHIT.

Steve- I got your back. I'll register and sign the petetion. I know I'm only one guy but it onlt takes one to get it started.

Matsikoudis is such a snake. I've personally met him and he's such a sneaky bastard.

Everybody complains at how corrupt JC/Hudson cty is and somebody who actually is trying and in position to make a change gets shot down so quickly (what a coincidence that they dug that up so quickly).
way to listen to the people!

Posted on: 2008/7/31 18:39

Re: Photogaphy illegal in public places? PA didn't get the memo

Agree with devbeep...
911 wouldn't have been prevented if photography was banned. Being ok with the banning of photography in public places is exactly why the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act amendments of 2008 are being voted upon this week.

It "grants sweeping new monitoring powers to the government with little court oversight" (

Hope you don't mind every phone call, txt and email to be stored in a database for the government to use.

devbeep wrote:

It has nothing to do with public safety. Banning photography accomplishes nothing in the war on terror, and you shouldn't be "cool with that".

Posted on: 2008/7/9 3:14




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