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Re: Handicapped Hang Tags

My sister's scumbag brother-in-law has one of these tags. I believe he swiped it from his grandmother when she stayed with their family a few years back. I've never seen him hesitate to occupy a hc spot even with plenty of other spaces to choose from. I imagine many bogus tag holders get theirs the same way (legitimately handicapped family members).

So if anyone spots an able-looking 30 something drive his euro import into a handicapped space and proceed to prance into a store, please feel free to unload whatever frustration you feel is necessary directly on his maroon Infinity.

You have my permission.

Posted on: 2008/3/25 19:24

Re: Savas - Polish Cafeteria Opens on Grove Street

Her hours are Mon-Fri 11am - 9pm and Sat-Sun Noon - 9pm
That's why no one was home. Although... I have called as much as a half hour before closing. It seems she shuts down a little early if she hasn't seen any customers in a few hours. Best to call in advance if you're hoping to catch a late supper.

Hopefully that other dude didn't know sh*t about what he was talking about. I'd call myself a regular and I've seen nothing but an increase in business. Let's hope it's enough.

Posted on: 2008/2/27 15:22

Re: Savas - Polish Cafeteria Opens on Grove Street


bolew wrote:
"Oh! Why did a tall, handsome Polish boy like you marry a filipino?!?!"

I want to say upfront that I take no offense to this comment. I have and will continue to frequent Savas for their delicious food and warm demeanor.

With that said.... here's one for my Filipina sisters:

A Polish woman goes into a store and asks the clerk, "I'd like some Polish Sausage."
The clerk looks at her and says, "Are you Polish?"
She says, "Well, yes I am, but, if I had asked for Italian sausage would you ask me if I was Italian??? Or if I had asked for German sausage, would you ask me if I was German??? Or if I wanted a taco would you ask if I was Mexican???"
The clerk says, "Well, no."
Then she says, "WELL, why do you ask me if I'm Polish just because I ask for Polish sausage?????"
The clerk says, "Because this is a hardware store."

Posted on: 2008/2/12 20:24

Re: Please clean up your dog poop...


trp3 wrote:
and if I had a dime for every time I witnessed some guy droppin' a deuce on the sidewalk/parking lot/embankment wall........I'd have an empty change cup.

Well, that would earn me another dime.

Yes, people are that disgusting.

Posted on: 2008/2/7 17:25

Re: Violent Home Invasion - Coles & Monmouth


GeorgeWBush wrote:
I don't have one of these, but they seem interesting:

Long, re-inforced strike plate. Deadbolts are great but if the wood is old or thin they'll just pull the short screws that come with most strikeplates.

If someone kicks a door with short screws or bad wood, you'll have a beautiful, intact, rock solid deadbolt that is no longer sitting in the door frame & is completely useless.

I like.
But if there was a fire emergency in the building, will the fire department be able to get through this if they had to? I have metal exterior doors, so I'm not sure if they're going to be able to chop through that.

Posted on: 2008/2/3 13:49

Re: Parking Tickets ... WTF?!


stepanstas wrote:
I wonder if this would work in Jersey City

Might work for a larger city... But I doubt it would in JC (at least downtown).

#1 JCPA also tows cars. I had a neighbor whose car was ticketed, then booted and finally towed, in sequence ~ all in under an hour.

#2 These guys may work in zones. If one guy passes your ticketed/booted car and knows he didn't put it there, I shutter to think of the horrors that will befall you and your poor vehicle once it's deemed the ticket and boot are bogus.

#3 Modeling any aspect of your life to anything featured in the movie, Coyote Ugly is just plain wrong.

Posted on: 2007/10/14 11:57

Re: Stolen Trashcans


doors wrote:
My trash cans were stolen from my house last week. The perps dumped the trash where the cans were and the cans were gone.

While this certainly is not going to make the front page of the JJ, I just thought i'd let you all know.

Seriously, trash cans, wtf is wrong with people?

They weren't real shiny, aluminum ones, were they? I vaguely remember one of the pricks that used to hang out on 6th walking down Coles with a gleaming garbage can hoisted over his head in the middle of the night. Seriously, I think it may have been last week.

Posted on: 2007/10/14 11:41

Re: Summer's Over, But is the Crime Wave?

Resized Image

The new Jordans go for $165.00 retail.

First day of school's coming and a playa's gotta represent.

Posted on: 2007/8/29 22:42

Re: Downtown Jersey City Watch-Updates Thread

Driving home in the wee hours this morning (approx 2:00am), I came across an tall young male in a long white tshirt and red baseball cap walking in the middle of 7th Street btw Coles and Monmouth. His gait seemed to indicate he was inebriated. I slowed down about mid block and watched him stagger to a parked Jeep and go to the driver's side door. He leaned on the door as if he was opening the lock but he didn't get in. I pulled to the corner of 7th and Coles and watched him from my mirror. Eventually I saw him walk away from the Jeep back to the sidewalk. I circled around and eventually followed his progress down Coles, up 6th (where he clumsily ducked behind an older Montero) and down Monmouth. Along Monmouth, he seemed to be leaning on cars as he made his way down the street. I later realized he was trying to open car doors. I lost him around the bodega on 5th and Monmouth. It was then that I noticed an older Jaguar parked in front of the garage between the embankment had its passenger's side door opened and the compartment light was on. When it was clear that the owner was nowhere nearby I called the police. A squad car arrived and the officer said there had been two calls made about this individual. The door of the Jaguar would not latch closed and the radio was missing but it's unclear if it was in this condition prior.

This guy had to be the most bungling car thief ever. I just hope no one else's automobile was tampered with.

Posted on: 2007/8/20 20:02

Re: Embankment- Update Thread


jocjo wrote:
Any more specifics on how subdividing the embankment will impact the preservation effort?

Speaking as just another jaded JC resident, I think subdividing the Embankment would give Jersey City government the opportunity to wheel and deal parts of the structure away. And does anyone here think it would be a good idea to give JC politicos any degree of wiggle room? I think subdivision would do just that. The action would create the impression that the Embankment could be sliced up and selectively considered for preservation or more likely, development. It would just be too easy for JC's developer-inclined representatives to gradually hand over the Embankment, block-by-block to their most generous contributors and explain away their actions as a compromise. The JJournal's report would go something like this... In response to public outcry, the apathetic Mayor of Jersey City stated "Look, you people still have over 80% of the thing."

Considering how casually the former westernmost part of the Embankment was recently obliterated, Hyman's application for its subdivision is definitely something I would show up to oppose.

Posted on: 2007/6/19 17:47

Re: Meeting on Flooding Issues - Steven Fulop

LOW points of the evening:

nugnfutz wrote:
"I'm the head of JCMUA". "I've been in my job for umpteen years but i need a questionaire in 2007 to tell me where are the downtown flooding problems". "I dont know the capacity of my system". "You are going to get your basements flooded twice a year everytime we get a 50-year high rainfall". "Trenton are not going to pay 0.68 Billion to fix the problem".

HIGH point of the evening:

Witnessing JCMUA-Executive Director's reaction as he spotted a parking cop slip an orange ticket under the wiper blade of his white suv parked too close to the intersection of Erie and 8th. Glad I was there to witness the interaction between one of the most proficient and one of the most unproductive of Jersey City's Authorities. Wish I had a camera, it was priceless.

Posted on: 2007/5/1 15:28

Re: Tailor that does Jeans in JC


I've had this done at two places downtown:

- Daniel Professional Tailoring ~ 299 Grove St
(the shop glx is referring to)

- Tailor's Touch Dry Cleaners ~ 358 7th St

Both places will have you try the jeans on and they'll pin them for you. I was first a customer at Daniel but switched to Tailor's Touch when a couple of pairs of pants came out a bit too short. TT's regular alteration price for one pair of jeans is $8. Attaching the original hems costs $7 extra. After years of getting this done and hating the look of jeans with clean, pressed, new hems. I think the extra cost is definitely worth it.

Posted on: 2007/4/26 16:08

Re: Police Officer Domenick J. Infantes Jr. - Friday, July 6, 2001

Anyone know if the attackers had any priors?

Posted on: 2006/7/7 9:13

Does the HPNA represent the community?

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association but after reading this, it's been made crystal clear they do not represent me or my neighbors. It seems the only thing the HPNA is good for is ensuring that the same few individuals retain their tyrannical control over this mostly worthless group.

In today's Jersey Journal...
Link to Letter

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Letters to the Editor
The Jersey Journal

Association is exclusive

Does the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) represents the community? Many residents of the Hamilton Park community are outraged that the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) leadership chose to delay annual elections and without notice amended the bylaws to restrict voting.

It has been the tradition for years to hold the nomination for the HPNA board in November. In the past, there was little competition for officer positions, but this year viable candidates have emerged to run for positions of president, vice president and officers.

On Nov. 2, at the end of a long meeting, after the vast majority of the attendees had left the meeting, the HPNA board introduced changes to the bylaws to be voted on immediately. This was not announced in the agenda, although the HPNA's own constitution strongly encourages that proposed changes to the bylaws be announced in advance. Significant changes include the following:
- Members have to be a trustee for a minimum of 12 months to be eligible for officer positions.
- To be eligible to vote at the annual election meeting, members must have joined at least 90 days prior to the meeting.

Unlike the other downtown neighborhood associations, HPNA requires that members pay annual dues. It is clear that the intent of changing the bylaws was to exclude new members from voting, and to exclude nonboard members from running for officer positions. In addition, bylaws are vaguely written, and in the past have been selectively enforced.

The constitution of the HPNA states that a fundamental purpose of the HPNA is to represent the community. If a neighborhood association doesn't allow new members to run for office and to vote, then the association should no longer be recognized by city officials. Our neighbors must know the truth since too much is at stake. Forexample, the HPNA is involved in the planning of the multi-million dollar renovation of Hamilton Park.
After reviewing the bylaws, my neighbor commented, "The HPNA board seems to be dedicated to eliminating people's voice and institutionalizing a self-perpetuating elite. Louis XIV would be proud."

We urge you to contact City officials, especially Mayor Healy, Ward ECouncilman Steven Fulop, City Council President Mariano Vega and Councilperson at large Willie Flood to demand that this group be banned from representing the residents of Hamilton Park at all City Council and Planning Board meetings until they welcome all members of the neighborhood to participate.


Posted on: 2005/11/15 22:17

Re: Flooding (help)

Scott - Great description!! It's precisely what happens in our bathroom on our garden floor (we only have one). We experienced a slight back-up on Wednesday as well. However, the situation seems to have improved slightly since the installation of new drain covers in the corner of our street.
The guys from the MUA keep trying to convince me that street drainage has nothing to do with my flooding problem - but it's obvious that it does. They're also very fond of dismissing the back-up to 'elevated sea level'.....absolutely no help.

From the bubbling of the toilet to the water creeping up through the toilet base, sounds like your situation mirrors ours exactly (I don't have water coming in from the walls like some have described in previous threads) - so, I'd be very interested in hearing what you come up with as far as prices and possible solutions.

Here's a tip... during heavy rains, a Water Alarm placed in the empty tub is a great indicator of when to start unraveling the hose and plugging in that submersible pump!

Posted on: 2005/7/8 15:17




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