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Re: redevelopment plan for city hall
Home away from home
Home away from home

Here is my guess as to what will happen.

Remember how Silverman first got a 20 year abatement to build luxury condos across the street from City Hall, then didn't build it... and then just two years ago had to take a 10 year abatement instead after a big uproar... to build luxury rentals for transient workers...

This is part two of that agreement.

Guaranteed Jersey City designates Silverman as the developer. Then JC sells the lot for a sweet song for the developer (cheap), plus promises of some "upgrades" and "cheap renovations" to city hall which will be minimal at best.

Then... what will happen is this.... the City Hall district zone will then be deliberately expanded to include the new Charles & Co. building, and they will "renegotiate" their tax abatement to either a 20 or maybe even 30 year abatements as they are in a new "historic" district that is "blighted".

Look at what is going on. They just gave 30 years to the powerhouse arts district. And 20 year tax breaks to commercial hotels at exchange place and grove st.

Meanwhile... all of these abatements are within the original 2013 Tax Abatement restructuring which would have only given them just 5 years.

This is really uncalled for. Mayor Fulop and his puppet council selling out Jersey City for campaign cash and promises of more for his run for Governor.

And the regular taxpayer pays and pays and pays. We need a tax break too, not these rich developers who charge market rate rents and "fills em as they build em" Per the Developer of Park 18 - Mr. Kushner


Posted on: 2015/7/15 3:13

Re: Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza -- Reopening?
Home away from home
Home away from home


JCman24 wrote:
I hope Fletcher Gensamer was out with his radar gun making sure they didn't go over 5 MPH.

Hi JCman24. Thanks for the mention. You can call me Fletch.

Here is the thing. It's a PEDESTRIAN plaza. Even last year they had signs saying no bicycles allowed. And just so you know a bicycle is a machine, a vehicle having two wheels, pedals, a crank, a chain, gears, a steering wheel, and a seat. A bicycle is also very capable of going very fast.

Both last year during the trial, and even recently in the two weeks since it has re-opened, I have seen bicyclists wiz on by, and have seen several near misses. And folks can be seriously injured if hit by a bike. And when you are riding on a bike, you might not even see toddlers running around.

So you can be as snarky and cynical as you want, I'm just concerned about people's safety. And I have no problems getting attacks from you or anyone on that. At the very minimum, folks should dismount and walk their bikes in the plaza. Do we really need to wait for an accident to happen?

Regarding enforcement, I will leave that up to Jersey City's Finest.

Thanks again for the mention.


P.S. here is an article for you to read. ... s-than-previously-thought

Posted on: 2015/7/2 2:46

Re: NJ Article: Does McGreevey have a new job title and who has his old one?
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Home away from home

Wasn't doing the desk audit (among other things like getting an unaffordable 311 system) one of David Donnelly's many tasks?

But he got moved off of those on to something else several months back, I can't remember. Guessing he got a merit raise too?

But regarding McGreevy, does ANYBODY know how much this guy really makes? Seems like he has several jobs now in JC paid for by different departments and "agencies".

What a scam. What a shame. What has this guy really done?



Yvonne wrote:
I guess doing a desk audit and hiring local people went by the wayside.

Posted on: 2014/12/24 23:55

Re: Christmas Eve
Home away from home
Home away from home

Just an FYI, according to (Jersey Journal), the concert starts at 8:30 with mass at 9.

History will echo through the pews of St. Anthony's Church in Jersey City tonight.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Missa Brevis in C Major, K220 "Spatzenmesse" or Sparrow Mass will be performed at the church's Traditional Latin Mass. The concert will start at 8:30 p.m. with the Mass to follow at 9 p.m.

Simone Ferraresi, who earned his degree with highest honors from the Conservatory of Music in Ferrara, Italy, will be directing the Cantantes in Cordibus chorus and orchestra.

Ferraresi has also studied at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with the world-renowned pianist and musicologist Paul Badura-Skoda, and specialized in the interpretation of classical composers at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He was awarded the Diploma of the Royal Academy of Music and three special prizes for best performances in the final recital.

Written in 1775 or 1776 in Salzburg, Austria, Spatzenmesse debuted on Easter in 1776 at the Cathedral of Salzburg.

Located on Monmouth Street between Sixth and Seventh streets, St. Anthony's Church is also listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Sites. ... n_histo.html#incart_river

Posted on: 2014/12/24 23:40

Re: What's Going on With Barrow Street?
Home away from home
Home away from home

There was a major accident last night with a taxi plowing through the barriers on Newark at the closure near Erie St.

Pictures can be found on the Harsimus Cove facebook page here.

And of course the pedestrian plaza have been taken over by bikers zooming by parents with small children in carriages and or walking or what not.


UrbanRenewal wrote:
I wonder if there were accidents or if businesses and/or residents were not fans of the directional shift? Interesting.

Posted on: 2014/9/8 2:05

Re: Plan to limit public comment at Jersey City council meetings draws Fulop's ire
Home away from home
Home away from home

Hi. Had to chime in here since I was dragged into this out of nowhere and am just seeing this.

Since the election, what over a year and two months ago, I believe I have been to attend a council meeting maybe three - possibly four times tops. I can't go to more because I work most Wednesday nights moonlighting over at Pier 1 doing closing shift and weekends.

I do know I was at the council meeting when they voted on the 30/35 year tax abatement for Journal Square and all that bonding they did in the same meeting. (who wasn't there? Ward E council person.) That was not needed, as JSQ is a major transit hub and not an urban blight area where development would not normally occur. I spoke out then.

Another time I talked about taxes in general (as high taxes are the main reason JC will continually find itself NOT the best mid-sized city as Mayor Fulop wants it to be). In fact, while NYC is the #1 most unhappy city... JC is not far behind at #8. Why? High cost of living and high taxes. And the #1 state that folks are fleeing from, according to Forbes Magazine, now for several years running.... New Jersey. Why? High Taxes.

I also showed up at that meeting when the ambulance fiasco packed the chambers. I didn't speak then, but watched in disbelief at the fiasco wondering what was the reason behind this.

And the last time I was there was about a month ago when Council doled out a lucrative 20 year abatement for yet another HYATT hotel at exchange place. For a global company that is very profitable... I even brought financials and quarterly report numbers. They can pay their fair share of taxes. Why are we giving them tax breaks??? The current council doesn't listen to facts and figures. So something is wrong, and now they don't want to listen at all.

I also spoke out against the closing of Newark Avenue at the same meeting... walk around... shuttered stores everywhere downtown, and closing Newark Ave - even one section - will hurt commerce down the road, west of Erie St.. (Guess who wasn't there at that council meeting either. Ward E councilperson. And it was her ordinance. Sorry, no excuse.)

And, just FYI, last time I spoke, I was well within 5 minutes in my comments. Apparently the current council can't comprehend anything more than a few sound bites. I blame the internet as they are always fooling around with their phones and tablets and not paying attention anyway IM'ing with the boss in the other room across the hall.

Finally, the whole reason I ran for Council in 2013 was because the Jersey City train had gone off the tracks. And given what I am seeing one year into the new Fulop administration, the train hasn't moved and not much has changed. For instance, why is the 2014 budget not passed? Team Fulop was so quick to give us a 8% tax increase on July 17, 2013. Yet we can't get that tax cut they've been promising and today is July 27, 2014.

Smoke and mirrors folks.

So thanks for dragging me into this, but you are making broad statements that are very disingenuous. And btw, Yvonne knows her numbers. More so than anyone on that council.

P.S. HeightsBrat... You say "not a single one of them has run for office." Well, yes I did. And, I did quite well as an independent, not having Steven Fulop's coat tails and multi-million dollar marketing budget to ride on like some others. All I know is, that money will be gone next time around as Fulop runs for himself - for Governor, leaving behind one heck of a mess to be cleaned up. (think Cory Booker/Newark - mess).


HeightsBrat wrote:

You know what I find absolutely hysterical. You got people like Yvonne, Mia, Fletcher and whoever else they hang with, constantly mouthing off. They are the most negative people ever. Nothing is ever good enough in their opinion. Yet not a single one of them has run for office, or if they have, they have proven to be unelectable. They have never seemed to be able to put a point across that anyone has put any stock in. Says alot in my opinion.

Posted on: 2014/7/27 6:04

Edited by FGJCNJ1970 on 2014/7/27 6:24:06

Re: What Is the Total Property Tax Contribution of Liberty National?
Home away from home
Home away from home

I did a quick google search. Per this article, they got a 5 year tax abatement. ... _on_green_and_in_ele.html

There are also a couple of articles of what they were planning to build before the housing market collapsed. ... July-4-on-remediated-land

All I can say is, if they plan on building a casino, there better NOT be any tax abatements doled out. Also, there better be some sort of revenue sharing program that goes directly for property tax relief for the rest of us and other community reinvestment.

Posted on: 2014/7/14 20:56

Re: A casino in Jersey City? Venture capitalist wants to make it happen
Home away from home
Home away from home

Can we prohibit any of said venture capitalists contributing BIG (and I mean BIG) BUCKS to the Fulop for Governor campaign? And their subsidiaries and contractors (including unions)too?

This city has been bought and paid for. When will folks wake up.


Posted on: 2014/7/11 2:33

Re: Jersey City considers turning Newark Avenue into pedestrian plaza
Home away from home
Home away from home

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Walking this particular block this very evening at 7:15 or so, and well... traffic from Grove St. all the way to Erie St. ... 214885137894&l=cfe4c829c0

This will be very bad if all of this traffic winds up in Harsimus Cove. And the loss of all the parking on this block. Crazy.

This has been tried before and failed.

All you folks saying there are no cars? And if you close this street off to vehicular traffic, be prepared to see more stores close.


Posted on: 2014/7/11 1:10

Re: Flag Day
Home away from home
Home away from home

Here you go Yvonne. Right on my block. Lucky 7's bar on Second and Coles had their flag out today.

This one is for you. ... 163355497894&l=446ae37168


Yvonne wrote:
Today is flag day, where are the flags?

Posted on: 2014/6/14 22:41

Re: Anyone seen or heard from Fletcher Gensamer ?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Hi Heights. Again, thanks for your concern.

Just so you know the building I live in is not a traditional side by side brownstone downtown.

It is Federal style and it has four units in the front and then four units in back. Mine is in the back.

The yard is fenced, and has a locked gate. The only real way to get back there is through the front door of my unit which was locked. And to get to my unit, you have to go through double entry doors which are kept locked. The fire escape doesn't even egress into the back, but into a center ally.

So despite my back door being open, at no time did this impair the overall security of the building I live in and my neighbors were not at risk. Annoyed with barking dog outside, maybe.

So I am not understanding how I'm being irresponsible. I did everything I could have done. It was the dog sitter who failed me.

But to some other folk's comments, I am glad to have neighbors who are looking out for me. Jersey City should be more like this. That is how we become the best mid-sized city in America. Going back to basics like looking after neighbors, etc.


Posted on: 2014/5/21 22:58

Re: Anyone seen or heard from Fletcher Gensamer ?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Hello All.

Thanks for everybody's concern. I was away for my 25th HS reunion weekend in Northern Indiana.

I had hired a dog sitter and well, per Yvonne, apparently they didn't do a very good job.

Needless to say, I left very detailed instructions on how to take care of the dog, feeding, etc. including certain instructions like... do not leave dog outside unattended.

Got back yesterday at midnight, so with work today, am only now able to reply.

Thankfully through JC list and also facebook, members of Grace Church Van Vorst where I attend were able to track me down and inform me of the situation.

Also thanks to my neighbors for showing their concern over my safety and well being. They thought something might have happened to me inside with lights and tv going and door open, but no one visibly around.

Also spoke with Animal Control this afternoon as well, letting them know everything is ok.

Sorry folks. Frankly I'm beyond disbelief (and embarrassed) at the whole situation. Can't trust anybody these days.


Posted on: 2014/5/21 3:32

Re: Moving vans taking people out of state in droves, survey finds
Home away from home
Home away from home


borisp wrote:
The problem is spending.

Please re-read my note. There were ZERO cuts in spending in the approved budget that included that 7.9% tax hike.

I am a BIG advocate of reduced spending and spending within our means.

And I am still awaiting that Desk Audit that was promised. If a major Fortune 500 company can do a bottom to top audit in 6-8 weeks, something must be wrong that JC can't do it.

First thing I would cut? 1 Deputy Mayor position. Not sure why we need two, when the US only has 1 Vice President.


P.S. And Tax abatements are a big problem. This past spring, being an independent candidate, I heard it from EVERYBODY. They are unfair, and are unneeded. Especially downtown. Read the NJ Policy Perspectives report on how JC has abused tax abatements. Eye opener.

Posted on: 2014/1/5 3:33

Re: Moving vans taking people out of state in droves, survey finds
Home away from home
Home away from home

This is no surprise.

Look at this Forbes article. #1 State people are leaving is NJ once again in 2013. ... ople-are-fleeing-in-2013/

The number 1 reason? Out of control spending and INSANE property taxes that have spiraled out of control.

Back in July, I went before City Council when Team Fulop gave us a 7.9% tax increase. Spoke out about tax increases, with a very padded new final budget, with lots of patronage jobs. With ZERO cuts in spending.

For 2014, Jersey City's main priority has to be getting tax relief to the citizens of Jersey City. Instead, The Fulop Administration is STILL giving out tax abatements to wealthy developers. 35 years for JSQ development and now another one for DOWNTOWN coming up for the Majestic 2 in the heart of downtown. Even 10 years is too much.

And Fulop canceled the reval, so folks living in million dollar brownstones, are paying taxes like its 1980's versus their fair share. And if you are a new owner say the past decade, you are getting screwed.

So of course people are fleeing. No one wants to fix the problem.

Remember this in 2017 folks.


Posted on: 2014/1/5 3:04

Re: 35-year tax break proposed for three-tower Journal Square project
Home away from home
Home away from home

Just posted on Jersey Journal. But wanted to share here. 35 years for a tax abatement for LUXURY LIVING is way too long. And the city's middle class is getting shortchanged once again.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Welcome to Jersey City.

Once again the City of Jersey City is going to proverbially ?give away the store? to wealthy developers to build market rate ?luxury? apartment rentals in Journal Square.

The project is looking to get a 35-year tax abatement and will create 540 units. This keeps their taxes stable, and hurts non-abated property owners (primarily working, middle class) who have had to consistently make up the difference. 35 years is way too long for a tax abatement.

For easy math, 540 units at $2000 a month, times 12 months a year = $12,960,000 in rental revenue. Yet they are only going to have to pay $650,000 annually in PILOTS? That?s barely 5%. And you know some of those units will be well over $2,000 a month in rent. And while their taxes will be fixed for 35 years, you know the rents will go up annually, making the percentage they pay the city even less. How is this fair to the regular residents of Jersey City who might live in a brownstone or one or two family dwelling? We?ve seen our taxes skyrocket the past decade. How about a tax abatement and tax relief and stability for US?

In 2009 the New Jersey Policy Perspectives issued a very critical report on how the misuse of tax abatements actually shortchanges the City of Jersey City, Hudson County, and also shortchanges our schools and the children. That report can be found here:

First and foremost, tax abatements are supposed to be given to blighted areas. Journal Square is hardly a ?blighted? area, and given this development will be literally right next door to the Journal Square PATH transportation hub, this is prime property ? a commuter?s paradise.

Another thing with these developments, the promised jobs for Jersey City residents almost NEVER materialize. And instead of including affordable housing units in the development themselves, they make a small payment to the affordable trust fund, which then builds housing in undesirable areas and creates pockets of crime and poverty in Jersey City. Mayor Fulop (and the rest of his team) when running for election said we were going to be moving away from this practice. Guess not. Same old, same old.

Yes, they are going to make a $2.5 million contribution to help revamp the Lowes. However, given similar restorations at some NYC movie palaces have cost upwards of $20 million, this is really not enough to do the job right.

Two things need to happen here. Either Jersey City needs to demand more community givebacks and/or an increased contributions to the Lowes restoration and other programs, or the duration needs to be cut to 15-20 years tops. 35 years is just too excessive for the PRIME area that is Journal Square for "luxury living" geared towards the upper class.

Finally, look at what happens with the deals that have already been cut. Enforcement has become a major problem area. Already, audits have shown developers ? including Newport and others ? have not been keeping their end of the agreements and have been underpaying the City. Kudos to the Fulop Administration for recovering those funds, but why in the world would we want to continue this practice of short changing our city and creating tax inequality for the middle class who have to make up the difference for this giveaway?

Fletcher Gensamer

Posted on: 2013/10/23 15:21

Re: Steve Fulop says police restructuring, teen recreation, abatements policy top agenda
Home away from home
Home away from home

Hey Jaded,

A little birdie texted me today. And, I'm not sure why you are calling me out here (as I haven't been posting here for a while anyway), but since you are curious as to minding my business (instead of your own), here is the answer for you.

After having been denied three times by Chase to get refinanced over the past four years (while everyone else is either walking away, getting lower rates, or balance reductions or other modifications, or living for free waiting for foreclosure), something must have happened because I finally got pre-approved for refinance on my over-taxed measly 543 sq ft abode here in Jersey City.

That process started in June and it finally wrapped up at the end of August.

One thing you should know is you can't be in arrears in taxes if you sell or refinance. Chase made all those tax payments on my behalf at the closing. And as far as I know, having checked this morning. I am current on my taxes, thank you very much.

Instead of checking up on me and on my tax payments, you should be holding the Fulop administration (including Councilwoman Candice Osborne) accountable for their 7.9% tax increase back in July which loaded the 2013 budget with significant extra spending for lots of patronage jobs.

You should be demanding that the $784,000 + in unused excess money that was not be used for original purposes, be returned to the tax payer in the form of tax relief. This is coming up at City Council meeting tonight by the way. Ord 13.100, introduced 09.25.

You should be demanding that no more tax abatements be handed out to rich developers for "luxury" apartments and condos downtown or in other "prime" areas like JSQ. What we now have is more of the same and the proverbial store will continue to be given away on the backs of the middle class taxpayers of Jersey City.

You should be livid that the Fulop administration and his council puppets just passed a very bad piece of anti-business, anti-job legislation that will make it impossible for small mom & pop businesses here operate here and for new businesses to open up. What good are sick days if people don't have JOBS. This just made life tough for the middle class and the working class. Instead of full time jobs, they will now have part time jobs working under 30 hours. Just great. What pisses me off here is they didn't even study it. There is a clause in the ordinance that the research and study will take place one year AFTER it is in effect. That's BACKWARDS.

You should question Candice Osborne's pedestrian and traffic calming measure initiative. I got a copy of it at the Harsimus Cove association meeting last month. While I commend her for taking on such a task, there is a big problem. There is no price tag attached. I call that INCOMPLETE. How can an MBA grad from NYU's stern school of business submit a proposal without any cost information is BEYOND me. I started googling some of the costs for stop signs and all I can say is wow. How is all of this going to be paid for?

Jaded, I think we have big issues to look at here in Jersey City. But unless Steven Fulop get's tax relief to the middle class and we have a fair tax system in place here in JC, he will NEVER get to be Governor. (and you can tell by some of his initiatives - like hiring McGreevy, that is where he is aiming.)

Thanks again for your input and for minding my business (instead of your own) in a public forum, which was a bit inappropriate if you ask me. Oh and BTW, the whole reason I ran for council this past May was so I could help fix the problems. Unlike some who were elected, I know how to read a budget and identify wasteful spending.

What have YOU done lately?



JadedJC wrote:
Hey, Fletch, did you spend so much time online grinding your ax that you forgot to pay your Aug. 1 property tax bill for over a month? That's $157.46 in interest you could've avoided paying to the city. If you think you're overpaying in taxes the solution is pretty simple: sell your freaking place and move to one of those abated properties, or better yet move out of JC altogether. I did that in 2010 and it turned out to be one of the smartest financial moves I've ever made. Kvetching on JC List and continuously spreading misinformation may make you feel better, but it won't actually lower your tax bill. It just makes you look like a pathetic sop who finds it easier to complain about your lot in life than doing something to fix it.

Posted on: 2013/10/9 19:54

Re: Fulop's Criminal Element
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Home away from home

Hi Everyone... just reading this whole thing now. And none of this is me.

Four years is a long way away. But considering that spending is UP UP UP and Team Fulop (including Ms. Osborne) just gave us a tax increase.... Most likely I will run again.

We have to get the spending under control, and right now, Mayor Fulop is trying to position himself for Governor at Jersey City's expense.


Fletcher Gensamer

P.S. I knew I wouldn't win. I wasn't on a ticket and wasn't riding Stephen Fulop's coat-tails with a $million-plus marketing budget. However, I did better than the other two mayoral candidates in Ward E in total # of votes, and also beat 6 other independent candidates in Jersey City in total number of votes. Not to shabby for a first timer.

P.P.S. Also, not a tea-partier. Registered Democrat. Go to Hudson County voter registration office and feel free to look it up. I'm just a concerned citizen who is concerned that out of control taxes hurt Jersey City.

Posted on: 2013/9/21 22:52

Edited by FGJCNJ1970 on 2013/9/21 23:10:30

Re: 24th Annual Cathedral Arts Festival at Grace Van Vorst - CALL FOR ART
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Home away from home

The Cathedral Arts Festival Call for Art has been posted.

You can download information here:

Or you can visit for more information.

Posted on: 2013/9/21 22:18

24th Annual Cathedral Arts Festival at Grace Van Vorst - Saturday, Dec 7th
Home away from home
Home away from home

The Cathedral Arts Festival, Jersey City?s largest and longest-running celebration of artists, supporters, congregation, and neighborhood, proudly announces its 24th annual Festival and Gala.

The creative gifts of our ever-growing pool of submitting artists and the dedication of passionate art supporters, both behind the scenes and in the crowds, have helped to make Cathedral Arts Festival a treasured cultural institution
and a crown jewel in the cultural fabric that is historic, downtown Jersey City.

Our gallery venue is, itself, a work of art. The beautiful, 160-year-old sanctuary of Jersey City?s beloved Grace Church Van Vorst is the permanent home for this annual exhibition and festival. Our traditional champagne gala will officially open the visual art gallery on Saturday, December 7, 2013 and the exhibition will remain open throughout the holiday season, culminating with the 4th Annual Grace Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 15.

Posted on: 2013/9/21 22:16

Re: Jersey City Council to vote on bond that provides for bicycling infrastructure improvements
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Home away from home

Does anybody know the cost for all of this? Anyone?

Seriously on the new bike lanes on Grove St. that they put in this past spring, I always see double parked cars using them, but I never see bike riders using them. More often than not, bicyclists are still on the sidewalks, or just in the middle of the road.

Any plans for enforcement of the lanes and possible fines for bicyclists?

Posted on: 2013/9/4 10:50

Re: All the graffiti around town recently
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Home away from home

I just noticed this doozy this afternoon. Right on the brand new building they are trying to build across from KeyFoods next to the Funeral home. Needless to say, if I were the builder/owner I would be pissed.

This also affects our neighborhoods by decreasing property values and quality of life. Meanwhile our taxes keep going up. Where is the JCPD?

Just as the JCIA finally removed the big graffiti tag from the corner of second and Jersey Ave, this one seems to have replaced it and will be an eyesore for a while. ... 72850772894_1594105_o.jpg

Posted on: 2013/8/10 22:09

Re: Jersey City council set to approve 8 percent tax hike
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Home away from home


Here are some idea?s:



Here are some BETTER ideas.

Instead of "passing the buck" and blaming others, the Fulop Administration needs to "MAN UP" do the following:

- Take responsibility. The budget is now in Team FULOP's hands. Own it. Read it. Cut it. If I can read it and find discrepancies, so can THEY.
- stop patronage jobs - $80K for empty suit David Donnelly and other patronage jobs that cost us money and don't do anything have no place in this new administration.
- Hiring Freezes till 2014 and some time has passed.
- Furlough Workers Now
- Demotions (at least they will still HAVE jobs)
- Cut SPENDING. No freaking 311 system. Google the cost.
- SELL PROPERTY ASSETS NOW - forget about alleged "Future Value" That is a bogus excuse to hold on to something and deny taxpayer relief.

WE THE PEOPLE of Jersey City need tax relief. Need it NOW. And Tax FAIRNESS. Also...

1) NO MORE TAX ABATEMENTS DOWNTOWN (not just the waterfront - notice TEAM FULOP changing their language).

2) Reval has to happen. It is STATE mandated. How Fulop is getting away with this is BEYOND ME. Both the State and County Approved the thing. And anyone who bought here in the past 10 years (cough, cough, Ms. Osborne) is being denied much needed tax relief by Fulop.

I put pictures of my signs on facebook in Ward E group. Here are links. ... 820977894_259680832_o.jpg ... 820987894_425471749_o.jpg ... 20992894_1901639594_n.jpg ... 20982894_1105815535_o.jpg

Posted on: 2013/7/11 4:42

Re: Jersey City council set to approve 8 percent tax hike
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Home away from home

6:00 pm

Note the website doesn't show the time (it just says SPECIAL) but if you look at the agenda... it is there.

Please also look at the agenda. Look at some of the numbers and how they are being revised. That is the shocker.


blanquiita wrote:
Please folks. Please show up tomorrow at the City Council meeting. Bring signs.

What time?

Posted on: 2013/7/10 4:39

Re: Jersey City council set to approve 8 percent tax hike
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Home away from home

Bumping this up.

Please folks. Please show up tomorrow at the City Council meeting. Bring signs.

Apparently because it is a first reading, there is no speakers list and the voice of the people is being suppressed.

Demand the Council table this for further study. This is too soon and we haven't seen any cuts or consolidation that was promised yet.

Did you get an 8% Raise? Where is the reform. Team Fulop has been planning this take over since 2010. They pointed to their PLAN constantly during the campaign.

Where are the layoff and the cuts in spending?

And for the Newcomers and Interlopers... who bought here in the past ten years... where is the tax reval giving US tax relief? Canceled by Mayor Fulop, despite being approved by the County and State.

(note to certain folks, not a rant, reality check more like it)


Posted on: 2013/7/10 4:32

Re: Political Patronage Alive and Well under Fulop Administration
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Home away from home

Not sour grapes and I'm over it. The election was in May and well, I didn't win. But did great with no backing, beating two mayoral candidates in Ward E, and in JC overall, one mayoral candidate and 6 other independents in total number of votes.

However, Team Fulop ran under reform, and what have we gotten so far?

Nepotism by Waterman (since withdrawn), and now $80K to a former Healy turncoat for something he is not qualified for? Seriously? That is Patronage and payback at the tax payers expense. And other Healy allies still on the payroll?

And a lot of spending already. Yet we are $21 Million over budget. Doesn't anyone care about the numbers? I do.

And Candice Osborne said Tax Hikes are coming just tonight at the Harsimus Cove Neighborhood Association Meeting.

So much for Team Fulop.


P.S. And I will be watching because I too was once a Fulop supporter and die hard. Until I really looked at his positions during the campaign. I'm just waiting for the first tax abatement to hit for yet another downtown development that doesn't need it.

Posted on: 2013/7/9 3:48

Political Patronage Alive and Well under Fulop Administration
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Read about David Donnelly's new Project Manager position making $80K a year to oversee implementation of a 311 system that cost the city big money that we simply cannot afford. ... k_as_project_manager.html

Here is the definition of Patronage from Miram Webster's dictionary:

a : the power to make appointments to government jobs especially for political advantage
b : the distribution of jobs on the basis of patronage
c : jobs distributed by patronage

and from wikipedia:

The term may refer to a type of corruption or favoritism in which a party in power rewards groups, families, ethnicities for their electoral support using illegal gifts or fraudulently awarded appointments or government contracts.

I can't believe JC is going to be keeping this HACK on the payroll. He doesn't have the IT, CRM and other technology background to implement a 311 system.

Good Grief Team Fulop.

Posted on: 2013/7/8 20:30

2013 Jersey City Budget - What's next?
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Hi All. This was in the Jersey City Reporter / Hudson Reporter.

Council President Rolando Lavarro has called a special meeting next week to review the budget as we're now facing a $21 million gap (and growing?).

What would YOU do to 1) Cut Spending and 2) raise revenue so that we don't get hit with a big tax increase?

Let's give the new council lots of ideas to consider because I don't think raising taxes would go over too well - considering they just canceled the reval which would have provided tax relief to 1/3 of JC tax payers.

FG ... te_lead_story_left_column

Posted on: 2013/7/4 14:11

Re: Shutdown Burke's Bar
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Here is some information for you. We have a new Mayor, and also a new Councilwoman for Jersey City Ward E.

This info comes from the "new" website.

Send your concerns immediately to our newly elected Council person. And please let us know what response you get and if anything changes.

Ward E (Downtown) Councilwoman Candice Osborne

City Hall, 280 Grove Street
Room 202
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel: (201) 547-5315
Fax: (201) 547-4678 (fax)

Sarah Ligon, Council Aide
Tel: (201) 547-5315

Posted on: 2013/7/2 1:22

Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval
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Well that was my whole point of my post. Tax fairness. The reval would have been a step in the right direction. Those whose taxes would be going up, could appeal. Instead, those of us already paying the max in taxes like you are who should have seen rates fall automatically now have to fight the battle.

And with Fulop now on record in Crain's NY saying he is gong to give "steeper incentives" for developers - that is not fair.

And I am all about cutting spending. So I am really eager to see the revised 2013 budget Fulop will be submitting because unless there are significant cuts, taxes will go up yet again.



brewster wrote:

FGJCNJ1970 wrote:
Jersey City needs significant tax relief and it needs to be automatic and apply to EVERYBODY.

You know Fletch, I agree with most of what you said here. But then you go all "don't bother with math" in the statement I quote above. We're not GWB & the GOP congress here, we can't cut taxes without cutting spending, thankfully it's against the law for a city to borrow for operating costs (Schundler found a way around this, but that's another story). I'm all aboard for finding all the waste in our city, I'm sure it's astounding, but 1st things 1st. Lets get the taxes fair before we start cutting everyone's.

Ras, I might get on thin ice, but I "think" I understand how they assess new construction. The city has a number called the "ratio", which in theory is the number you multiply your assessment by to arrive at the real market value, which is then taxed at the current rate. So to get your new construction condo assessment they simply divide your cost by the current ratio, about 33.

One thing I've discovered perusing the tax records, is there's a field called "Ratio", which is not always occupied (I have not determined why). This field might as well be called the tax fairness quotient. It's (assessment/sale price)x100. If it's over 33, you're paying too much, if it's under 33, you're paying too little. My $295k property is at 46. $930k 294 8th is at 21. If they paid at 33, 3 houses like mine would drop to 33. And that's the point of the reval.

Posted on: 2013/6/27 2:15

Re: The Dopeness
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Food review.

Finally ventured to The Dopeness this evening just after 7ish.

Wasn't very busy, but did have a few folks come in for take out and a couple others were in the back. Probably picks up later. Tuesday Taco night is also the busy night.

Service was very attentive.

Got some complimentary chips and salsa to start off. Chips were fresh and warm, salsa was on the mild side but fresh.

As this was my first time there, went with something simple Fajitas Carne asada.

Came out very hot, not quite sizzling per se though. It was served with both red and green peppers, onions, spices, etc. It came with four tortillas. I needed about one more tortilla given the serving size. Came with additional sour creme, pico de gallo and guacamole in a separate bowl

You have a choice of black beans or refried beans. I got the refried beans. They came out a little on the soupy side versus a thick traditional refried beans you might be accustomed to. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Price was right on the money for what I got. Given I live a block away, I will be back.

On another note, they are continuing to make updates in the back room. Also I got a sneak peak of an outdoor area that has a really cool mural they just put in. This is definitely a great space if you have an event or party you need to put on.

I met the owner Johnathon back in April when I was running for Ward E councilman. It took him over three years to get this restaurant open. I would encourage everybody downtown to get over the name and give them a shot and judge for yourself. Also, they have rotating art that is available for sale and provide a neat vibe.


Posted on: 2013/6/27 1:59

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