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Re: Gov Christie wants to cut unempluyment benefits $50 a week


hero69 wrote:
what is wrong with a sales tax or income tax surcharge until the economy recovers. surely a $50 hike in income taxes would not hurt those who are working. or increase the millionaire's tax.

The problem is by adding a tax on income tax or a tax surcharge you're hurting everyone else.

Say someone is making the maximum or even 2/3rds max in unemployment, yet I work and only make $8.50 an hour. I'd be over taxed on my $350 a week (before taxes) so they can collect more cash? Why is their livelihood more important than mine? Or anyone else's for that matter?

As I stated before, working in NYC I was capped at $405 + $25 a week for my unemployment, and thats ontop of already paying some of the highest taxes (7.85% vs NJ's 6.4%) so for those in NJ to be stuck with such a pittance is just heartbreaking.

This thread is an amazing collection of false talking points though (fully proven with the link to huffpo) All the EVILLLL business talk and attempts to attack "talk radio" hilarious. The newest Obama bill has many tax cuts for business along with unemployment extensions, the extensions always pass on their own so why add the tax cuts? Maybe because they too believe it works.

Yes businesses will always be looking out for their bottom line, and why shouldn't they thats the whole point of a business, but by all of you quoting that talking point you are proving the point you keep trying to claim is false, that tax cuts spur employment. If I run a business and I see my bottom line being cut into by taxes I'm going to fire someone to make sure I stay with X amount of dollars, so the more you tax, the more I fire, until I keep the bare minimum to run effectively while still making what I want. Now if you stop taxing the living hell out of companies, maybe they won't run out and hire 10,000 workers, but you will protect the jobs of those few who are able to work.

Posted on: 2010/2/28 7:15

Re: Gov Christie wants to cut unempluyment benefits $50 a week

Even with a cut of $50 the people of NJ would surpass what NY workers get, even with the govt. bonus.

We get 50% or capped at $405+$25 for the Fed.

So with the $50 cut someone in NJ would be making $104 more a week, count that over the time of unemployment (or the time people refuse to get work so they can slide into retirement) and they'll bank a lot of tax payer money after their initial 6 months runs out.

I'll guess the better system would be to cut $50 or hell even $100 out of the checks after the 6 month period, people need incentive to make sure they get up off their ass and look for work even if things look tough, because once you are 12-18 months out of a job most places of business will overlook you very quickly.

Posted on: 2010/2/26 6:31

Re: Tiger Shulman (Hoboken) vs. JC TaeKwonDo (Newark Ave)

From past experience I'd have to recommend Kevin Padilla's TaeKwonDo in Hoboken on 603 Adams St.

I attended his class over 15 years ago but remember he was always great with us younger kids (I left when he started to train for the 1992 Olympics, he was a favorite but he got injured) since then he's coached the US Olympic team.

The classes here won't be like those of what people call a McDojo, when I went the other instructor was Herb Perez, who won the 1992 gold medal and was the coach to the 2008 Olympic team (Kevin was a bigger favorite than Herb to win gold)

I actually thought of returning to classes here for Kickboxing but the location is a bit out of the way for someone without a car (NYC schools are a bit closer)

The only problem I can see here is if you're busy during the class time, he only offers youth classes from 4-5PM during the week and then on Saturday.

Also I gotta agree with Stagnantartist, for the most part Tiger Shulman is a McDojo, most are there first and foremost for the money, there are a couple in NYC with great teachers but thats the exception to the rule.

Posted on: 2010/1/28 6:23

Re: Yea, so there is a Buck loose Downtown

Are we all sure this isn't the same Half Deer Half Human that was involved in that incident with the contractor on 8th Street a few months back?

Posted on: 2009/12/2 6:11


Congrats on your pilot all about our wonderful city.

I've gotten to meet Kristen when she came to my college to talk to my career strat. class and she's amazingly funny in a unique way.

I've often thought about creating a pilot about many of the stories my family has lets say, endured, over their close to 90 years here in JC but that will stay on hold as I work as an editor.

Good luck with the show and I hope you help us get a little bigger star on the map.

Posted on: 2007/9/10 10:36




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