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Skinner's Loft roofdeck

Has anyone been on it yet? It looks pretty from the street, but I'm not sure if it's open... are they going to have tables for dinner up there or just a bar?

Posted on: 2008/5/22 19:05

Re: Any reviews of the JC Taekwondo / KardioKickbox?

I have been a member here for about 8 months and love it for the most part. I go around 4-5 times per week to the kickboxing classes. Most of the instructors usually are really good, except there are only 4. One is currently injured, and the other two have not been around much so the classes have been pretty weak lately.

It really depends what kind of workout you are looking for, how in/out of shape you are, and if the class schedule fits your schedule.

The rates are $59 for only weekend classes, $69 for a year membership, and $79 for month to month.

The website is, but I would recommend going in to talk to the instructors.

Posted on: 2008/3/17 19:52

Re: shoe repair recommendations

I second Bob's on Jersey Ave. It's a tiny place, but he does a fast, excellent job. I go there all the time.

I went to the one on Grove once and wasn't impressed with the results.

Posted on: 2008/3/4 21:19

Re: Any thoughts on the 1st Street and Brunswick Street area?

As others said, the neighborhood is great w galleries, bistros, etc...

Are you female? Living alone? ...if so, I would really spend sometime and take a look at the area at night and decide for yourself. Personally, I probably would hesitate living right on that block and pull your radius closer in to the path. Plus if you're looking now, you should note that the 'gang' types aren't even out as much now in the winter as compared to the summer.

That said, I live only a block away and have never had any real problems

Posted on: 2008/2/28 17:57

Re: PSA: Watchout for towtruck at ShopRite downtown

Happened to me too! My brand new car... it was traumatizing!

We parked at Pepboys, went in, bought something there, then decided we were hungry and walked over to Chili's. Not an hour later walked out to an empty lot.

The guy at EZ towing was really nice to us. He said that they have a guy with a camera that takes your picture when you leave the area, so really it's your own fault. who can argue with that, really?

They towed three other cars in the 40 mins we were standing there. efficient m'fers.

Posted on: 2007/10/10 21:24

Re: Skinner's Loft... delish!

Went on Friday night fully bracing myself for a long wait because of the negative reviews on this board. We were pleasantly surprised to have a very normal dining experience with respect to wait time, and the food was excellent! Seems like they have worked out some of the kinks... no complaints here at all and we can't wait to go back and try lots more on the menu!

Posted on: 2007/9/24 15:14

Re: Cafe Nia

Checked this place out yesterday for lunch and had a very nice experience. The garden patio isn't open yet, but the service was great and fast (which is an improvement from BBs).

We had panini sandwiches and the hummus platter. Will definitely be back.

Posted on: 2007/9/5 14:13

Re: Wayne Street Issues

wayne st girl - I absolutely agree with you on all accounts. It has gotten so bad lately.

I live on Monmouth and Wayne, and I have to make a choice everytime I walk home whether i'm going to walk on Columbus or Wayne. I'm still not sure which is the lesser of two evils. The catcalling on Columbus is so incredibly bad, but I feel that it is a more traveled street so there is less of a chance of something happening there. However, after ignoring the shouts one day one of the kids threw a plastic cup or something at me. So, since then I've walked up Wayne street.

It's really sad that I literally walk in a zig zag up the street so that I can do my best to avoid these people. And, now when I get to Wayne and Jersey, i proceed up the middle of the street.

Posted on: 2007/8/24 20:05




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