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Goldman Sachs Scaffolding

I walked past the Goldman Sachs building the other day, and noticed some serious scaffolding and netting around the building. Does anyone know what is going on over there?

Posted on: 2010/8/31 19:42

Re: Wood Restoration

I believe Amighini Salvage up in the Heights, is very experienced with historic door restoration. I have not used them personally, but I have been to their shop and it looks like they know what they are doing.

Posted on: 2010/8/10 1:34

Re: City Consolidation?

Talk of consolidation has been going on for over a hundred years. Here is another earlier article, proposing the consolidation of all of Hudson County- in 1869.... ... 63BBC4C52DFBE668382679FDE

A referendum on consolidation was held on October 5, 1869 and on that date Jersey City (Already a merger of Paulus Hook, and the Township of VanVorst), Hudson City (present day JC Heights), Bergen, Town of Union and Union Township voted in favor of consolidation. Hoboken, Bayonne, Greenville, Weehawken, West Hoboken and North Bergen voted against it. Although the residents of the Town of Union and Union Township wanted to join the consolidated city, the Act provided that only contiguous municipalities could consolidate and therefore they were excluded. On March 17, 1870, the Legislature granted a new charter for the consolidated City of Jersey City consisting of former Jersey City and the Town of Bergen.

Greenville struggled on for a time, as an independent township, but it was having financial difficulties, and in 1873 merged with the new City of Jersey City and Greenville ceased to exist as a separate identity.

See the link to a 1905 article from the NYT, referencing the proposal merger of Hoboken and towns north. ... 3A25751C1A9679D946497D6CF

Posted on: 2008/7/31 16:27

Re: what's going on with St. Boniface Church?

Backs condo plan for St. Boniface
Thursday, July 10, 2008
A plan to turn one of Jersey City's oldest Roman Catholic churches, St. Boniface, into a condominium complex was unanimously approved by the city's Historic Preservation Commission last night.

The Historic Preservation Commission and developer Stryker Investments met for three hours to discuss how to best retain the historic elements of the Gothic Revival church on First Street Downtown.

"What we're doing is turning the historic building on First Street into condominium units, since the church is not being used," a representative of Stryker Investments said. "We have decided to keep it as close to the original construction as possible."

Stryker Investments is anticipating construction of 14 units. The company's proposed plan also includes three units in the former rectory, as well as four units of new construction on the former parking lot. The three anticipated buildings will have an interior courtyard.

"The problem I have is the loss of the (stained glass) windows along the knaves," said John Gomez, founder of the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy, who also writes a column for The Jersey Journal. "They are part of the history and they should be retained. . This is going to set a precedent for the Newark Archdiocese to start selling churches."

"It seems silly to me for the developer not to keep the windows," said Hugh Sweeny, a former commission member. "What resident of an expensive condominium would not love to show off his or her stained glass windows to visitors?"

Another meeting will be held July 17 at 6 p.m. at the Department of Housing, Economic Development and Commerce at 30 Montgomery St.

Posted on: 2008/7/10 23:09

Re: American Can/ Canco Lofts

"jerseymom wrote:

What anyone buying at Canco SHOULD know is that NJDOT is about to embark on a HUGE transportation project that will completely overhaul the Charlotte/Tonnelle circle and 1 & 9 ramp areas. The project is expected to last for years - with a lot of the work done in the evenings. If what they've been doing for the last three weeks (on weekends and overnights during the week) is any indication of the "treat" we're in for, God help us. There's nothing like being awoken to the sounds of jackhammers and growling heavy equipment at 3 am, not to mention the smells, dust, lead paint by-products of demolition and construction. Oh, and I checked their website, and they are fully allowed to do this to "mitigate traffic disturbances."

I too have read about the massive roadway improvement of the Tonnelle Circle, and Truck Route 1-9 area. The improvements are certainly needed. Currently the they have started acquiring nearby land and demolishing all of the buildings, and removing toxic soil and the like. I believe they are going to start first with the replacement of the Whitpenn drawbridge (RT-7), near where the old Exxon station was recently torn down.

Here is a link to the NJDOT website, and a image of the preliminary plan.

NJDOT 1-9 Project

Resized Image

Posted on: 2008/3/1 2:36

Re: Parking at Newport Mall

They do indeed keep track of your card. It needs to be in sequence. IN-OUT-IN-OUT...

The example I used, with my friend visiting, was I put my car on the street. (I also have a street permit), so the in-out sequence was not broken. There was only one car in the garage.

Posted on: 2008/2/25 2:42

Re: Parking at Newport Mall

1) I have been parking at the Mall Garage (West) since Nov 2007. It has been $85 since then. I cannot comment prior to that. There is also a $10 one time payment for the card. They don't take Credit Card.

2) I have never had guest use the garage overnight, but I have used it to let a friend park, when I was haveing a party, but they did not stay overnight. I would imagine they have someway of tracking who doesn't belong, but I think it would be difficult to identify who was a paying person, and who was a monthly.

3) I in order to get the Hamilton Park rate, you have to live in the immediate blocks surrounding the mall, and provide documentation showing you and your vehicle live there.

It is much cheaper than the $240, I used to pay in Hoboken...

Posted on: 2008/2/25 0:39

Re: Parking at Newport Mall

I currently have a parking pass for the Newport mall West garage. For Hamilton Park residents it is $85 per month, cash or check. Plus $10 for the first month for the card. The office is located by the Dollar Car Rental office at the north end exit. The management company is Dennison Parking. This is only for the garage along Marin Blvd.

Posted on: 2008/1/9 3:41




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