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Brown Water

Wake up to find brown water running from the taps, yet once again, no alerting to residents that I can find anywhere. What a joke.

Posted on: 2010/7/18 13:54

Recommend A Tailor?

Can anyone recommend a good tailor in JC (preferably near downtown) or Hoboken? Need to have some suits altered, and not very hip on the idea of taking them to the dry cleaners around the corner.

Posted on: 2008/5/3 22:01

Re: John's Pizza

John's = Garbage

Not only is this by far the worst pizza I have ever had, but this is one of the worst restaurants I have been to.

While the waiter I had when I was there was decent, the food was horrendous.

Here are some other observations we had while there:

Observation 1

Patron: "We would like to order some calamari and a small pizza"

Waitress: "Ok, just so you know, the appetizers might come out after your pizza, they take a bit longer to cook"

Huh??? Consult dictionary for definition of appetizer.

Observation 2

Patron: "We ordered our food an hour ago, but the people next to us [myself] walked in 20 minutes ago and already have their food. You just brought us our food and the pasta is undercooked and my wife's meal is burnt"

Waiter: "Uh...yeah...let me go get my manager"

Manager: "Hi, what seems to be the problem?"

Patron: "We've been here for an hour waiting for our food, several tables have been seated after us and are now finished, and when we finally got our food it was not edible."

Manager: "Oh, well how about I give you a 10% discount"

Patron: "Uh, no, at this point we just want to leave your establishment and never return. Thanks for wasting an hour of our lives."

Observation 3 (My personal favorite)

Couple: "So, this is our second time far, not so good...why did we come here again? Oh yeah, because last time the waitress quit in the middle of our meal and we thought we would give them a second chance."

This place is horrible.

You heard it here first - this place will be out of business in 3 months or less. I've been to some sub-par establishments in the Hook, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a place could be so horrible.

Posted on: 2008/4/24 2:52

Re: Market for a short stay furnished apartment in HP?

Going rate is typically $155 - $188 depending on season. Note that the typical minimum stay is 1 week, and sometimes they require longer. Depends on the leasing company and their occupancy. Usually there is no additional tax, so that is a benefit over the hotels - (you simply pay $155 a night, unlike the hotels that must charge 14% on top of the nightly rate).

So, even if you have a walk-up, I don't think you need to undercut the corporate leasing companies that own apartments in the high rises by too much because it sounds like you would offer more flexability than a 7 night minumum, still would be cheaper than the local hotels and offer more space, kitchen, etc (Marriott & Double Tree run $175 off season and up to $275 night during summer - plus 14% tax). Hyatt is typicall more expensive.

Posted on: 2007/6/27 14:42

Re: Market for a short stay furnished apartment in HP?

I think it is a great idea. When I have long-term guests coming in town (week or longer) I usually try to set them up with a furnished corporate apartment. There are several companies in JC that short-term lease apartments in most of the larger buildings around here.

I think it would work for you as long as you "advertised" enough to keep it occupied 30% of the time.

Let me know if you do this. I know my guests would be potential customers.

Posted on: 2007/6/27 1:37




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