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Re: Merrill Lynch worker in Jersey City endured harrowing ordeal because of mistakes by U.S. marshals

I love the 39-year-old black dude mistaken for a 69-year-old Mafiaso, that's just classic.

Posted on: 2008/5/27 3:57

Re: Dosa Hut

They are very nice and they have even let us sample a few things we asked about.

Absolutely, that has always been my experience as well anywhere I've gone in Little India. Especially if you get a chance to talk to the owners, they are always eager to answer your questions.

Posted on: 2008/4/23 18:53

Re: NY Times - When Does a Housing Slump Become a Bust?

I'm not sure what it is with realtors, every time I talk to one they keep dissing reports about the housing slump on the "sensationalist media" and "reporters who don't know what they're talking about" and blah blah blah. No matter how units sit on the market they just shove their heads deeper into the sand.

Guys... I am a BUYER. I'm looking for bargains. If you tell me there are no bargains, then I'm not buying! I'm in no rush. Let me know if the media is overblowing things in six months. Maybe by then you will be seeing reality.

And this isn't my experience with one real estate agent, I've spoken to at least three in the last six months, two in JC and one in the burbs, all have the same "blame the media" attitude. The market is tanking? It's not true, it can't be happening!

I can only imagine what they are telling the sellers.

Posted on: 2008/1/21 5:29

Re: Amtrak strike will pack Hoboken PATH trains - "Penn Station will be paralyzed"- Planned for Jan.

"The unions do not want to strike"

Yeah right! Just like the MTA!

Posted on: 2008/1/7 16:05

Re: Powerhouse Arts District digs going to other occupations / Artists fail to buy but like the rentals

including a 32-inch diameter Chlamydia bacterium

ah, art

Posted on: 2007/12/24 14:15

Re: Downtown: Not everyone is converted --While condo conversions force out renters, it's often a tough

wow three months between articles? maybe I should just wait for the book

Posted on: 2007/12/24 14:13

Re: Heights: Teen gangs suspected in 2 assaults -- at least 10 youths involved

the police chief seems to be trying to make some careful distinction between what's a "wolf pack" and what's a group of kids out looking to beat up another group of kids...

wtf is the difference?

are the police saying it is now OK for groups of kids to go out and fight as long as they only fight each other? and I suppose we are all supposed to believe that these kids would not beat up ANYONE they want?

does the police chief think the movie "the warriors" was a documentary? what the hell!

Posted on: 2007/4/6 5:12

Re: Terrifying 'push-in' in Heights

I would assume the location wasn't given so these two people won't be targeted again.

would you prefer the story said "two old people living at x Park Avenue were robbed of $8,000 they just happened to have laying around inside their apartment"...

sometimes they will say something like, "800 block of 10th Street"

but even then, how many 94-year-old brothers live with their 87-year-old sisters on the 800 block of 10th Street?

I guess I am just a paranoid/cynical old fart!

Posted on: 2007/2/2 16:18

Re: Audits question $15M in school expenses -- Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Camden schools

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Audit turns up 'questionable' spending in Jersey City school district
Already beleaguered with reports of lavish spending on overtime for custodians and painters, now a state audit has turned up hundreds of thousands of dollars in "questionable" purchase orders and spending practices in the state-run Jersey City School District.

Auditors looked at a random sampling of 304 purchase orders, and had problems with 91 of them, or nearly 30 percent. The questionable purchase orders total more than a half-million dollars.

Their findings could be just the tip of the iceberg, as the district generates about 25,000 purchase orders every year.

The audit found employees who were paid after they died; employees paid after they were fired; employees whose birth date had them older than 99 or younger than 10; employees who had the same name, address or Social Security number as vendors; vendors who were paid more than their original purchase order; and tens of thousands of dollars paid to an Atlantic City hotel for a three-day retreat.

See the whole story in tomorrow's Jersey Journal.

Ken Thorbourne

Posted on: 2007/2/1 14:39

Re: JC Cop in DWI Accident is also the Mayor's cousin

Healy says he didn't interfere in getting him hired... well, OK, but do you think Freibott a) just randomly applied to work in Jersey City because he wanted to commute from Middletown every day? or b) didn't mention to the police chief during his interview that he knew Healy?

Why do politicians think we are so stupid?

Posted on: 2007/2/1 14:36




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