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Canis Minor Garage Sale Thursday March 23 - Sunday March 27

Canis Minor Store Closing Garage Sale
Thursday March 23 - Easter Sunday March 27

We will be holding a garage sale at our Jersey City location. Find great deals on tools, office supplies, cables, tvs, radios, speakers, shelving, computer parts, storage bins, furniture, and more.

In addition, All edibles are 25% off, non-edibles 50%, supplements 75% off, and Halloween Costumes are 90% Off!

We just ordered a large shipment of poop bags and wee-wee pads at 50% Off!

Posted on: 2016/3/23 9:08

Canis Minor Closing Sale Up to 90% Off Until Easter Sunday

After over 10 years serving Jersey City pet owners, the last of the Canis Minor stores is closing this Easter Sunday.

Until then, we will be running the following deals:

25% Off All Edible Items
50% Off All Non-Edible Items
75% Off All Supplements
90% Off All Holiday Items Including Costumes

$20 Trish Hampton Harnesses For Large Dogs. Made by hand, and MADE IN AMERICA!

In addition, we have Freezers, Refrigerators, Shelving, Televisions, Stereos, Heaters, Tools, Cables, Electronics, and more at Garage Sale Prices!

Limited to Stock On Hand and No Special orders. All items are final sale.

We have the area's largest selection of collars, leashes, and harnesses including brands like Puppia, Premier, and more.

Open Mon-Sat 9AM - 8PM and Sun 11AM-7PM

Posted on: 2016/3/16 18:21

Re: Exclusive Buyer Agreement?


I stand corrected.

You cannot negotiate the commission rate because it is between the seller and the seller's agent. What you are talking about is a rebate from the buyers agent, which can be offered in 40 states of which NJ is one. In 10 states it is not allowed.

But, in a hot market, no experienced agent would offer such a rebate because of all the work that is required to find and qualify a buyer. This rebate can be used towards the purchase price of the home.

But the fact remains you cannot change the commission that the seller and seller's agent have set by contract since the buyer is not a party to the contract.

Posted on: 2015/12/3 21:07

Re: Exclusive Buyer Agreement?

As an investor in properties throughout the US, I would ALWAYS recommend you get a buyer's agent and here is why:

The Seller's Agent ONLY represents the Seller. If he/she deals directly with a buyer without an agent, he/she is now a DUAL AGENT and must disclose to the buyer he/she is a Dual Agent. What does it mean as a dual agent? This means that he/she cannot advise on negotiating ANYTHING for the buyer. Ultimately the sellers agent duty is only to the SELLER, but he/she must treat the buyer fairly and still disclose information REQUIRED BY LAW.

If you have a buyer's agent, you now have someone who can help negotiate for you. If they hear from other agents that the seller is distressed, is willing to take a lower price, or any other information that can affect the price, THEY CAN share it with you to help negotiate. Again, the seller's agent can only share information he/she is REQUIRED to disclose by law. Plus, a buyer's agent will know what a property SHOULD be priced at according to the market, not based on some arbitrary price that most sellers force agents to list at.

As far as commissions go, you have NO ABILITY to negotiate a lower commission from the sale of the home as a buyer. Actually, neither a sellers agent or a buyers agent can kick you back any money from a transaction because it would be a violation of Federal and State Law. The listing contract is between the seller and the seller's agent and can only be modified by mutual consent. Only if you hold a real estate license from any state can you ask for a referral fee. I hold one in another state for just that reason.

My recommendation is definitely GET A BUYERS AGENT. You DON'T have to sign an exclusive unless you're very comfortable with the agent and they're working really hard to find you the right place. Just remember that agents are only paid on commission, so all that time they spend taking you around to properties, doing research, etc. is UNPAID unless you contract through them.

A smart agent will ask as soon as possible if you are working with another agent. That way each of you don't waste each other's time.

Posted on: 2015/12/3 19:43

Re: vet clinic/animal hospital recommendations

The Veterinarian at Canis Minor - Newport Animal Hospital - is very good and they do all types of animals from dogs and cats to rabbits. They're associated with Hoboken Animal Hospital in Hoboken and Jersey City Animal Hospital on West Side Avenue. It's a good way to get the expertise of the two hospitals when you not near either of them. Their number is 201-626-3785 and they're only available by appointment.

Canis Minor also sells a wide selection of products for large dogs and cats, including "bling" items and apparel. They also have a grooming facility on site for dogs and cats of all sizes and a daycare for just little dogs under 25 lbs.

Posted on: 2006/9/17 1:00




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