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Re: Judge -- "Anyone who thinks this gangster life is cool, this sentence will show them it isn't."

I think kife in prison is too good for these two guys. They do deserve the death penalty for what they did. Save the tax payers some money!

Posted on: 2006/9/23 5:25

Re: Condo Shopping Observations


mike_s55 wrote:
I wrote this on the kannekt message board regarding all those who think they are geniouses by explaining exactly where the market is, truth is you never know, here is my post:

So for the last few years I visit the message boards from time to time and read the media, and all these "brilliant" opinionated people perdicting the direction of where and when and how much housing is going to crash and why you shouldnt own a home, as they crunch all the numbers. Ok so yes I do agree that housing is expensive and yes it is getting even more expensive over the last few years. So I definitely am real about expectations, am not a fool to thing prices will appreciate year over year etc.

What I wanted to point out though, in 2001 right after the dot com crash I decided to buy stock in Toll Brothers (TOL) and Hovnanian (HOV) both home builders. I didnt buy it because i had a crystal ball and crunch all these magical numbers being able to predict the future, i decided to buy this stock because in investors business daily i read about them because their relative strength looked good, P/E looked cheap, balance sheet etc. Absolutely no speculation at all. After i purchased the stock i would get caught up in reading the Yahoo Finance message boards. The boards were full of these "genious" predictors theorizing all these magical and fabulously complicated reasons as to why you should short the stock or sell all your shares because we are in a housing bubble and the real estate world was going to collapse. After reading those messages I got nervous and sold the stock. Unfortunately for me, the next 4 years proved to be an incredible time to own a home and the stock as i watched TOL and HOV go up in value both by almost 1000%.

I decided to revist those message boards the other day and got a huge kick out of how almost erriley similar those messages that back then scared me out of owning the stock are in 2001 about the housing bubble that exists and that everyone will be running for the exits, and the messages i read today in 2006. Here is a link to those message boards so that you can see what i am talking about.

Now i am not discrediting either sides arguments it is just appropriate for those doom sayers to step back, take a deep breath and observe how strickingly similar their arguments in 2001 were to today.

TOLL BROTHERS STOCK MESSAGE BOARD 2000-2002 with word bubble ... Month=9&eDay=1&eYear=2002

HOVNANIAN STOCK MESSAGE BOARD 2001-2002 with word bubble ... Month=9&eDay=1&eYear=2002

You can't take anything you read on the yahoo message boards very seriously. I'll bet half the people who post there don't even own the stocks they are posting about! No offense, but shame on you for taking your investment cues from them!

Posted on: 2006/9/17 4:59

Re: Condo Shopping Observations


JoyOfSound wrote:
i checked out gull's cove online and spoke with their realtor.

you can buy a condo at pre-construction for 10% (of $380k for a 1-bedroom; $38,000), and not pay any mortgage or taxes until the unit is occupiable, which would be fall of 2007.

for flipping purposes, it seems that by the fall of 2007, the same unit could be worth maybe 100k MORE than the original purchase price.

it seems like a good investment to just flip the property, but i've never done such a large investment (i live in a unit i bought 2 years ago in journal square).

anyone have any experience with flipping condos? i was really considering buying one at gull's cove.

also, the realtor said it's four blocks from grove street path, though the original post said it was too far from the PATH....

Do you really believe the unit will increase 26% within a year? In this market?

You would be lucky if it increases 5%, but then closing costs, capital gains, and tranfer taxes will cut into any profit you might make.

Posted on: 2006/9/17 4:54

Re: Jersey City ranked one of the least angry cities in America -- though you can't tell it from JCLIST!

JC may be one of the least angry cities, but it is also one of the most stressful cities (#19)! I guess holding all that anger in has its disadvantages.

100 Largest Metro Areas
(Ranked in order from most stressful to least stressful)

Rank Metro Area
1 Tacoma, WA
2 Miami, FL
3 New Orleans, LA
4 Las Vegas, NV-AZ
5 New York, NY
6 Portland-Vancouver, OR-WA
7 Mobile, AL
8 Stockton-Lodi, CA
9 Detroit, MI
10 Dallas, TX
11 Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA
12 West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL
13 Houston, TX
14 Fort Lauderdale, FL
15 Riverside-San Bernardino, CA
16 St. Louis, MO-IL
17 Denver, CO
18 Jacksonville, FL
19 Jersey City, NJ
20 Phoenix-Mesa, AZ
21 Orlando, FL
22 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC
23 Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
24 Oakland, CA
25 Kansas City, MO-KS
26 Chicago, IL
27 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL
28 San Antonio, TX
29 Albuquerque, NM
30 Tucson, AZ
31 Gary, IN
32 Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA
33 Baton Rouge, LA
34 Bakersfield, CA
35 Baltimore, MD
36 Sacramento, CA
37 Tulsa, OK
38 Memphis, TN-AR-MS
39 Nashville, TN
40 Birmingham, AL
41 Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson, SC
42 San Francisco, CA
43 Atlanta, GA
44 Colorado Springs, CO
45 Fresno, CA
46 Milwaukee-Waukesha, WI
47 Toledo, OH
48 Indianapolis, IN
49 Philadelphia, PA-NJ
50 Cleveland-Lorain-Elyria, OH
51 Youngstown-Warren, OH
52 Wilmington-Newark, DE-MD
53 Dayton-Springfield, OH
54 Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR
55 Newark, NJ
56 San Jose, CA
57 Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point, NC
58 Wichita, KS
59 El Paso, TX
60 Austin-San Marcos, TX
61 Oklahoma City, OK
62 Louisville, KY-IN
63 Springfield, MA
64 Salt Lake City-Ogden, UT
65 Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN
66 Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland, MI
67 McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX
68 Sarasota-Bradenton, FL
69 Richmond-Petersburg, VA
70 Bergen-Passaic, NJ
71 Charleston-North Charleston, SC
72 Monmouth-Ocean, NJ
73 Akron, OH
74 Pittsburgh, PA
75 San Diego, CA
76 Knoxville, TN
77 Boston, MA-NH-ME
78 Hartford, CT
79 Columbia, SC
80 Ventura, CA
81 Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA
82 Columbus, OH
83 Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV
84 Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ
85 Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MA
86 Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY
87 Syracuse, NY
88 New Haven-Meriden, CT
89 Rochester, NY
90 Scranton-Wilkes-Barre-Hazleton, PA
91 Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC
92 Honolulu, HI
93 Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA-NC
94 Omaha, NE-IA
95 Ann Arbor, MI
96 Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI
97 Nassau-Suffolk, NY
98 Orange County, CA
99 Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle, PA
100 Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY

Posted on: 2006/8/19 3:41

Re: Assault/wilding incident on 9th and Erie


pchops wrote:
It's important to offer your witness account. For example:
The last robbery (official term for mugging) at Hamilton Park had 1 witness who only saw the suspects for a fleeting moment. I went to Hamilton Park and did my own investigation and found a better witness who was in front of the victim for 2 blocks as the suspects followed them. This better witnenss did not come forward when the police arrived. Thus the fact that they were juveniles and the correct clothing description was lost.

I am the witness referred to, so would like to correct this erroneous statement.

There were several people who saw the "actors", and all of them, myself included, gathered around the victim to help. One of the witnesses went so far as to chase the muggers!

The victim was on the phone with the police, and so was somebody else who had been nearby. I and others fed the two of them with descriptions which they then repeated to the police.

When the police arrived, we were all still there with the victim, however the police did not stop to speak to any of us. Instead they whisked the victim away in the patrol car in order to locate the two muggers.

So I did come forward and I did provide what I knew. I did not follow up by making a special trip to the police station because I had nothing more to add. The clothing description was NOT lost... Two guys - one in a red t-shirt and the other in a black t-shirt. The only "lost" information was which guy wore the do-wrap.

I would also like to add that the presense of those of us who were there, and our actions to help the victim must have scared the two muggers because they dropped her bag and she got her wallet back - cash, credit cards and all! So I think we did our part as good community citizens!

Posted on: 2006/7/7 16:36

Edited by OuttaDodge on 2006/7/7 16:51:55




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