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Re: NY Times - When Does a Housing Slump Become a Bust?

Dude, you've gotta live somewhere but the rent vs own debate ? Decide, cuz its getting tired. PS I wanna BUY CHEAP!! Can we still be friends?

Posted on: 2008/1/20 1:07

Re: So much for all of you folks who predicted a JC/NYC RE Crash

Its unlikely that the JC R/E market will crash. Unless some unpredictable event / calmity occurs (i.e., gas @ $9/ gallon)

But it is and will continue to be saturated with housing. This will and has created competition and put downward pressure on prices.

If fully saturated, a market flooded with housing will cut prices or offer incentives like \"Seller pays closing costs\", \"No maintenance charges for 1st year\", \"free parking space\", etc.)

Asking prices for new luxury 2 BRs are in high $300k range in HOBOKEN. In the summer of \'05, a fixed up (Home Depot\'ized) Van V. Park 2BRs range was $450 to $525K.

I'm not saying that a 2BR sold for $525K but am saying there\'s definitely been a drop in Asking prices since 2005.

Anyway your post and article are outdated. Does anyone know the current Sale price for 2BR (at closing)?

Anyway, once JC gets so damn crowded, ain't it gonna kill the thing we love about it - the same small neighborhood look & feel?

Posted on: 2007/6/9 19:37

Re: Hamilton Park Renovation - Meeting Dates

"And, its all just a little bit of history repeating..."

Ok, maybe we have to act like Adults and share the park grounds.

Van Vorst Park went through the Dog Vs People debate and it got heated. Hamilton Park is gigantic compared to Van Vorst.

Do not make it
a Kid vs Dog debate
cuz you'll stir up People's Hate.

I hate your kidz,
I hate your dawgz,
I hate your noise,
I hate your carz.

I hate you more
than you hate me,
Impossible !
That just can't be!

I hate you more,
Yes, I do
IMPOSSIBLE it can't be true
You can't hate as much
As I hate you!

What do we have in common,
Besides our hate ?
Of kidz, and dawgs, and carz and noize
Maybe rage,

Let's figure it out
Before its too late !!

Ruff, ruff

Posted on: 2007/6/9 16:55

Edited by badgirl on 2007/6/9 17:11:18

Re: So much for all of you folks who predicted a JC/NYC RE Crash

Wow. Sounds like its still all-about-the-money and real estate not about the community, quality of life or arts or the people who live there.

Posted on: 2007/6/8 23:22

Re: Condo Shopping Observations

My observations: MUTUAL BENEFIT RULES...!!!

there is a concerted effort on the part of some brokers to maintain a certain (extremely high)level of prices. These are the properties that languish...listed for a long time, and draw the most complaints and criticism...

Other brokers smartly price to attract a sale...GOOD FOR BOTH B & S...

(as a seller, I've learned) if you are a buyer, if you like the place than put in a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL BID!!!WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE...???

If you're a seller, think of your profit margin (and cut someone a break...) PX AT A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PRICE.


enuf said...R/E is getting tedious...can't wait til it drops off the radar screen...

whatta u think...?

Posted on: 2006/7/9 1:55

Re: Ideas for Jersey City T-shirts

Where's the historic preservation society when you need them...??

we couldn't paint the trim of our place without jumping through a million hoops of bureaucracy...purity and historic accuracy....

how'do these developers get away with it...$$$$$$$ oh, yeah..

Posted on: 2006/7/2 16:39

Re: Ideas for Jersey City T-shirts

that's dirty shitty, to you...

Hey we love JC no matter what you say...but any one with expections of priviledge will be disappointed...people of JC survived via tolerance not priviledge...

Posted on: 2006/6/26 1:32




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