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Re: Final Recomendations to the St. Francis Hospital Redevelopment Plan

Seriously, does he think that the board really reads a 10 page letter from the public. Dan L should get a degree in urban planning so he can work for JC or Hoboken as a planner...maybe then he can put all his knowledge and work to use. Although it seems he would be better suited for suburban planning.

Posted on: 2006/3/30 16:54

Re: Ordinance for Security Cameras - Steven Fulop

I honestly don?t think anyone?s civil liberties are being compromised here, except maybe the criminals. If it would make catching them in the act as opposed to numerous man hours by law enforcement to try to ?prove their case? I am welcome to it. It won?t necessarily deter them at first, since I am not sure that criminals are smart enough to notice a camera pointing at them on the side of a building. I do think in the long run it will deter criminal activity, because as more get caught they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, etc.

I think you may feel differently about having things done under the name of terrorism and criminal behavior if you were directly attacked by terrorist or the victim of a crime and a camera with an image of your attacker or the attacker of someone you loved aided in putting them away for a long while.

Posted on: 2006/3/23 18:15

Re: Ordinance for Security Cameras - Steven Fulop

All I can say is that I live in a building with cameras that face the street. They do not bother anyone and in fact, no one really ever notices they are there. There was one night when there was a pretty serious hit and run. The managers were able to pull the video and see the make, model and license plate of the car. Isn't this what we all want? A little piece of mind, more eyes on the street so when someone is spraying graffiti on every level surface, or busting car windows or god forbid attacking someone at gunpoint we may have a better chance of catching them and deterring unacceptable behaviour in the future? I don't think the general population has much to hide walking down the street with the exception of the occasional nose itch

Posted on: 2006/3/23 14:46




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