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Re: West Side Aircraft Noise PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT

Yea! It's been a nice quiet aircraft noise day. I am thankful it is over. I know this is wishful thinking, but it would be nice if there were a website to see any announcements as to why there might be a noise issue such as temporary use of an alternate runway.

Posted on: 2012/9/16 1:45

West Side Aircraft Noise PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT

If you have noticed the drastic and unacceptable aircraft noise in the past week on the West side and over Lincoln Park, PLEASE file a complaint with the Port Authority using the below information. I am doing this on a daily basis. I don't know if this will result in any explainantion or change. Thanks!

Aircraft Noise Complaints
Click Port Authority Aircraft Noise Complaints to electronically file a noise complaint
Call the Airport Noise Complaint Line: 1-800-225-1071

Posted on: 2012/9/14 20:49

Re: Lincoln Park Area (i.e. Harrison Ave. b/w Kennedy and West Side Ave.

Moved into the area 5 years ago on Gautier.

Location: Harrison Ave. b/w Kennedy and West Side Ave: Not bad or scary, but I would not go east of Bergen at night. Duncan, not great ? but Condict and Gautier area is totally fine and really quiet ? amazing what a difference a block makes.

My husband and I commute to Manhattan everyday for work. A little bit of a trek, but well worth it to have such a great park outside your door and abundant parking. Where else can you buy a single family home for under $300K only 1 mile from NYC? Amazing value.

Crime: It has gotten much better! But I am as cautious as I would be on the Lower East Side were we lived b/f or Brooklyn. I see no difference between crime and safety here or Brooklyn. Be smart and alert. Yes, my dumpy car was broken into twice 3 years ago b/f the projects were closed. Then I got a nicer car with an alarm and wheel lock and no one has touched it (knock on wood). Bur don?t leave stuff in your car. I?ve read about cars being stolen in downtown. 5 years ago, it was common to see little plastic drug bags on sidewalks near the park, now I NEVER see them.

Lincoln Park is a GEM in JC: Is 273 acres, not the 100 reported by another person. Run by Hudson County. Since I have been here, they have put so much $ into the park. Plus there?s a ton of tennis courts and a huge dog park. It?s getting a 9 hole golf course, a river walk, and WIFI through out the park. Seeing a lot more families and young professional looking people in the park.

As to conveniences like food and night life - No, it?s not like living in Manhattan or Brooklyn. It?s quiet-ish. But there are great places: Alnoor on Westside and Duncan has THE BEST bbq chicken I have ever had. Little India is great! Wonder bagel is great. I forgot to mention the Dairy Queen on West side! Sometimes we go to downtown JC for food.

Getting away: Access to highways and Newark Airport (12 minutes) are unparalled ? no tunnels and little congestion to get in and out. Great for road trips.

This place is not perfect ? but all in all, it?s a great bang for your buck!

Posted on: 2010/1/10 5:01

Re: Savas - Polish Cafeteria Opens on Grove Street

Went to Sava's today at 12 - There was a steady stream of people when we were there.
The combo plate with the Kielbasa was really good - so were the pierogies. Homemade mashed potatoes, with little potato chunks!!!! Yum. Also had the spinach stuffed chicken breast - good, but not a fan of the egg coating. Can't wait for Borsch soup day!
I picked up some packaged "Cream Cheese Cookies" which I thought I give a try and I'm glad I did - they're addictive!
Over all, Savas has a very good home cooked taste - rare now a days with so many chain restaurants everywhere.

Posted on: 2008/2/15 22:44

Re: Lincoln Park home plan is altered, but not enough for neighbors

So does anyone have any recommendations on how to get involved? Maybe some of the Downtown peeps can suggest? Also, what do you do to check if your neighbor doing work on their house/land has proper permits?

Posted on: 2007/3/11 16:15

Re: Lincoln Park home plan is altered, but not enough for neighbors

Those "garage-on-bottom pink-brick monstrosities" are so fugly, I can't stand it! I wish those GOBPBMs were outlawed! It breaks my heart that the city can't see the rich history and the benefit to trying to hold on to the unique character of the neighborhoods of JC. Because of this lack of historical preservation, I know this city is not for me. When I make enough money to move to Millburn/Maplewood, I will - even with the taxes. Sorry JC - you have so much potential!

Posted on: 2007/3/10 22:30




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