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Re: Support for Electric Vehicle parking and curb cut

We’ll think about it, within a database there will be a list of homes that registered/permitted to have the cut for an EV.. if that lapses 30 days, a simple notice can be sent to either show proof and reregister or the cut will be listed on the “restore curb” project. Just as there are a ton of illegal and invalid cuts that also need to be filled. As far as enforcement, no Different than when the meter maid scans a sticker that is invalid the system tells them so, and they ticket the car. Same process with invalid driveways whether it’s for older properties or new EV permitted ones.
The whole point of these conversations is to get things progressing and moving along, because for the last 15 years nobody has done anything or taken any initiative to do so. And now we’re at a point where it’s a complete mess, but it is fixable. Baby steps are better than no steps, it won’t be overnight but it’s progressing.

We also encourage people who want to support this and the entire movement of getting this issue sorted and moving in the right direction to please join the petition to show your support as it makes it way thru the system. ... uts-for-ev?redirect=false

Posted on: 2022/5/17 13:48

Re: Support for Electric Vehicle parking and curb cut

Not at all, and it’s that thinking and perspective that’s in cityHall today that we’re working to educate. The fact of the matter is the discussions are already ongoing. A database exists and being built daily of driveways of both types. The idea is that just like parking on the street requires a sticker renewed yearly, the use of conforming yard space for EV approval, will require proof of registration and permit to do so. With the correct database once in place, if car is parked in a “Green Driveway” is not permitted, it will be tickets just the same. 1: more revenue for the city from violators. 2: more permit money for allowing these spaces and 3: a cleaner system.
As for the space, it will be deemed NONtransferable in a sale, new ownership would be same as old, they would need to show proof of active EV registration yearly to renew permit. If permit is not renewed or EV no longer exists at these homes, the curb is filled and given back to the street, simple as that.
As for the number of illegal cuts out there, it’s HIGH, and as the database continues to grow and the push for overall regulation progresses, all homes will someday be better monitored for unused curbs to restore them back to the street, thus allowing more folks who need cuts (and are approved) to have them..

It’s a streamlined and simple process and for the city to say for over 15yrs now “it’s complicated” rather than simply addressing the issue and setting some guidelines rather than a “1 size fits all” blanket statement/ordinance, this will begin to bring some order to the entire issue. Because 1 size does NOT fit all and as
the city see more of those growth, it’s time to be smart, be creative, own your problems and make a difference, rather than continue this path of 20yrs do nothing which is creating division in communities as more new comers come to the area and are more than willing to contribute $$ (registrations/permits etc) to the city’s coffers, which is a win for us all.

Posted on: 2022/5/16 22:21

Re: Support for Electric Vehicle parking and curb cut

This is more about addressing an issue that’s continually ignored and getting the town nowhere doing so. What’s happening is setting up a database for recognition of all cuts throughout the neighborhoods so that unused and illegal can and will be filled in eventually. In the meantime promoting a move to EV will be through incentivizing those with approved and conforming space, allowance. The discussions are happening and all we’re trying to do is locate support and educate people on the movement and improvement to make this area more efficient/legal/sustainable and promote the “green” movement that the town is pushing the agenda for. MANY people could/would or should have their cuts removed being that they’re illegal. And this process is the first step in doing that so while several spots will be given back to street parking, several will open up to people for off-site parking since they have the space and are looking to make a switch to EV. The petition is online now and growing rapidly on

Posted on: 2022/5/16 10:55

Support for Electric Vehicle parking and curb cut

Opening this board to raise awareness, feedback and support for the promoting of Electric Vehicle use over traditional gas. Jersey City is very actively pushing to become known for its proactive, sustainable, Eco-friendly stance on community. As the local government continue to push for a fully electric fleet by 2030, the bigger challenge is getting residents who need/use cars every day for work/life outside of immediate transportation options, we are working on gathering support for the amendment to curb cut/parking ordinances on all homes with conforming space off street.
The goal: to raise support of those who have conforming parking space, allowance for paid yearly registration/permitting (which makes the town tax money) so that if you purchase an electric Vehicle, you can apply for permit to park in your front driveway/carport allowing for charging. If a homeowner has conforming space for cars, and provides proof of active EV registration each year, for a fee, you will be allowed to use your space and receive curb cut.
This is very much needed to provide incentive for those to switch away from gas cars while allowing those with space, to charge and take 2-3 more cars off the street.
Registration of driveways with the town will also allow a database to be created, which ultimately allows the town to better identify and track legal and illegal spaces for better enforcement, restoration of curb where cuts are no longer valid as well as take in more permitting fees which is money for the town to support improvements.

The following page has been created on Facebook community to gather support for an upcoming petition and growing movement of support for a sustainable incentive that will take steps towards making Jersey City more Eco-friendly and better informed on improving the local parking ordinances that have been largly untouched for over 15years while growth continues at unprecedented pace.

Please LIKE/follow for updates as this movement progresses:

Or search Facebook using “Jersey City EV Green Driveway”

Posted on: 2022/5/14 3:46




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