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Re: its official: entire heights must buy resident parking permit

So, it has been about 6 months since the new parking rules went into effect in the Heights. I live in the area of the Heights where prior to the change, there were no parking regulations at all. Finding parking any time of the day, but especially late at night, was always a huge challenge. The fact that commuters from the suburbs could park in the Heights and take the bus into Port Authority was crazytown. I, like most of my neighbors, welcomed the new permit requirements in hopes it would improve the parking situation by eliminating the scenario that non-residents could leave their cars in the Heights for as long as they wanted.

Here's what I've noticed thus far:

There has been ZERO enforcement of the parking permits. None whatsoever. When the rules went into effect, I questioned whether the parking authority would be able to enforce a 4-Hour parking limit. It seemed like such a huge window to go around and check non-permitted cars and accurately gauge whether they'd been there for more than 4 hours. Why not a 2-hour limit like the rest of JC? Why not RESIDENT PARKING ONLY during the evening hours like they have in Paulus Hook? Not that any of that matters, because I've never actually seen anybody checking permits. Not once. Because of this, parking hasn't improved at all. It's just as bad as it's always been.

Enforcement of the permits just isn't happening. I know this because I bought a new car in January and didn't get around to getting a parking permit for over a month and I didn't get a single ticket. I was 100% confident I would not get a ticket. In the Heights, the only parking rules they enforce are alternate side parking because it's easy. That and when you park on the corner where there is clearly enough room for an additional spot but they post "No parking here to corner" signs to further the problem of lack of parking.

What's everyone else's take on the parking situation in the Heights? Do they check permits in other neighborhoods in JC?

Posted on: 2019/3/12 5:57




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