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Re: Lawsuit alleges ex-employee endured sexual assault, harassment at N.J. eatery (WB)

Downtown location gave up the cat a little over a year ago.

I'd rather have a cat in an eatery than mice or's cheap pest control.

Posted on: 2017/12/24 15:54

Re: New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks


MonmouthMan wrote:
do you think I'm stupid? You want him to pay me after I leave the property?

Calm down, the person specifically mentioned having it transferred to escrow. Escrow is where the money is transferred to a neutral 3rd party who then distributes the money once the agreed upon conditions are met. It's not like the land lord can stomp in and take the money back and be like "nahhh, jk jk". That's the beauty of an escrow service, the neutral 3rd party is key.


MonmouthMan wrote:
Not five minutes after meeting the new owner he said that he would maybe consider offering people a couple of months rent to move out. I told him I would move for $100,000 and six months to move. And I walked away. My rent is only 750 a month by the way for my own little studio with a washer dryer in the basement. 30 months rent is only roughly $22,500 that ain't shit

$22,500 and 90 days actually sounds quite reasonable to me, especially for a place that's only $750 a month. If it took you so little effort to find it, chances are you can find something in that range again, and if $22,500 isn't "shit" to you, then clearly you have the cash to spend an extra $100 a month to find something close.

$100k and 6 months isn't an opening argument as much as it is a statement that you are unwilling to negotiate something reasonable, and of course any counter offer on their part would seem crazy to you if that was your opening bid.

Posted on: 2017/10/11 2:29

Re: In Marvel Comics, Ms. Marvel returns as Muslim teen living in Jersey City

Although I'm 100% right, I don't have to say anything. The reaction of the market speaks volumes. I'm just confirming the obvious ;)

I don't think you're right at all. Grab your news from more than a single source, or read the twitter links at the bottom of your source. Having some knowledge of comic books also helps, but if racism is your thing then I doubt you'll see reason. This Ms. Marvel has entered the New York Times Graphic Novel/Short Story best-seller list at #4 or better with every trade paperback release.

The new Ms. Marvel series is pretty great. What is killing Marvel's sales is a rush of new "event" storylines -- Crossover or event storylines used to happen once every couple of years, but in the last few years Marvel has had one "event" after another. These events crossover a handful of comics into a joined storyline - in the beginning it was novelty, but more recently it's a way to sell more comics. They take a single main story arc and cross it over into 4 or more core character's stories. In order to see what happens with the single character you care about you now have to read 4 other books. At $5 an issue the costs really add up. If you want to read everything about Ms. Marvel outside of just the core published 12 issues, you'd have to buy close to 100 other comics just to see what she's been up to (Secret Wars, Civil War II, Inhumans, The All-New Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D...the list really goes on).

Long story short, don't use your racism to cover up shitty sales tactics - fans have no issue with the multicultural aspect of the new Marvel characters, they have issues having to buy a thousand issues at $5 a pop to keep up with the disaster that is Marvel's multiverse and never-ending cross-over events. The stories have never been better, but they are all over the place. However, if you're going to be racist go pick up a copy of Captain America: Steve Rogers as Captain America is now a Nazi, you may find things to your liking there.

Posted on: 2017/4/30 4:23




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