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Re: Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

The scam is that 2 years ago, when the city tried to get the taxpayer's share for added assessment due to renovations, Dixon threatened the city with a $300K lawsuit and the assessments never happened. The scam outlined below is what the insiders came up with to protect Dixon going forward.

My job will be to expose the secret deals everyone has been making with the City and their cronies. One day at a time.

I work for the City and I am sick and tired of the BS that passes along one administration to the next

Posted on: 4/16 13:26

Dixon Leasing Cheating JC out of Taxes with the help of Rebecca Sysmes

Dixon Leasing, the traitors from Australia have a solid scam going. It's rather brilliant actually.

They have been renovating 1-4 Families in JC for a while. When us working folks renovate something, our taxes get updated. When the City hit Dixon Leasing with a $300K tax increase on over 50 Muliti-Families they have been updating, holier than thou Rebecca Sysmes with the help of her friend Candice Osborne threatened the City with a lawsuit just because she could. Here is the scam:
The deal that was made was for those multi-families to get a tax abatement on the improvement. The crime however was that this was deliberately done to protect the entire portfolio of Dixon Criminals against the Reval as the abated properties won't get touched.
They have also been feeding JC Tax Office (through Rebecca and other cronies) false rental data so that the City can't assess them properly. Taxes on Multi-Families are a % of the collected revenues. When you falsify the rent, the city can't get their fair share. In summary:
1) BS Rent numbers reported to the Assessors Office (if rent is really $3500, they claim 2000)
2) Abating properties for BS renovation work (they never pull all needed permits, just some for appearance sake)
3) Since buildings get abated, they are protected from the Reval
4) Getting Mother Theresa Rebecca Symes to be face of it all
5) Getting your cronies (Candice) to back you up.

Wake of Jersey City. You have been f-ed with for far too long.

Posted on: 4/16 12:33

Re: Candice Osborne running, Not running, running, Not running,

I noticed her being very active when she took office but lately, all emails get responded every 2 - 3 weeks (and some none). If you talk to the DCNA, they will share the same sentiment.
It's pathetic that the council job in JC is not a full time position and doesnt get paid as such. Even Newark fixed that system.

Posted on: 4/11 15:31

Re: Russell Maffei and Marie Tauro Killed by Hit & Run Driver

200 more Police Officers today than 4 years ago. Are we doing at least basic enforcement on JC streets? It's a rhetorical question. I know this accident happened in North Bergen but it could have very easily happened on Newark Ave or Grand Street in JC

Posted on: 4/11 15:28

Re: Mayor Fulop Signs Executive Order Dedicating 10% to Future Tax Abatement Payments to JC Public schoo

Too little too late. There should be 0 abatement given out in Downtown. 5 Large developers control 90% of the inventory in Downtown. (KABR, Kushner, IronState, Mackcali, Panipento, IronState,). They dont need abatements to build on land they have owned for 10+ years or 20+ in some cases) All other abatement in other parts of the city should be only for 10 years maximum.

Posted on: 4/11 15:19

Candice Osborne running, Not running, running, Not running,

It's a simple Question. There are many qualified people wanting to jump into the race but are all in limbo not knowing what our missing in action councilwoman is doing


Posted on: 4/11 15:11




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