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Re: First female head of PATH system says she will improve rider experience


Frinjc wrote:
Planning to head to NYC this WE and thinking Citibike+ferry. Is the ferry at Paulus Hook still working or has it been replaced by the new ferry just north of the exchange place Path station? I can't stand the idea of crowds for the latter, it looks insane.

WTC is open on major holiday weekends like this upcoming weekend (Easter) and the substitute free ferry service from Harborside will not run.

I think the regular ferry service at Paulus Hook and Harborside should still be running at the usual weekend prices though.

Posted on: 2019/4/19 3:18

Re: Old plans for PATH station

Someone has a bunch of great photos of the upstairs area on Flickr here:

Go toward the middle/end of the album to see them.

Posted on: 2019/1/15 0:28

Re: rental pricing of 40+ jersey city luxury rental buildings

I toured a few apartments at Journal Squared last year and thought the units were on the small side for the price. Views and sunlight were great and I thought the building had potential. But online reviews seem to indicate a lot of problems with construction quality & management so I decided not to rent there.

Last year, they supposedly had only a handful of studios and 1 bedrooms available to show me. According to their website now, they have at least about a dozen 1 bedrooms available starting at around $2.2k, which is cheaper than I remember being quoted and quite a bit cheaper than similar buildings downtown. But they could be playing games by showing "net effective" prices online.

Posted on: 2018/12/24 21:18

Re: PATH (pathetic attempt at transporting humans)


JCGuys wrote:
Exactly right newbie!!

I doubt narco is a daily commuter because it's a horrible station for commuters. It looks nice if just visiting, but I can honestly say the temporary PATH station was much more functional. Someone with a disability should sue the Port Authoirty for ADA compliance. How many elevators and distance does it take to get from the train to the street, especially if bound to a wheelchair.

Yes! That simple row of long escalators at the temporary station was much better than that mess we have today.

Now you have to go through a half dozen different staircases and escalators to get out of the damn place while dodging tourists who walk slowly and stand on the left side of the escalators.

Anyone notice that the restrooms in the PATH area also have super limited hours? I think they close at like 7pm or something like that on weekends. Glad to see they could afford to deck the whole building out in white Italian marble, but they somehow they can’t afford to keep restrooms open while you’re waiting 30 minutes for a train at night. I guess it’s just too much to ask to pay someone minimum wage to attend to the restrooms 24/7 in a $4 billion building.

I predict the oculus will age very poorly and we can expect more leaks and an expensive restoration project in 20-30 years. The marble is already stained and cracked in places.

Posted on: 2018/11/10 14:10

Re: PATH Trains Increase


I_heart_JC wrote:

hero69 wrote:
The Port Authority/PATH should be coordinating its purchases with the NYC MTA in order to get better pricing.

how would that work, exactly, when the cars are markedly different?

The current PATH cars (PA-5) are basically modified versions of the R142 MTA cars.

By the way, the new countdown screens have popped up at the Harrison station as well. I looked at the serial number sticker on one of the screens and it said “NYCT” for New York City Transit. I’m pretty sure these screens are the same model that’s used at certain MTA Stations, so maybe there is already some sort of coordination going on behind the scenes.

Posted on: 2018/10/12 23:28

Re: Kushner family in Beijing: 'Invest $500,000 and immigrate' to US


bodhipooh wrote:

TonyTwoPoops wrote:

bodhipooh wrote:
Seriously, how is this news? The EB5 visas have been around for a long time, and they are a vehicle used by many developers all over the US to get projects financed and completed. Heck, most of Miami's real estate boom was fueled by foreign money generated through the EB-5 visa allure. Or, how else do you think all those wealthy Mexicans and Venezuelansin Miami got their LPR and citizenship status??

If you disagree with LPR/citizenship granted to someone willing to invest half a mil in the US, then reach out to your congressman/woman and your senators. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong or nefarious in what the Kushners are doing. It's the same thing all savvy developers are doing: wooing foreign capital to fund projects.

People are complaining because it's an obvious conflict of interest when the developer offering visa's for investment $$$$ is a Kushner and related to our moron president.

How is it a conflict of interest? People often throw that concept around with regards to situations they don't like. But, there's only a conflict of interest if the person or organization is involved in multiple interests and one could unduly influence one of the others. In this case, where's the conflict?

No developer is issuing visas, and they are not involved in the process of approving visas. Developers hold seminars in which they explain to wealthy people that if they are willing to spend upwards of 500K in their projects, the person would be entitled to apply for the EB5 visa. At that point, the developer is looking for money and providing information that could entice someone to give them some. If a wealthy investor is willing to part with a large sum, that person could invest it on the project being pitched to him, or any other project, and after doing so he (or, his lawyer or representative) can then apply to DHS for an EB5 visa. At that point, it is up to USCIS to approve or deny that request. The investor visas are capped annually, and the applicants still have to satisfy a few other requirements. Regardless, the assigned case officer will make a determination. So, again, where's the conflict of interest? Trump is not sitting in the Oval Office approving visa applications, the developer is not selling visas, and this is done by a lot of developers.

USCIS falls under the president's purview as he appoints the head of DHS.

All other things behind equal, if a foreign investor has the choice between investing in a Kushner project or any other random developer's project, there is a chance they would pick the Kushners with the idea that the family's close ties to the president could improve their chances of getting an EB-5 visa. Jared Kushner's sister proudly mentioned his association with Trump during the presentation to investors.

It doesn't matter whether any actual wrongdoing occurs during the EB-5 review & approval process. At the end of the day, the Kushners stand to profit because of their association with Trump.

In a normal times, a prudent developer would probably steer clear of such a strong appearance of a conflict of interest. However, time and again the Trump administration has shown its flagrant disregard for traditional ethical norms. The Kushners might as well cash in on the gravy train.

Posted on: 2017/5/7 17:37




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