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Cracked sewer pipe - Advice/contractor needed


We're buying a place in the heights and the sewer line inspection revealed the pipe is cracked between the city line and the house on the street (ie city property). Please can anyone with relevant experience/info advise on: (1) who's responsibility it is (city/us) (2) suitable contractors [I saw Brajczewski mentioned on an old post] (3) expected pricing.

The supply line is also lead if it makes sense to switch both at once.

THANKS in advance for any help!

Posted on: 2019/6/3 14:22

Re: $7k DCA Inspection Penalties - HELP!

Thanks everyone for the advice.

We’ve spoken to the DCA multiple times who initially could only confirm our balance but none of the reasons for the amounts owed or explain whether liability rests with the prior owner. I finally got referred to a manager who is going to look into the detail and call us back.will call the title co also and update.

The debt collection letters are addressed to the condo association which I understand is a corporation which presumably the three condo units are the shareholders of. We didn’t sign any documentation as part of purchase to acquire shareholdings in the HOA so the shareholdings must but at the unit level eg unit 1 is a shareholder and if you buy unit 1 you therefore become a shareholder I guess.

Posted on: 2019/3/9 8:43

$7k DCA Inspection Penalties - HELP!


Would be super appreciative if someone has any advice on an issue:

The HOA (Self-manged) of our 3 unit condo building in the hilltop just received 3 penalties totalling $7k for violations on the 5 year DCA condo inspection dating from 1998/2005/2009. THINK this is mainly non payment penalties. All current owners purchased in 2016.

Could the responsibility for liability remain with the previous owners?

We have partial info because we received the demands from a debt collection agency and when we called the DCA they didn't give much info out.

THANKS in advance for any help.

Posted on: 2019/3/3 14:37




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