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Re: Replacing shut off valve on the water main line

Call Ezzy from Corrado Mastropaolo Plumbing: 347-436-6593. He counted the tines in my radiators and consulted radiator manuals from the 1950s to make sure my boiler was the proper size. He replaced my near boiler piping, replaced leaky valves and clogged vents, and insulated the mains and risers. I had read the book "Greening Steam" by Dan Holohan and he was the first person that came to give me an estimate that knew everything I had read and he executed it correctly. The steam system runs great now -- no knocking and fairly even heat throughout the house. Highly recommend him.

Posted on: 2017/9/15 21:19

Re: Bicycle Theft Victims Unite

I ride a $1200 bike around Jersey City all the time. I leave it parked all over the city, and I don't even carry a lock. It's guaranteed to never ever get stolen. Even if it somehow does, its not my problem! If it starts raining for one leg of my trip, I just take a bus or a Lyft/Uber and I never worry about leaving it parked. In fact, I don't even bother to pick it up, because I have 500 of these bikes scattered around the city, just sitting there waiting for me to ride them. If I go into NYC, there are literally thousands more available to me with the swipe of a keyfob. I never have to lift a finger to pay a dime to maintain them.

For this service, I pay about 40 cents per day.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm referring to Citibike.

There are plenty of reasons and use cases to use your own, personal bike. But for commuting and general transportation purposes, nothing really beats the Citibike experience and the value you get for your membership fee is incredible.

Join today

Some complain that they are too heavy, slow, etc. But the real reason they are like that is actually for safety and comfort. Try it, you'll get used to it and learn to appreciate a less aggressive, more comfortable, more weather accomodating, and safer way of riding.

Posted on: 2017/6/8 22:49




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