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Solar Panel Installation

Our condo board is interested in installing solar panels on our roof.

Would anyone have a good recommendation?


Posted on: 2018/5/1 2:12

Re: Parking Issues Around Hamilton Park

Have there been previous threads about improving parking enforcement in Zone 6? Is this a non-starter in JC?

Seems like it would 1) make life a little easier for residents with cars and 2) be easy, justifiable money for the city?

Posted on: 2016/11/10 14:22

Re: Table tennis JC?

There is a ping pong table in the new place at the Brunswick Center, Hudson Play.

Not sure if they would let you use the table without paying the full entry fee. Worth checking out.

Maybe you could push to get one put in at CERC (the rec center by hamilton park)?

Posted on: 2016/4/10 22:48

Re: Downtown Roads...why so bad?

Similar question.

Does it seem a little unscrupulous to enforce alternate side parking when 25%+ of Hamilton park streets are closed?

Does the city have a policy on this?

(I got ticketed twice the past two weeks, super frustrating)

Posted on: 2016/3/30 23:21

Re: Kids in 11 N.J. Cities Have Higher Lead Levels Than Flint

Posted on: 2016/3/28 16:13

Out of Code Chimney Making Family Sick and City Won't Inspect

Hamilton Park area:

The attached, adjacent building's chimney leaks into our building. Their chimney is unlined, uncapped, and only three inches higher than our roofline. At this point the mortar in their chimney is virtually nonexistent.

When the neighbors run their heat, use hot water, or cook, our apartment is inundated with terrible odors that burn our eyes and induce nausea. I tried talking with them about lining their chimney, but was told to go to hell.

I have contacted the JCFD, the Hudson Regional Health Commision, the building department, the Resident Response Center, and our city council woman.

The JCFD and health commission only inspect during limited business hours--when people aren't heating or cooking--not to mention that they only look for CO, not things like cresote.

The relevant city departments declined to inspect. Basically we are sitting in our apartment being at best discomforted and at worst poisoned by our neighbors and the city doesn't seem to mind.

Has anyone dealt with a similar problem? Either through the city or through legal action?

We are prepping to tear the wall out and address what we can from our side, but at the end of the day, the root of the problem is the neighbor's out of code chimney--there is a risk we might spend a bunch of money on our side, but not actually fix anything.


Posted on: 2016/1/10 16:37

Re: Contractor/designer for Bathroom Renovation

We are currently using NASCO on a project.

The guys name is Shaz:

NJ- (201) 94 Nasco
NY- (631) 60 Nasco

Not the cheapest, but he'll make you feel comfortable and has a good design sense.

Posted on: 2015/9/28 16:17

Stopping Cigarette Smoke From Entering from an Adjoining Building

Just moved into the top floor of a Hamilton Park townhouse. We love it.

During the inspection, various visits, and walk-through we didn't detect any smoke--but once we moved in we realized that cigarette/cigar smoke pours in from the adjoining townhouse.

The wall is drywall and has our chimney, as well as half of our kitchen cabinetry. The smoke comes in through every crack and cut-out in the wall.

Has anyone had a similar issue with smoke entering from a neighboring property--and if so, have you had success stopping it?

We are currently considering taking the whole wall down in order to apply a foam sealant and secondary layer of sheet rock or something.


Posted on: 2015/8/28 16:53

Re: Cold Brew Coffee

This cold brew station works really well.

Posted on: 2015/8/28 16:33




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