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Parking ticket with completely misleading info, is this a new thing?

Hi all,

So I just went for a walk, came back to find a ticket on my car. The message says I ignored the Emergency No Parking signs, but there are no signs anywhere posted in the area (I made sure to take pictures).

I also see the time the ticket was written was 3:30PM, which is odd considering I got it at noon and am posting this message at 12:30PM.

Is this something new? Am I missing what the real offense I may have committed is? I've gotten them before for being on the wrong side of the street (always completely my fault), but never got one for this.

Posted on: 2017/10/30 16:23

Re: Need AC Repair Man Who Will Go On Roof

Thanks all!

Went with Royal Heating, they were great. Got here on time, good price, fixed the issue right away.

Posted on: 2016/9/3 1:38

Need AC Repair Man Who Will Go On Roof

Hi JC List people,

Can anyone recommend a good company to help fix a central AC unit? Our compressor is on the roof, so have had two other companies tell us they won't come due to that. Any help would be incredibly appreciated.

If it helps, our unit is leaking inside. Still working, but lots of water dripping out.


Posted on: 2016/8/31 17:00

Re: BURGER EATERY on 1st & Erie

Just went to the new place last night, and really enjoyed it.

I ordered the Eerie St, which I think everyone who ordered while I was there got. Personally liked it a lot. I will say the topping overpowered the rest of the burger, but I actually liked the thinner patty. I think next time I'll try the classic, just to get the regular flavor.

Had the truffle fries, which were a good size and crisp. My only complaint was that I wish they toned down the salt. Had with the black strap molasses bbq sauce, which I would put on any and everything.

My BF had the portabello cap sandwhich, another item I would gladly get again.

The staff was super friendly, so hoping things work out for them. It was only day 2, but would go back in a week or two to try again for sure. I'm glad this place is here, because it's a really good option I have in the area for quick takeout that isn't just Two Boots.

Posted on: 2015/12/23 16:51

Re: Raval tapas place

So like Porta, does this place turn into more of a lounge on weekend late nights? We walked by on Saturday night and it looked like there was a doorman and a crowd outside waiting to get in. Either way, tried the food during the Holiday Market, and can't wait to go try the real deal.

Posted on: 2015/6/1 15:00

Re: Noise Complaint, worth it to call in?

Once again, thanks all. Just was asking because I've lived places where when you call in a noise complaint, nothing happens, so not sure if anyone had any experience.

And, yeah, the whole "it's a city" argument is kind of lame. I get that this is a city, I expect to hear noises and people at night. But what I don't need to hear on a weeknight is a bunch of drunk underage college students doing kegstands like we're in the backyard of a frathouse till the sun comes up.

Posted on: 2015/6/1 13:27

Re: Noise Complaint, worth it to call in?


GoEagles wrote:
Erie between 4th and 5th by any chance?

Thanks all! Just wasn't sure if anyone has had a similar experience before, and if it was worth it to take this route.

And yes, GoEagles, that would be the block.

Posted on: 2015/5/22 15:06

Noise Complaint, worth it to call in?

Hi all. My neighbor's daughter is constantly throwing parties. Not just on weekends, but weekdays. Last night, her and her friends were screaming about kegstands and joints from 230AM to 5AM. I want to call in a noise complaint the next time it happens, but is it even worth it? They party in the backyard I believe on 5th, where it's all brownstones, so not sure if the cops can even do anything or if they'd even come over? Thanks!

Posted on: 2015/5/22 13:19




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