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Re: ABC news questions, is JC Police doing their jobs? Jersey City man charged with pushing ex-girlfr

This city is FILLED with people who make an art of dodging their job responsibilities.

The joke is that it would be easier for them to just DO what they are paid to do instead
of coming up with excuse after excuse not to.

BUT, it is it continues.

The corruption is so generally accepted that I think that the city no longer realizes that it is corruption.

I'm not talking about the JCPD...I'm talking about ALL OF IT!

Posted on: 2015/5/11 22:25

Re: Notice of violation & Order to correct - JCFD

Double check this, but I am pretty sure that the ONLY way around a warrant is to drag the fire marshall into it. These tactics are reprehensible and the city needs to clean up its act.

If you are doing the right thing -- assert such. If you aren't, fix it. Just don't writhe in fear if you have been erroneously accused of something. That lends power to those in authority who are doing the wrong thing.


brewster wrote:

hadenough wrote:
People need to assert themselves instead of cowering in a corner

Agreed. My experience with the JCFD was OK, but Buildings will definitely try and bully you out of your constitutional privacy right to refuse searches without a warrant and probable cause.

Posted on: 2015/4/28 18:31

Re: Notice of violation & Order to correct - JCFD

What violation has actually occurred??

If I were you, I'd send a cert letter back requesting what you are actually in violation of and what needs to be corrected.

People need to assert themselves instead of cowering in a corner (not trying to insult you).

You are either in violation or NOT.

What does No. 3 even mean "Non-life...?"


ank00 wrote:

Received a certified letter from Jersey City Fire dept notifying me of "notice of violation and order to correct" per the Uniform Fire Code. The exact violations are:

1. Fire Escape Engineer Report required
2. Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Test
3. Non-Life Hazard Use Fee - $135
4. Provide Access for Inspection

I've owned this property for 3 years (downtown JC) and never received anything like this. Moreover, I have spoken to my neighbors who have been living there for 30+ years and they have never received anything like this in the past or now. I am wondering if anyone is aware of this new money generating scheme that the city has come up with. Thinking about fighting it so any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - the fire escape inspection is another $300. Thanks!

Posted on: 2015/4/28 18:12

Re: Real estate agencies

Let me clarify - I am not a real estate agent, so no, I am not "envious!"!

Also, by "promotion" I mean that the agent was made a manager of a branch.

I hope my question makes more sense now.

An agent who was found in violation of an article regarding honesty was put in charge of a branch office (where they
would be in charge of other agents).

Posted on: 2015/4/21 18:59

Re: Real estate agencies

LOL!!! Thank you for your response, but THANK YOU even more for the laugh!

No, it isn't the one you thought. I'll give more detail on this at some point.

Posted on: 2015/4/18 15:39

Real estate agencies

I would like some input from folks on jclist if you have time.

If you knew that a real estate agent was held in an ethics violation for dishonesty, and was then PROMOTED by the real estate agency, would you trust that agency going forward?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this question.

Posted on: 2015/4/17 18:25




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